How to Remove Wrinkles From Polyester Curtains [Explained!]

Polyester always gives a smooth feel. Curtains made of 100% polyester are easy to care for as they’re stain-resistant and don’t shrink or stretch out. They can, however, wrinkle especially.

How can you remove wrinkles from polyester curtains? Are you curious to know?

Let’s start!

Removing Wrinkles From Polyester Curtains

Using a Washing Machine

Using a washing machine can save you from a lot of trouble. First, put clothes in the washing machine and add a mild detergent. You can add liquid softener to make your curtains smooth. Set a gentle setting that uses cold water. Wait for the cycle to end and remove clothes as soon as possible.

Dry Wet Curtain

It’s the perfect time to dry curtains. Use a curtain rod and spread curtains on it. Make sure that your garment is distributed widely to get air exposure. Using sunlight is to dry polyester fabric is always beneficial.

Never use clothes dryer. It’s unnecessary.

Use An Iron

Prepare a sturdy ironing board and place your curtain on it. If you don’t have an ironing board, use table or your bed. Now, plug in the iron and keep it in warm setting. Next, turn off the steam function and set the temperature knob to the polyester setting. If your iron uses a scale of 1 to 3, keep it at 1 or 2. Always choose low or medium heat. The hottest temperature will hurt the fabric.

Now, move the iron back and forth over the curtain several times. Utilize the pointed nose to remove wrinkles from the sensitive points. Continue this process until all wrinkles are removed.

Run a Garment Steamer

Garment steamer in action

Grab a garment steamer and set the steam nozzle towards the garment. Start from the bottom left and gradually move it towards the top. Cover the whole area and repeat the process until all wrinkles are removed from curtains.

If your curtain is clean enough, you can easily skip the wash and dry process. Just run a fabric steamer. However, fabric steamer is a little bit costly. You can use a powerful steam iron if you like. Switch on the steam function and utilize the steam directly on curtains. Never forget to damp the curtain with a spray bottle in the beginning. It’ll make the whole process easier.

Always run fabric steamer or steam iron bottom to top direction. Never hold it in a certain place for more than five seconds.

Reasons Behind Wrinkles

Wrinkles may grow in your gorgeous polyester curtains for the following reasons. Take a look-

  • Your curtains may wrinkle if it is packaged wrongly. So, make this issue clear to the delivery personnel.
  • If you use curtains for a longer period, wrinkles may grow. As time passes, polyester loses its stiffness and elasticity.
  • You may store it with other fabrics in your closet for a longer period. If so, your curtains may be affected by other materials and develop wrinkles.
  • Curtains may damage if you don’t treat them properly. Check the clothes tag and take proper action.
  • Overusing clothes dryer may damage it permanently.
  • Using extremely hot water for washing purposes is harmful to the curtains.


  • Place your curtains 10 cm from the glass or window to ensure air circulation.
  • Clean your window regularly.
  • Don’t wash it regularly. If needed, use warm water.
  • Special care should be taken if you want to store it. Please don’t keep it with other fabrics.
  • Never use clothes dryer. Air drying is the best solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.Can You Put Polyester Curtain In The Dryer?

No, it’ll ruin the garment. Polyester curtains always dry very quickly. So, they don’t need a clothes dryer. So, day drying those is the best solution.

However, if you want to use a clothes dryer, use it at a low temperature.

2.Does Wrinkle Release Spray Work On Polyester Curtains?

No, the performance of wrinkle release spray on polyester curtains is not satisfactory. If your curtain is 100% polyester, it won’t work. You have to use a steam iron for such a case. However, you can buy a powerful garment steamer for better results.

If your curtain is a blend of polyester, spray may work. In fact, this spray works better on softer fabrics, such as oxford, wool, soft cotton, polyester blends.

3.What Is The Wrinkle Release Spray?

Wrinkle release spray is used to remove creases by softening the fabric’s fibre. Many renowned brands are producing this spray. It removes most of the wrinkles from your clothes. However, it may not work as good as ironing. Moreover, this spray may contain harsh chemicals.

Therefore, I suggest you use this spray occasionally. Please don’t use it for your clothes regularly. If so, it will damage the fabric for good. So, buy a steam iron or garment steamer for a better result. Moreover, they won’t damage the fabric.

4.How Do You Get Creases Out Of Curtains?

You can easily remove creases from curtains. Follow the steps below-

  • Prepare a washing machine at a low temperature. Use a softer detergent and run a gentle cycle.
  • Use clothes dryer at a lower temperature. Add some small towels with it. It will protect curtains from growing more wrinkles.
  • Use a curtain rod to spread the fabric. Run a fabric steamer and continue until wrinkles are gone. If creases are not stubborn, use a steam iron.

So, the process is super easy. You just need-

  • Washing machine
  • Mild detergent
  • Clothes dryer
  • Small towel
  • Fabric steamer
  • Steam iron

5.How Do You Make Homemade Wrinkle Release Spray?

You don’t need to buy wrinkle release spray from the store. Sometimes, these sprays are inexpensive. You can easily prepare it at your home. Let’s look at the ingredients-

  • Distilled water(1 cup)
  • Rubbing alcohol (1 teaspoon)
  • Fabric softener (1 teaspoon)

Combine those ingredients in a bottle and install a spray machine at the top. You’re done. Now, use it on your clothes, drapes, or any fabrics.

Bottom Line

You may want to decorate your room with fancy polyester curtains. Yeah, those may improve the overall look of your bedroom. I have described some easy ways to remove wrinkles from this garment. I hope you find these steps handy.

If you face any difficulty, leave it in the comment section.




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