Why Are My Clothes Still Wrinkled After Ironing?

You may not always be satisfied with your clothes after ironing. Sometimes, your garments may have stubborn wrinkles after ironing.

Why are my clothes still wrinkled after ironing? Garments may be wrinkled after ironing for various reasons. Using the incorrect washer and dryer settings are mainly responsible for this. Moreover, ironing dry clothes, setting wrong temperature of iron, not using anti-wrinkle spray and improper storage are other reasons for this problem.  

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Reasons Of Wrinkle After Ironing

info graphic of why clothes wrinkle after ironing
Why clothes winkle after ironing?

Incorrect temperature settings

Modern-day irons come with individual temperature and steam settings for each fabric. Utilize this feature to get wrinkle-free dresses. If your iron doesn’t come up with this option, set the optimal temperature according to the fiber.

For example, if you want to iron polyester dresses, set the temperature at 300 F or 148 C. otherwise, you won’t be satisfied with the final result.

For your convenience, I’m providing a table to understand the optimal temperature for different fabrics. While ironing, always maintains this temperature setting. Otherwise, after ironing, you may observe wrinkles in your dresses.

Fabric Temperature(C) Temperature(F)
Polyester 148 300
Silk 148 300
Wool 148 300
Nylon 135 275
Cotton 204 400
Viscose/Rayon 190 375
Linen 230 445
Spandex 135 275
Acrylic 135 275
Toile 240 464

Iron fully dry clothes

Fully dried clothes are difficult to reshape. Actually, the absence of moisture in the garment is mainly responsible for this.

Ironing such clothes is time-consuming. In addition, you may burn or fade it. Moreover, clothes may not be perfectly smooth even after ironing.

Therefore, dampen clothes slightly is the only solution here. You may use a water spray bottle or spray mist button of your iron.

Using too hot water

Checking garment care before washing is always the best practice. Sometimes, washing clothes in hot water creates impossible creases.

Remember, never use hot water for washing synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, or vinyl. Hot water can damage and fade these fabrics for good. Instead, use a gentle cycle to clean them.

Therefore, always ensure proper wash setting for every fabric. Otherwise, your dresses may not look gorgeous. Shockingly, even ironing can’t process these garments and their stubborn wrinkles. Ouch!

Dry at high temperature

Maybe dryer is the appliance that causes the most damage to your dress. Effects of over-drying clothes may be-

Hence, use low temperature to dry your clothes. It works better with all fabrics.

It would be best if you check the care label to identify the best dry setting. Maintain those instructions properly to ensure longevity of garments. Otherwise, your garment may end up with untreatable creases.

Overfilling the dryer

Overfilling dryer cause more wrinkles
Overfilling dryer cause more wrinkles

You may be a big fan of overfilling the dryer! Am I right? You think that it saves a lot of time. However, it has some serious pitfalls. Take a look-

  • Longer fabric caring time.
  • More wrinkles.
  • More lint.
  • Longer processing time.
  • Damage dryer over time.

The list isn’t finished. You may not be able to remove all wrinkles with ironing.

Therefore, you need not overfill the dryer. Instead, you should keep half the dryer empty to save garments.

Forgetting to smooth

After removing clothes from the dryer, don’t start ironing them. Instead, take a few moments to process the tough spots of your garments, like seams, pleats, or cuffs. Use your bare hands to do it.

Processing them a little allows you to get a shiny dress. Moreover, it will shorten the processing time and keep your fabric fresh and safe over time. You’ll not observe any creases after ironing. Fantastic!

Not using anti-wrinkle spray

Anti-wrinkles spray works great in most cases. Just use them on your garments and see the magic. You don’t need to buy this spray from market. You can prepare this at your home.

Not using spray means longer ironing time which may-

  • Damage the fabric
  • Fade a little
  • Create more wrinkle
  • Make the garment reshape-resistant.

Storing immediately after ironing

Use hanger to cool down clothes
Use hanger to cool down clothes.

After ironing, you shouldn’t store it in the closet directly. Rather, leave it on the ironing board or on a hanger to cool down. Otherwise, your fabric may grow permanent wrinkles.

Therefore, always take few moments before keeping garments in drawers. It’ll make the next ironing process easier and present you with a wrinkle-free dress quickly.

Frequently asked questions

Why won’t my iron get creases out?

  • You may not iron clothes properly. Understand the perfect temperature and steam setting for the fabric. Take longer ironing time. However, don’t press iron too hard on your dress. Moreover, never put iron in one spot for too long.
  • Not understanding fabric type may be responsible for this. At first, understand the fabric type. Understanding it will allow you to take proper care of your clothes. Always check the garment tag before washing, ironing, or drying.
  • Never try to iron dry clothes. Apply water to moisten a bit. You may use the spray mist button of your iron.
  • Iron can hardly process wrongly washed clothes. So, use the perfect cycle for every fabric.
  • Using clothes dryer instead of air drying may make ironing impossible to remove wrinkles.
  • You may be using a dry iron. Purchase a powerful steam iron or a steam generator iron.
  • You may not use the steam function. Steam can effectively process cresses out of a dress. So, steam your garments to polish them quickly and gently.

Is there a spray to get wrinkles out of clothes?

Yeah, you can use a wrinkle-release spray to remove wrinkles from garments. It has so many pros. Take a look-

  • Removes wrinkles without using an iron.
  • Effectively removes bad smell.
  • Refreshes the fabric.
  • Reduces the regular ironing time.
  • Removes static perfectly.

So, you can use this spray for clothes. You don’t need to buy it from a store or online. These spray may contain harmful elements. So, stay away from using them!

You can easily prepare this spray at home. Use vinegar, essential oil, and distilled water to prepare it. 

How does vinegar remove wrinkles from clothes?

  • Prepare a mixture of vinegar and water by maintaining a ratio of 1:3.
  • Put this mixture in a spray bottle.
  • Hang your garment using a hanger and apply the mixture to it.
  • Air dry clothes

Now, see the magic! All wrinkles are gone. Wow!

How do you get wrinkles out of cotton bedding?

  • Wash bedding correctly. Check the clothes tag to understand the wash cycle. Incorrect washing may damage bedding permanently.
  • While ironing, dampen bedding slightly to quicken the ironing process. Use wrinkle-release spray that can process wrinkles easily.
  • Air dry them instead of using a clothes dryer. 100% Cotton fabric can shrink when you put them in the dryer. So, utilize sunny days to dry them perfectly.
  • When using clothes dryer, toss some ice cubes in it. It’ll protect clothes from extra heat and prevent shrinkage.
  • If you use a steam iron, spray steam on bedding. For better results, use a garment steamer. Steam works perfectly on wider objects.

Bottom line

Always take extra care to ensure the durability of your clothes. Correctly use wash, dry, or iron settings for garments. Otherwise, you may not be satisfied with the overall condition of your clothes.

How do you solve this problem? Leave it in the comment below!

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