Are Wide Ironing Boards Better?[Explained!]

You may be obsessed with buying expensive irons in most cases. However, not interested in spending too much money on ironing boards. 

When ironing is not up to the mark, you may wonder what the hell is going on. I suggest you use a wider ironing board for better results. 

Are wide ironing boards better? Wide ironing boards always allow you to iron without any trouble. Polishing extra-large garments, removing wrinkles, and quilting is more comfortable with such size. They may be a little bit pricy, although buying them may be a profitable investment for you.

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Pros of wide ironing boards

Polishing extra-large garments

First of all, take a look at your apartment. Is it full of fancy drapes, beddings, curtains, and comforters? If so, pick a wider ironing board instead of buying smaller ones like tabletop or ironing blanket. 

On smaller surfaces, it’s too difficult to process extra-large fabrics. Most importantly, your house may be a wonderful nesting place of bed bugs, dust mites, and fungus! Removing them from longer garments is pretty challenging, provided that you use a tiny board. 

Therefore, buy a wide ironing board. Are you worried about space in your apartment? Luckily, these can be folded and keep behind doors or in closets easily. So, purchase them without any hesitation.

Better for quilting

quilting work
Wide ironing board makes quilting easy.

For a quilting lover (like my wife!), buying a wide ironing board is necessary. With such a board, you can process joins quickly. 

Surface of a standard-sized ironing board is 14 by 48 inches. You may need a wider surface during quilting. Remember, the wider, the better! It’s simple.

Better ironing result

ironing garments on wide ironing boards.
Wide ironing board presents better ironing.

If you prefer to iron on bed or table, you may observe wrinkles in garments even after ironing. Polishing tough spots of clothes on uneven surfaces may be challenging for you. You may notice scorch marks in the worst cases.

Therefore, purchasing an ironing board is crucial. However, when the board isn’t wide enough, you may not treat all garments quickly. So, buy a wider ironing board, although it is somewhat expensive. It will-

  • Make ironing easier for you.
  • Keep garments safe.
  • Save you a lot of time.
  • Allow you to balance and move without any difficulty.
  • Smooth garments within minutes.

Remove wrinkles easily

Wrinkles in garments may be a headache for you. Wrongly ironing clothes can make wrinkles permanent on the surface. 

A powerful iron can remove wrinkles easily, provided that you use a standard ironing board. With a wider board removing wrinkles will be a fun thing to do. Its heat-proof and padded surface ensure the smooth distribution of heat. 

Furthermore, it comes up with an iron rest space to keep your iron safe. In contrast, small and medium-sized boards may not have this handy feature.

Cons of wide ironing boards

You may be convinced that buying a wide board is a wise decision. However, this wider appliance isn’t free from its pitfalls. So, take a look at the following cons.

Somewhat Expensive

Wider boards are costly compared to small and medium ironing boards. For example, an 18 by 49 inches board can cost more than $100, while you can get a small tabletop board under $40.

It may be a significant problem for some of you. Moreover, if you’re not a heavy user, such spending is nothing but a wastage of money.

Require more space

If you live in a small apartment or shared space, a wide board isn’t the optimal purchase. Although it can be folded easily, you still require a larger floor area to use it.

Therefore, ironing blankets, tabletop, or over-the-door boards will be perfect for you. Moreover, they are not heavy. Problem solved! 

A little heavy

Wider ironing board can be as wide as 19 by 63 inches. As a result, they may be a little heavier than regular ones. 

So, if you don’t have any fixed area for ironing, it may not suit you perfectly. In such cases, choose compact boards which are lightweight. However, light boards may not last long.

Less portable

During changing your residing place, such heavier boards may create a massive crisis for you. Because of their weight, they are less portable. 

Most importantly, when you move them more frequently, their lifespan may be affected. 

Should I go for wide ironing boards?

After understanding the pros and cons of wide boards, you may be confused a bit. So, you may think about whether you should buy it or not. Am I right?

You should buy this product by looking at some factors. First thing first, look at your garments type. If you love to use long and extra-long fabrics, then it may be perfect for you.

Wider boards are a must when you iron a lot. For occasional users, it will be unnecessary. Instead, they can get professional ironing service once in a while for their larger fabrics. 

It’s crystal clear that wider boards require more extensive space. So, look at your apartment to justify your need. 

Lastly, think about the price. If you love to spend $100 on this product, they go for it. Otherwise, choose a compact or built-in standard-sized board.

What to consider when buying a wide ironing board? 

While buying wide boards, you should-

  • Check its weight. Metal frames are always heavier than plastic ones. Buy one that suits you the best.
  • Measure the surface area. For heavy users and quilter lovers, extra-wide will be perfect.
  • Touch the padded cover. Choose thicker and 100% cotton ones. Some covers may have a non-stick coating that ensures smooth ironing.
  • Buy height-adjustable ironing board.
  • Check iron rest zone. It will save garments from sudden iron burns. Moreover, keep your iron safe.
  • Choose one that can be folded and stored in your apartment.
  • Understand the price range. Whether it’s perfect for you or not.

Frequently asked questions

How wide is a standard ironing board?

The width of a standard ironing board may vary from 12 to 18 inches. From an ironing perspective, wider boards-

What can I use instead of an ironing board?

Using a sturdy ironing board is always recommended. However, you can use any flat surface instead of using an ironing board. You can use-

  • Your bed.
  • Sturdy table.
  • Vinyl, tiled, or wooden floor.
  • Kitchen counter.
  • Bathroom counter.

However, these surfaces may make ironing difficult. Most importantly, ironing on bed can be pretty dangerous as it may set fire in your home. 

Therefore, always use an ironing board. You can get a small ironing board for under $20. Sounds interesting! Great!

Moreover, there are different types of ironing boards in the market. You can choose-

  • Tabletop ironing board.
  • Ironing blanket.
  • Built-in ironing board.
  • Freestanding ironing board.

Last few words

Wide ironing boards can be a necessary element of your laundry room. It can make your busy life easy. Who wants to spend too much time on ironing? 

Therefore, using wider boards makes ironing enjoyable. Believe me, you’ll be a pro when you use them regularly!

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to share your thinking in the comment section.

Bye for now!

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