Why Is My Sunbeam Iron Not Heating Up?

Sunbeam iron has been satisfying customers for many years. You can hardly find such an excellent low-budget iron in the market. To impress you more, it has many mind-blowing features.

However, this iron may not heat up properly. So, how to troubleshoot this heating problem? To solve this problem, read the following section.

Let’s start now.

Sunbeam iron not heating up

Auto shut off feature is running

When auto-off of iron is activated, iron won’t heat up. By the by, Sunbeam irons are backed by a 3-Way Auto-Off feature. The Motion Smart system supports this feature. Therefore, Sunbeam will turn off automatically-

  • Fifteen minutes after staying idle in vertical position.
  • Thirty seconds after if you keep iron idle in horizontal mode or if iron is tipped over. 

If auto-off feature is activated, the iron will beep six times, and the indicator light will blink continuously. 

So, how to solve this problem? First, move your Sunbeam back and forth and allow it to become ready. After reaching a certain temperature level, indicator light will stay solid blue. Now, your iron will heat up like before. 

Iron isn’t plugged in 

It would be best if you always handled Sunbeam with iron. If iron isn’t plugged in properly, it may not heat up. Therefore,

  • Never yank the power cord. If so, such irresponsible behavior may damage power cord for good. 
  • Always connect iron to a standard electrical outlet.
  • If power cord is damaged, repair it immediately.

Incorrect temperature settings

Sunbeam is a user-friendly iron that is easy to maneuver. To understand it better, you should read its instruction manual. Iron may not heat up if you can’t select heat settings correctly. 

Therefore, choose the heat settings according to your fabric type. To do this-

  • Ensure that iron is unplugged. Also, make sure that Steam Leaver and Fabric Select Dial are off.
  • Open the Water Fill Hole Cover and fill the tank with normal tap water. Never cross the Max Fill Line marked on the tank wall.
  • Connect iron to power source after closing the Water Fill Hole Cover.
  • Move Fabric Select Dial to the desired position. Now, allow iron to reach the desired temperature, making the selected fabric name solid blue. Remember, while steam iron is heating, chosen fabric name will blink continuously.

These settings may vary from model to model. That’s why we suggest you read the instruction manual. For every user, it’s a must to read the manual before operating iron.

Lastly, check this video to understand the settings of Sunbeam better.

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