15 Ways to Iron Without an Ironing Board[Analyzed!]

You may need to polish your cotton shirt and jeans in the morning. But, you don’t have a folded ironing board. Or, your board may be broken or its cover may be scorched. So, what to do? Luckily, you can solve this problem in numerous ways.

In this article, I’ll discuss how to iron clothes without an ironing board. I hope you’ll be benefitted from this article. So, read this article now and amaze your partner with crisped clothes.

How To Iron Without Ironing Board

  1. Iron on reading table
a guy is reading books on a table
Reading table can be used as a great ironing board

The fast and foremost rule of ironing is to use a flat surface. That’s why you’re free to use your reading table. To ensure your comfort, use a larger table as it can make room for extra-large garments.

Most importantly, use a towel to save table from hot soleplate. If you’re table isn’t close to power outlet, use an extension cable and start polishing your beautiful dresses.

  1. Use your floor

Your tiled or wooden floor can be a great alternative to ironing board. As it is non-flammable, it is totally safe to use. Moreover, these floors reflect heat appropriately. Therefore, you might get heat reflective surface just like board. Hey, stay away from dirty floors!

However, never use vinyl flooring for ironing purposes. At high heat, this floor can be melted and damaged permanently.

  1. Iron on bed
laptop and other necessary items on bed
You can iron garments on your bed

Like reading table and floor, you can use your bed for ironing too. However, the finishing may not please you, provided that bed is soft and uneven.

Moreover, ironing on bed can be risky when you forgetfully place your iron on bed. Therefore, this method isn’t safe for apprentice, newbie, or forgetful person.

  1. Choose kitchen counter

 Kitchen worktop is a horizontal, stable, and flat surface perfect for ironing. These counters can withstand and reflect heat.

Before ironing, make sure that the area is clean and dry. Otherwise, you may end up with dirty and damp clothes instead of crisped ones.

Always use a towel to protect the counters. If your worktop is made of tiles, use protective towels. Although tiles can endure heat, they aren’t heat-proof. High temperatures can crack them.

  1. Use washer and dryer top
You can iron on top of your washer and dryer

You can definitely use the top of your washing machine and dryer for ironing. This metal surface can be an awesome heat reflector.

However, you must use a layer of multiple towels. Otherwise, high heat of soleplate may disturb the life span of these expensive home appliances.

  1. Use flat iron

If you observe wrinkles on your shirts especially collars and between buttons, don’t use a clothes iron. Instead, utilize a flat iron for your hair to do this particular job. To do this-

  • Set the temperature level perfectly. Just check the clothes tag to understand the appropriate heat settings.
  • Now, put your collar between plates. Press item for a few seconds.

However, flat iron can’t work great on stubborn wrinkles. Just use it for normal creases. Ironing clothes with it can be challenging. Therefore-

  • You obviously don’t want to ruin clothes with hair. So, always clean the plates before pressing garments.
  • Some flat irons may have adjustable temperature feature. If your iron has this option, apply it on all of your dresses. Otherwise, utilize it for more durable fabrics like polyester, acetate, rayon, acrylic, and nylon.
  1. Buy an ironing blanket

Ironing blanket is a heat and scorch resistant surface to iron garments. This portable mat allow you to iron while you’re on the move or live in a small shared spaces.

Unlike ironing boards, they aren’t that expensive. Moreover, they can easily serve various purposes for you. If you love to sew or quilt a lot, use them. Moreover, blankets-

  • Reflect the maximum amount of heat to iron quickly.
  • Can be transported easily because of its compact size.
  • Are wonderful value for money.
  • Using is easy compared to folded ironing board.
  • Last longer as they can withstand high heat.
  1. Invest in a magnetic ironing mat

Magnetic ironing mat is an improvisation of normal ironing mat. It uses magnets around the corners to ensure a stable surface. You can place it on your washing machine or clothes dryer and start polishing dresses.

Take a look at its features-

  • It has quality pad of cotton and polyester.
  • It can fit on most washer and dryer.
  • Because of magnets, you can iron without having any disturbance.
  • Quickly transform any flat space into a perfect board.
  • It can be stored and folded easily.
  • Protects your washer and dryer from dust, dirt and minor scratches.
  1. Take a garment steamer
garment steamer is removing wrinkles without ironing board
Steamer can be an awesome alternative to ironing board

If you are a newbie, you may still get comfort in traditional clothes iron. However, it is high time to set your vision on garment steamer. Garment steamer is known for its awesome and quick wrinkle removing power.

Just place your garments on hangers and spray powerful steam towards it. Because of huge popularity of handheld steamer, you may find many illustrious brands are producing this useful appliance. Just browse the internet and find a suitable one for you.

Surprisingly, you don’t need to spend too much money to purchase it. You can easily find a suitable steamer under $50 at Amazon. If you’re curious, check BEAUTURAL Steamer.

This steamer is one of the best seller’s in the US. It can let you iron clothes without using an ironing board. Moreover, it-

  • Heats up within minutes. So, ironing will faster and smoother.
  • Polishes wrinkles gently without hampering clothes.
  • Lightweight and comfy to operate.
  • Never leaks water.
  • Has auto turn off feature. Steamer will automatically turn itself off after being idle for around 10 minutes.
  1. Use dryer and ice cube hack

As soon as the cycle of your washer ends-

  • Remove clothes while they are slightly damp.
  • Now, throw them into the dryer with ice cubes.
  • Start dryer and use a gentle cycle.
  • When ice cubes melt, they’ll create steam and remove wrinkles from clothes.

Through this way, you’ll be able to polish garments and get crisp dresses within minutes. Moreover, you don’t have to use the gigantic ironing boards.

  1. Apply steam of iron
An iron is going to throw powerful steam
You can apply steam feature of your iron

Vertical steaming feature of your iron is powerful enough to smooth your dresses. Just place clothes on hangers or clothesline and apply steaming.

If you want to apply steam on dresses, use a powerful steam iron. One of my favorite irons with robust vertical steam feature is Rowenta DW5080. It has around 400 micro holes on the soleplate that throws 35 gm of steam per minute.

This iron is pretty handy. You don’t need to use expensive ironing water or distilled water. Just keep your faith on DW5080 and use tap water. Moreover, it has auto shutoff features.

To save you from tension, it has one year warranty period. Unlike other models, it is right from Germany, the country of Volkswagen.

  1. Utilize bathroom steam

Bathroom steam can easily eliminate any unwanted crease from clothes. When you take hot shower, keep garments on hangers and close to the shower area. Hot shower steam can polish dresses within 15 to 20 minutes.

Lastly, ensure that all doors and windows of bathroom are closed properly. Otherwise, it may take longer time and the performance may not dazzle you.

  1. Apply homemade wrinkle releaser
wrinkle release spray in action.
wrinkle release spray is wonderful in processing clothes

Wrinkle release spray can make your clothes wrinkle-free within minutes. Therefore, using it a must if you’re in a hurry. You can buy wrinkle releaser from superstores.

However, don’t be a fool by their looks as they may contain harmful elements. As a result, you and your kids may suffer from allergy or health related problems.

Therefore, prepare this spray at your home using-

  • Distilled water
  • White vinegar
  • Essential oil


  • Mix these elements into a spray bottle.
  • Shake it properly to ensure a better solution.
  • Keep this bottle almost 6-8 inches away from clothes.
  • Start spray keeping items keeping them on clothesline or hangers.
  1. Take proper care of clothes

Prevention is always better than cure. So, take proper care to protect your favorite clothes from developing stubborn wrinkles. If wrinkles aren’t tough at all, use any of the aforementioned hacks that suit you the best.


  1. Make your own ironing board

Preparing an ironing board for you isn’t that difficult. To do this-

  • First of all, select a piece of wood of appropriate size. Choose a bigger one as it will make ironing extra-wide garments easier.
  • Now, select pad for your board. For better results, select polyester and cotton to improve the thickness.
  • Select a heavy fabric to cover the whole ironing board. Heavy cover can easily withstand hot soleplate.

That’s how, you can prepare your own ironing board. If you want to buy a folded ironing board, you need to spend almost $100. So, save some dimes and make your own board right now.

By the way, you can buy all the necessary items to prepare this board in the market. So, don’t worry. Just buy them from market and prepare your first ironing board. Bingo!

Frequently asked questions

Do you really need an ironing board?

The main purpose of ironing board is to provide a flat and smooth surface for ironing. If you try to iron clothes on uneven objects, your clothes might have new wrinkles. That’s why using an ironing board is always recommended.

If you don’t want to buy expensive ironing boards, you have still ways to polish garments. You can buy a garment steamer or flat iron and de-wrinkle fabrics. Moreover, you can lay clothes on kitchen counter, bed, reading table, and tiled floor to polish garments.  

However, ironing on such surfaces can affect your health negatively. You might suffer from terrible back pain.

Discover more options

Ironing delicate fabrics can be challenging. You need to use powerful steam iron, pressing cloth, pressing ham, and ironing board. However, you may have many alternatives to boards and quicken the overall ironing process.

In this article, I’ve mentioned 15 ways to iron clothes without an ironing board. If you try, you’ll find more ways to polish fabrics.

So, iron more and be a pro!


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