19 Ways to Iron Clothes Without Electricity

Looking great is so crucial in your life. That’s why you iron or apply starch on your garments. However, it may be possible that your area has no electricity. 

So, can you iron without electricity? There are many ways to polish clothes without using a clothes iron. Frankly speaking, these hacks work just great.

Are you looking for ways to ironing clothes without electricity? Then, read this article and make your life easy.

Are you excited to know more? Let’s go!

How To Iron Clothes Without Electricity

Buy Butane Gas Iron

If you can’t afford electricity in your region, butane clothes iron may suit you the best. You can run it for 5 hours with just 150 gm. of butane gas. That’s pretty cheap. 

In the beginning, lightening this iron seems difficult to you. After a while, you can light it with a lighter or match. There is a knob to control temperature precisely.

This iron is very easy to use and lasts longer. Regular steam or dry irons can be damaged easily because of the plastic body. In contrast, butane iron has a metal body. So, you’re totally risk-free. 

Apart from that, you may enjoy the following benefits from this iron. Take a look-

  • Suitable for all situations-trips, camping, and home use.
  • You don’t have to worry about cords.
  • Soleplate is large enough to cover any fabric surface.
  • It’s a well-designed iron.
  • Aluminum soleplate heats up faster than regular irons.
  • Wooden handle is comfortable to operate and 

However, you should be careful in using it. This powerful iron is enough for starting a fire in your house. Unlike modern may iron, it doesn’t have auto shut-off options. So, if it is tipped over, you’ll be in big trouble. 

Use Charcoal Iron

a charcoal iron on a reading table
charcoal iron can be an alternative to clothes iron

Charcoal iron uses embers from charcoal or wood to polish garments. Unlike butane iron, it may be difficult to operate. To use this iron, prepare the following items-

  • A pack of charcoal
  • Charcoal iron
  • A bottle of kerosene
  • A box of matches
  • Spray bottle
  • Ironing board or any flat surface
  • A manual blower
  • A small stick


  • Remove the top part of your iron and put some charcoal in there.
  • Shake your iron to let the small parts of charcoal fall out. Otherwise, use your mouth to blow away those tiny particles.
  • Pour kerosene into a spray bottle and apply it on charcoal.
  • Use matches to lit fire and apply a small stick to mix charcoal properly. Never forget to fan the flame.
  • Now, close the top part and start ironing.

Frankly speaking, this method is very time-consuming. You may feel exhausted after ironing clothes in this way. Moreover, managing embers can be challenging. Even you can get a burn. 

Sometimes, charcoal can jump out and burn your fabrics. Moreover, always keep a bucket of water near you. You don’t know when you need it!

Use Wrinkle Release Spray

wrinkle release spray is in action
wrinkle release spray can remove wrinkles without electricity

Wrinkle release spray can be a wonderful solution in this scenario. It can easily remove creases and present you with a nice and crisp dress. 

You can easily find wrinkle releasers in the market. Actually, this item is hugely popular among customers in the US. However, it might not satisfy you always. Because-

  • It isn’t great for all fabrics.
  • Leave stains on the surface of clothes.
  • Not the ultimate solution for stubborn wrinkles.
  • Clothes may smell weird.
  • It may contain harmful chemicals. These materials can trigger allergic reactions.

So, what to do? It’s easy to prepare a homemade wrinkle spray with 100% natural elements like essential oil, distilled white vinegar, and essential oil. 

Moreover, this homemade item works better on any garment. Moreover, you can feel a nice lemon or lavender smell from your clothes.

Use Fabric Softener

Like wrinkle releaser, fabric softener can keep your clothes wrinkle-free. In addition, it adds a protective layer over clothes to reduce stiffness.

You can use fabric softener when you hand or machine wash clothes. For machine washing, add it to the fabric softener dispenser during the rinse cycle. 

In contrast, after hand washing items, rinse them with a softener. 

However, commercial fabric softeners can contain harmful elements. So, you should use the following eco-friendly alternatives. 

Both vinegar and baking soda can make your garments crease-free. Moreover, they are safer to use. 

Use Gas Stove

  • To utilize this process effectively, you need two cold irons. Cover soleplates with aluminum foil paper.
  • Now, turn on your gas stove. Hold the first iron for few seconds over the flame and remove it.
  • Start polishing garments with it and place the second one on the stove.
  • Continue the process and finish ironing garments. 

If you can’t afford two irons, use one. However, the ironing time will be doubled or tripled on such occasions. Most importantly, you require using an old bed sheet cover as a pressing cloth to protect garments from high heat. Otherwise, you may end up with horrible items.

Buy Wrinkle-free Garments

Some wrinkle-resistant fabrics are on hangers
Wrinkle-resistant fabrics can make your life easier

For areas devoid of electricity, buying wrinkle-resistant fabrics can be awesome. These garments don’t need frequent ironing. Just wash or dry them properly. For your convenience, I’ve mentioned eight fabrics-

Lastly, treating them is super easy. Don’t wash or dry in normal settings. That’s why they are a must for you if you travel a lot. 

Use Gentle Cycle to Wash

Using a gentle cycle can be beneficial for your clothes in numerous ways. Washing garments correctly can keep wrinkles away from garments. 

So, use a gentle cycle to wash clothes, especially the delicate ones. Moreover-

  • Use eco-friendly detergent. 
  • Warm water for washing. However, if instruction suggests using cold water, do so.
  • You can add vinegar or baking soda to whiten clothes.
  • Add chemical-free fabric softener to dispenser. 
  • Use laundry mesh bags to protect smoothness.
  • Sort clothes properly before washing.
  • Never use chlorine-based bleach.
  • After washing, untangle clothes from each other.
  • Shake them gently with your hands to remove excess water. 

Dry Clothes Using Hangers

Clothes dryer is a common appliance in most US homes. However, it causes the most hamper to your garments. Even, it might set permanent wrinkles on your clothes

Therefore, utilizing sunlight is the best possible way to dry clothes as –

  • It offers you smooth and polished fabrics.
  • This eco-friendly option can save energy.
  • It improves lifespan of clothes.
  • Protect clothes from developing lint on surfaces.

Store Clothes Properly

Clothes are stored perfectly in closets
Never overfill your closets with clothes

Storing clothes can be a wonderful way to keep garments smooth. So-

  • Store clothes after drying them properly.
  • Hang most items using wooden hangers.
  • Some fabrics like knit items can’t be hung to prevent wrinkles. So, fold them. 
  • Store garments in a proper way.
  • Keep hangers far from each other.
  • Ensure proper air circulation in closets. Otherwise, it would be a haven for dust mites, moths, and fungus.
  • Don’t place too many items in closets. Give them a place to breathe.

Place Clothes Under Mattress

If you use a sturdy mattress, then it is enough for straightening clothes. To do this-

  • First, wet clothes using wrinkle release spray or just spray with water.
  • Use hands to smooth fabrics as much as possible.
  • If you want, you can use one fabric over another.
  • Now, put them under your mattress and sleep on it.

The next morning, observe the result. Sometimes, the overall performance may not satisfy you. Then, spray items with vinegar and water solution and let them dry.

Place Garments Under Sofa Foam

Like mattresses, sofa cushions can de-wrinkle your fabrics too. To do it- 

  • Wet your garments a little using water
  • Place them under sofa foam and leave it for five or six hours. You may sit there or sleep. 
  • After that, collect your ironed and fresh clothes. 

Comparatively, you can get better results from using mattresses than sofa foams. As mattress is heavier, it can smooth fabric easily. 

Utilize Heavy Items

Some storage box in a room
Storage box can let your de-wrinkle clothes without electricity

If you don’t use mattress or sofa foam, use heavy items like a storage box to press your favorite dresses. 

  • Take a storage box and clean its bottom area.
  • Lay your garments on a flat surface like table or ironing board.
  • Now, spray items with water and place that box on them.
  • Wait for a couple of hours. 

Use Saucepan

Sometimes, you can use kitchen items to use as an alternative to clothes iron. To do it-

  • Take a saucepan and clean it properly.
  • Pour some water into it and boil.
  • Throw out the water and place the saucepan on your fabric.
  • Now, move it as iron and cover dresses entirely.

As the pan is too hot, it may permanently damage delicate fabrics like wool, silk, and cotton. Therefore, using a pressing cloth in this situation is a must. 

Press Clothes with Towel

First and foremost, take a clean towel and-

  • Wet it a bit.
  • Now, place it on your wrinkled clothes.
  • Use your hands to press towel in straight lines on your garments. Do it for almost 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Remove the towel and observe the result. If you observe creases, press for another 5 to 10 minutes.
  • After removing creases, air dry them. 

Smooth Fabrics With Hand and Cold Iron

Under this method-

  • Spritz garments slightly with water.
  • Take your cold iron and start polishing garments in proper order. 
  • Continue this process to get polished clothes.

This method can be time-consuming. So, what to do? Just read the next method. 

Spray Garments With Vinegar

Vinegar is an essential for laundry
Vinegar can remove wrinkles from garments

Vinegar works great on any fabric. If you apply vinegar on clothes, they don’t require ironing. 


  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Spray bottle


  • First, prepare a mixture of one part vinegar and three parts water.
  • Pour this solution into a spray bottle.
  • Now, spray wrinkled areas with this solution.
  • Dry clothes normally using hangers.

Utilize Hot Steam

Steaming is the easiest way to polish garments. So, how do garment steamers work so perfectly? Basically, it utilizes steam to do so.

Therefore, if you apply steam on clothes, you may get a better result. So,

  • When you take hot shower, place garments close to shower area in your bathroom. 
  • After leaving there for few minutes, garments may wet a bit. 
  • Take a soft brush or apply your hands to smooth fabrics.

This method works great. However, it can’t work fast as handheld steamers. Like hot shower, you can utilize steam from hot teapot. 

Buy Portable Power Station

If your area suffers from huge electricity crisis, then invest in a portable power station. This device is suitable for any emergency condition. So, you don’t have to worry about electricity anymore. 

Just take a look at its pros-

  • It is compact and easy to carry.
  • Build-in solar panel. So, charging is super easy.
  • Multiple charging options make it easy to use.
  • Suitable for home and camping use.
  • Great value for money as it lasts longer.

This portable device can be found at most online and offline marketplaces. I’ve been using one for my home use. 

If you want to check this product on Amazon, click here.

Take Professional Services

Professional laundry services may have alternatives power connections when there isn’t electricity in your areas. So, go online and search for a suitable dry cleaning or laundry service. Never forget to read customers’ reviews. If most users state positive, grab its service immediately. 

However, you can hardly find such services in smaller towns or hill track areas. So, I suggest you follow any of the methods mentioned above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does an iron need electricity?

Obviously, an iron requires electricity to operate. Without power connection, you can’t use iron to polish garments.

Every iron comes with a particular watt. The higher the wattage, the higher the electricity consumption. 

When you can’t afford electricity, you have to seek an alternate power connection to run clothes iron. Otherwise, operating it isn’t possible.

How do you un-wrinkle a shirt in 5 minutes?

De-wrinkle a shirt can be easy if you know the proper trick. To do it in just five minutes-

  • Toss clothes in dryer with your wet bath towel. 
  • Select a lower medium heat setting. 
  • After five minutes, remove them from dryer.

The main trick here is the wet towel. When it dries, it’ll create steam, just like handheld steamers. That’s why you’ll get a quick result.

Instead of a towel, you can use ice cubes too. Just toss some cubes with your wrinkled items and see the magic. 


  • If clothes tag says iron or wash only, then don’t use this method.
  • You shouldn’t put too many items in this case. You can use two or three garments at a time.
  • This technique works better with cotton or their blends.
  • After drying, remove clothes as soon as possible.

Last Few Words

When there is a will, there is a way. So if you don’t have electricity, don’t be frustrated. Instead, search for other possible options. 

After reading this whole article, you may understand that finding such solutions is pretty easy. 

Frankly speaking, outcomes of these methods may vary from person to person. Therefore, you need to practice a few times. 

So, which method is your favorite? Leave your thinking in the comment below.



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