Why Do You Turn Clothes Inside Out To Wash Them?[Explained!]

Washing clothes may be a boring task for you. Sometimes you take the city laundry service that may be costly. Other times, you might do the laundry yourself. You may turn clothes inside out when washing.

Why do you turn clothes inside out to wash them? Turning clothes inside out during washing because it-

  • Protects smooth surface of clothes. 
  • Ensures durability.
  • Protects delicate fabrics.
  • Prevents clothes from fading. 
  • Removes sweats and bad odors easily.
  • Prevents pilling

Let’s explore the reasons for turning clothes during washing. 

Reasons for turning clothes during washing

Why turning clothes inside out during washing?
Why turning clothes inside out during washing?

Protects smooth surface

When you wash clothes too often, there is a higher chance that smooth surface of garments may be ruined. One of the main causes behind this problem is the agitation of washing machine. 

An agitator is a device of washer that puts clothes into motion to rinse them properly. The more agitation you use, the rougher the washing cycle will be. 

Agitation ensures perfectly cleaned fabrics for you. However, it can ruin the smooth surface of dresses too. 

Therefore, washing clothes inside out protects surface of garments from the rough movements of washer.

Saves from other fabrics

During washing phases, you may overload the washer. Sometimes, you may put your cotton shirt with dyed and colorful dresses. After washing, you may be shocked to see the condition of your shirt. What the hell!

Therefore, I suggest always turning inside out to protect clothes from the color or dye of other fabrics. If so, outside of garments will be safe in most cases.

Improves lifespan

When I was a kid, I always helped my mom and late grandma to do their laundry. All the times they forced me to inside out clothes. It’s somewhat boring! Isn’t it?

So, why did my mom and grandma do so? Because washing clothes inside out-

  • Protects clothes from sharp objects, like zippers, buttons of other fabrics.
  • Improves lifespan of dresses.  

Less fade

When laundries are turned inside out, the inside portion of clothes comes in contact with other clothes. That means the outer surface is totally safe from the remaining fabrics. 

Sometimes, you may use chlorine-based harsh detergent that may fade clothes in the long run. Basically, the reasons for fading are-

  • Harsh detergent
  • Agitation of washer
  • Hot water

Therefore, turning inside out means no more faded garments. Awesome!

Remove sweats easily

a pile clothes in front of washer
Wash clothes inside out removes sweats easily.

After a regular day, your dress may smell odd. When you sweat, clothing becomes dirty and stinky. So, you have nothing but to wash them properly.

Turning clothes inside out means detergent comes closely with the inner side of clothes. Therefore, you can easily get fresh clothes after a single wash. No more stinky cloths!

Prevents pilling

When broken fibers of the fabric are tangled together in a ball, it is known as pilling. Using the rough cycle of washer is one of the main causes of pilling. 

Therefore, to prevent pilling of clothes-

  • Turn garments inside out.
  • Use gentle cycle of washer.
  • Use soft detergent.
  • Never overload the washer.

Protects prints and decorative items

You may be a big fan of tattoos, sparkles, or rhinestones on clothes. So, when you travel, you prefer to decorate your dress. That’s great! 

However, if you’re not careful, regular wash may ruin these precious materials. 

Therefore, turning fabrics inside out means these items are protected. So, travel more and color your clothes!

Frequently asked questions

Is it better to wash clothes at night?

The answer is no. If you wash clothes at night, you can’t dry them perfectly because of the absence of sunlight. However, you can solve the problem by using a dryer. 

From an energy perspective, washing at night may be practical. Sometimes energy companies suggest washing laundry at night. The electricity demand is always higher during daytime compared to nighttime. Therefore, washing clothes at night doesn’t put excessive pressure on energy consumption. 

However, there are no other benefits of washing clothes at night. You can wash them whether you feel comfortable. 

What are the five stages of laundry process?

The five stages of the laundry process are-

  • Washing
  • Agitation
  • Rinsing
  • Drying
  • Ironing and storing clothes

Are you supposed to dry clothes inside out?

Yeah, you should. When you use dryer at high temperature, delicate fabrics may be affected because of the extreme heat. Even synthetic material can’t endure the high temperature of the dryer.

So, if you dry clothes inside out, the smooth outer side of your clothes will be safe. That means you can enjoy the smoothness and beauty of your dress for ages. Good job!

Even if you dry clothes in the sun, be careful. The UV ray of sunlight can easily fade clothes. 

So, turning garments may lessen the severity of fading problem.

Can you put washing powder straight into the drum?

Yeah, you can. You can place the washing power directly into the drawer of the washer. However, please check the manual to know the correct compartment to use detergent.

Even, you can place detergent in laundry bag and then put it in the drum. Such positioning will allow detergent to dissolve easily and clean clothes perfectly.    

However, avoid using harsh chemicals. Instead, buy soft detergent that doesn’t harm your clothes anymore.

Is it cheaper to do laundry at night or during the day?

That’s a tough question to answer. Basically, doing laundry during non-peak hours is always affordable. 

In winter morning, when everyone is using their room heater and the electricity rate is pretty high, do your laundry in the evening. 

On the other hand, in summer, energy consumption is extremely higher at night. So, do your laundry in the morning to save some bucks.

Actually, it is applicable for all items. For example, if you are going to visit the Nayagra Water Falls, choose the off tourist season to save dimes.

Bottom line

Effective washing improves the lifespan of clothes. Moreover, perfectly washed clothes are always easy to polish. You need to ensure the perfect cycle and detergent for clothes.

So, how do you wash your clothes? Leave a comment below!

Lastly, keep your clothes wrinkle-free!


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