Troubleshooting Tefal steam iron[Detailed!]

No matter how famous the brand is, everyone has to deal with some problems in his steam iron. Tefal is the most famous and trusted brand in the home appliance industry. 

However, a lack of knowledge about Tefal may prolong your ironing sessions. Therefore, you should know the proper troubleshooting guide to make ironing easier. 

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Common problems in Tefal iron and its solutions

Problem 1

Iron is producing little or no steam

For some specific reasons, this problem would create. Now I will highlight the reasons behind this problem. 

Cause 1

Water tank may be empty

The most common reason behind steaming problem is the empty water tank. Whatever the brand, iron won’t produce enough steam if there is less or no water in the water tank.


Fill the water tank to the Max fill line with tap water. For hard water, use a mixture of tap water and distilled water in equal proportions.

Cause 2

Anti-calc valve is dirty

Tefal has introduced an anti-calc valve to protect your iron from mineral deposits. But lack of regular cleansing makes this valve dirty, resulting in a rise in calcium levels. 


To clean the anti-calc valve,

  • First, disconnect iron from power connection.
  • Empty the water tank, opening the water fill hole.
  • Wait for a few minutes to let your iron cool down completely.
  • Take lemon juice in a glass.
  • Remove the valve from the iron.
  • Now, leave this valve in lemon juice for 4 hours.
  • Lastly, thoroughly clean the valve again with tap water.

cause 3

Use of steam iron as dry iron

Like other modern steam irons, you can also use Tefal steam iron as dry iron. However, consciously or unconsciously, if you use your steam iron in the dry option for a long time, it wouldn’t create steam. 

Cause 4

Soleplate isn’t hot enough

For effective steaming, soleplate needs to be hot enough. A cold soleplate can’t generate steam and steam bursts.


After turning the iron on, wait for a few minutes. Such waiting will make soleplate extremely hot. Resultantly, you’ll get plenty of steam and de-wrinkle your clothes quickly.

Problem 2

Water drips from the soleplate

Another most common problem is water dripping through soleplate. But you can solve the dripping water problem just with some tricks. 

Firstly, if the temperature is set to a very low level, water may drip from soleplate. 

Therefore, fix the temperature from low level to higher level. For example, in some models, you have to set it from 2 to 8 and wait till the light goes off.

Secondly, most Tefal steam irons are designed with steam shot feature. However, it would help if you didn’t press this steam shot button too often. To avoid this problem, wait for a while between successive shots.

Thirdly, wrongly storing iron can create significant problems. You shouldn’t keep it in horizontal mode. Instead,

  • Unplug iron from power connection.
  • Allow soleplate to cool down properly.
  • Empty the tank and move the steam knob to dry position.
  • Lastly, store iron on its heel.

For more information, read the instruction manual.

Problem 3

Brown streaks come through soleplate

Improper use of steam iron may ruin its lifespan. For example, using chemical-based descaling agents can cause your iron to leak brown streaks. Moreover, iron will leak brown streaks if-

  • You use the wrong water type.
  • Steam vents are clogged.
  • Your garment isn’t washed correctly.


  • Never use any chemical descaling agent in the water tank. 
  • Tefal steam iron is designed to use untreated tap water. If the water is hard, mixing 50% tap water with 50% distilled or demineralized water will be better.
  • The manufacturer suggested not using scented or softened water, water from clothes dryers, refrigerators, batteries, air conditioners, pure demineralized or distilled, or rainwater. Tefal also forbids not to use boiled, filtered, or bottled water in all types of steam irons. 
  • All Tefal steam irons come with self-clean feature. It keeps the water tank clean and doesn’t allow residues in the water tank. 
  • Clean the soleplate regularly with soft objects. Don’t use abrasives or harsh chemicals for cleaning.
  • Rinse the linen item perfectly before ironing.

Problem 4

The soleplate is dirty

Your soleplate must be clean and polished. But in light of long experience, we know that operating iron at high temperature or incorrect use of starch may cause the soleplate to be dirty or brown. 

To solve this problem, 

  • You need to set the correct temperature settings for your clothes.
  • Always apply starch on the opposite side of garments that need to be ironed.

Problem 5

The soleplate is scratched or damaged

A little carelessness can damage or scratch your soleplate. For example, placing your iron flat on a metallic surface or iron over a zip could ruin the soleplate. Therefore, 

  • You should be cautious while ironing so that it doesn’t touch over the zip or something like that.
  • You should rest the iron on its heel.

Problem 6

Water leak through filler hole

If you don’t close the tank stopper properly, water will run out of the tank. Therefore, you should ensure that the cork is perfectly closed.

Problem 7

The spray does not spray

Don’t worry at all about this problem. Just fill the tank and enjoy ironing.

Problem 8

Soleplate emits particles

Accumulating limescale in the water tank may cause emitting particles from the soleplate. To prevent building up limescale in the water tank, you should run the self-clean function from time to time. 

To know more about this feature, watch this video.

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