Troubleshooting Hamilton Beach Steam Iron [Causes & Solutions!]

Ironing is a unique and affordable way to polish garments. As this task is easy, everyone prefers to wrinkle-free their items almost every day. However, this task can become challenging when your iron doesn’t cooperate.

Hamilton Beach is a trusted name in almost every home in the US. Therefore, you must learn how to troubleshoot it. So, we’ll discuss some common problems and their solutions in this article.

So, let’s start! 

Iron doesn’t heat up

A person is ironing his t-shirt.
You must learn how to heat up iron properly.

First and foremost, check whether your Hamilton Beach is plugged in properly to an outlet or not. Sometimes electrical outlet may be damaged or overloaded. Plug in a lamp to check the outlet’s status in such situations. If lamp doesn’t work, change the outlet or connect iron to a new one.

Secondly, when auto shutoff mode of your iron becomes activate, iron may not heat up. For example, 19803 has a three-way auto shutoff system. So, it will turn off after 30 seconds in horizontal position or on its side and after 15 minutes in vertical positions. 

So, what to do? Simple, just move iron a bit by touching its handle. Hopefully, it may solve the heating problem.

Thirdly, if the power cord is twisted, uncoil it. Plug your iron in again and allow it to become hot.

Lastly, check the temperature dial. Set it correctly for your chosen fabric. Now, wait for a few seconds to let iron heat up. Fortunately, Hamilton Beach heats up pretty fast. So, don’t panic!

Iron leaks water

To stop the leaking problem of your iron, you must know the reasons. Generally, your iron may leak because of the following reasons. Take a look-

  • Overfilling the tank.
  • Use wrong type of water.
  • Not closing water tank properly.
  • Using harmful descaling agent.
  • Start ironing before heating up properly.
  • Keep iron in horizontal position after turning on.
  • Steaming at low temperatures.
  • Pressing steam burst button continuously.
  • Dirty soleplate and clogged steam vents.
  • Not utilizing self-clean function.
  • Not keeping water tank empty.
  • Not setting steam function off after use.

Iron doesn’t steam

A man is steaming his clothes.
Steaming is a wonderful way to soften clothes.

Almost every user loves steaming. They find it comfortable in making your items wrinkle-free. Hamilton Beach has a robust steaming feature. While testing 19803, we found it excellent on both denim and polyester. Therefore, we suggest you use it for both delicate and synthetic fabrics.

If you face problems in steaming,-

  • Check water tank. Maybe the reservoir is empty.
  • Allow soleplate to become correctly heat up.
  • Change Adjustable Steam Switch to Steam position.
  • Check the temperature dial. Iron won’t produce steam in dry position.

Iron leaves brown stains

While operating iron, you should follow some instructions. The manufacturer suggests you keep water tank empty after every use. If you don’t empty the reservoir, it may develop rust and damage soleplate. Resultantly, it may stain your garments.


Iron is overheated or not hot enough

Check temperature dial and set it to correct settings. Some models of Hamilton Beach, like 19901, come with Digital Display. Press a single button to select the temperature settings and wait for the blinking display to stay still.

If you still have confusion in your mind, take a look at instruction manual. These irons are easy-to-operate. 

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