Troubleshooting BEAUTURAL Steam Iron[Described!]

Nobody wishes his favorite iron to stop working. However, if you face problems with your iron, you must know how to troubleshoot it.

BEAUTURAL manufactures awesome irons for its users. In this article, I’m giving you the in-depth guideline of how to solve various problems of this iron.

So, let’s start.

Causes and solutions

Iron is dripping water

BEAUTURAL iron is designed with powerful anti-drip feature. That’s why this iron won’t drip while ironing garments. I didn’t face dripping problem at all while using it.

However, if you face this problem, then-

  • You’re pressing the steam button while iron isn’t hot enough.
  • You’re pressing the steam burst button too often.
  • Check whether you’ve overfilled the water tank or not.
  • You’ve stored iron in horizontal position without keeping the water tank empty.
  • You may have forgotten to set the Variable Steam Knob to off position after turning BEAUTURAL off.


You should ensure appropriate measures to solve this irritating problem. So,

  • Press the steam button only when selected fabric name stops flashing in LCD.
  • Take a gap of approximately 5 seconds between successive steams.
  • Always fill the tank up to the maximum fill line.
  • After turning off, empty out the water tank. Then, store it on its heel while keeping the Variable Steam Knob to ‘Off’ position.

Irons leaks brown streaks

ironing water in a can.
Never put additives in water tank.

Sometimes brown streaks might leak through steam vents. Resultantly, your garments may be stained. So, why does BEAUTURAL iron leak brown streaks?


  • You may have added scented ironing water or starch in the tank.
  • You’re using the incorrect water type.
  • Your garments aren’t washed or cleaned properly.


  • Stay away from using ironing water or other chemical-based additives in the reservoir. These harmful chemicals may permanently damage your iron or develop rust inside iron overages.
  • You’re advised to use tap water for your iron.
  • Utilize the self-clean feature of your iron once every two weeks.
  • Iron or steam your garments after cleaning them properly.

Soleplate is dirty

soleplate of an iron
Always keep soleplate of your iron clean.


  • You’re using incorrect temperature settings. As a result, iron has melted your items and transferred melted objects to soleplate.
  • You may not clean soleplate properly.
  • You might run hot iron over printed sections of your dress.


  • Always select the right heat settings for your fabric.
  • Always keep the soleplate clean. Use standard soleplate cleaning kit, salt, dryer sheet, or magic eraser. But, never choose any sharp object to do this job.
  • Always turn garments inside out before ironing. Therefore, probability of melting print on your dress will be ultimately zero.

Iron is not steaming

Fill the water tank before steaming.

Manufacturer of BEAUTURAL iron always takes pride in the awesome steaming feature of their irons. For example, BEAUTURAL 1800-Watt Steam Iron produces 40% more steam compared to other irons. Surprisingly, this iron has a price tag of under $40 marks.

However, you might observe that your iron isn’t steaming properly. So, what are the causes behind this problem?


  • Water tank isn’t filled properly or not.
  • Steam vents are clogged.
  • Variable Steam Knob is in off position.


  • Fill the water tank with tap water up to the MAX level marked on the tank.
  • Utilize self-clean function.
  • Keep the soleplate and steam vents clean.
  • Set the Variable Steam Knob to steam position.

Spray feature isn’t working

Spray button assists you in moistening garments. As a result, you might not feel any pressure in polishing and rectifying the toughest possible wrinkles.

If your iron can’t spray, check the water level in the tank as before. When you keep reservoir empty, it won’t spray items.

To solve this problem, just fill the tank again with normal tap water. For more information and insight, read the instruction manual. 

Iron doesn’t turn up


  • Auto shutoff mode of your iron is activated.
  • Power cord of your iron is damaged.
  • Electrical outlet is overloaded or faulty.


  • Shake the iron a little to let it turn up.
  • Change the power cord if possible.
  • Use a standard power connection.

If the above measures can’t turn up your iron, contact the manufacturer directly. By the way, BEAUTURAL iron provides 2 years extended warranty with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

So, claim this service from manufacturer. If this period is over, buy a new one. BEAUTURAL produces one of the best cheapest irons in the market. So, if your iron is damaged, don’t worry. Just purchase another one!


Among all models of BEAUTURAL, BEAUTURAL 1800W Steam Iron is the most popular. With an under $40 price tag, it can offer you some awesome features. It can generate 40% more steam thanks to its awesome heating mechanism. Because of its 1800W power, it heats up within minutes.

Apart from that, it has ceramic soleplate, auto shutoff feature, 9 different temperature settings, and anti-drip.

So, you should definitely check this iron. To check its price, click here.

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