Sunbeam Steam Master Iron Reviews [Must Read!]

Sunbeam has been a reputable company in the USA for more than 110 years. One of their most popular products is the Sunbeam Steam Master Iron. It outperforms all other models on the market with its handy features. Moreover, you can get it at a lower price.

Are you excited to know more? In this article, I’ll discuss its features, pros & cons, and specifications.

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General Overview

According to the manufacturer, this iron can remove wrinkles from clothes. It doesn’t matter whether you are ironing flat or vertical steaming. Sunbeam utilizes its powerful steam shot and soleplate to smooth fabrics.

In addition, the three-way smart auto-shutoff adds another layer to the existing security. So, this appliance is safer to use for you. You can use it without any hesitation.


Attractive Design

This iron has a stunning outlook. When I use this iron, I feel that it is very lightweight, only 2.95 lbs. In addition, all of the dials or knobs are easy to understand. That’s why it is the perfect iron for people of all ages.

Its handle is pretty comfortable to grip. The soleplate is fairly designed and standard. The position of the temperature or steam button allowed me to iron easily.

Large Stainless Steel Soleplate

The large stainless steel soleplate can effectively remove wrinkles from fabrics. Thanks to its macro-sized steam holes. Moreover, its pointed tip allows you to iron around buttons or pleats. So, you can easily iron your dresses professionally at your home.

This soleplate can smoothly glide over clothes without damage. However, its performance is comparatively lower than that of Rowenta DW6080. It may remove most of the wrinkles, but not stubborn ones.

Medium Range of Power

Its power, 1400 watts, is comparatively lower than other models in this price range. However, it heats up quickly in almost two to three minutes.

For example, if you want to iron cotton, you have to wait almost two minutes. In contrast, the fastest and expensive irons reach that mark in less than two minutes. It’s a downside of this iron. But, you need not forget its price is under $40. During use, this problem didn’t bother me at all.

Anti-drip System

This iron has some handy features. The Anti-drip system is one of them. It prevents the iron from leaking even at a lower temperature.

Dripping problem is common among steam irons. Many expensive irons drip at a very low-temperature setting. However, I hadn’t faced this problem when I used it.

Variable Steam 

The sunbeam iron can effectively remove wrinkles from all fabrics. With this iron, I removed creases from cotton, wool, polyester, and silk. Because of its variable steam feature, steam output may vary according to the fabric. It has 15 macro holes across the soleplate that produces 21 gm. /Min of steam.

Moreover, its dry/steam function allows you to polish any cloth without damaging it. So, you don’t need to buy another dry iron to treat garments like wool or silk effectively.

Shot of Steam Feature

Steam feature is handy in removing extra stubborn creases from garments. This iron has a shot of steam feature. By pressing a simple button, you can release powerful steam towards your dress.

However, I wasn’t satisfied with its performance on thicker fabrics. Its steam can’t work efficiently with this particular material. Never forget this issue when you are going to buy this product.

Vertical Steam 

The vertical steam allows you to steam your clothes for better finishing. By using this feature, I steamed my shirts and pants in an upright position. I didn’t use any ironing board. Instead, hang my fabrics on a hanger and steam them.

I processed all of my clothes perfectly within a minute. It didn’t ruin the fabric.

So, you can utilize this function without any doubt. However, its performance on thicker fabrics is not satisfactory.

Anti-calcium System

Another useful feature of this model is an anti-calcium system. This feature protects iron from calcium or other mineral deposit. I suggest you utilize this feature after every 30 uses or 30 days.

To utilize this feature:

  1. Turn off the iron first.
  2. Fill the water tank with ¼ of water and add one teaspoon of salt to it.
  3. Leave the tank and wait for almost 15 minutes.
  4. Don’t forget to shake it now and then.
  5. Clean the tank and repeat the whole one more.
  6. Now, fill the tank with clean water to cleanse it properly.

Self-clean System

This Sunbeam iron can literally protect itself from any dirt. I use it once a month or after every 30 uses. It protects iron from other materials that may block the steam vents. So, use it as per the instruction manual.

I always recommend you to read the instruction manual before started using it.

Auto-off System

Sunbeam is always concerned about your safety. It comes with a 3-way motion smart auto-off system. If you keep the iron idle, it will automatically turn off. When you keep it inertly in horizontal position for 30 seconds or in vertical position for 15 minutes, it will be off. Even if it is tipped over on its side, don’t worry. It’ll turn off.

I always find this feature handy, and nothing happened when I forget to turn it off.

Retractable Cord 

This iron comes with an 8 feet retractable cord. Such a lengthy cord allows you to work smoothly. After work, just press a button, and the cable goes into the internal storage compartment.

Dual Spray Mist

This feature allows you to damp the fabric slightly before ironing. It will protect your clothes from damage. Ironing little damp clothes is always easy.

Never try to iron your dry clothes. Instead, use this spray mist and started ironing then. It’ll reduce the ironing time by almost 50 percent. Moreover, your garments will be safe.

Reasonable Price

It’s hard to find such an amazing steam iron in the market like Sunbeam. Moreover, its price is comparatively lower than other irons. You can enjoy so many handy features, like a retractable cord, self-clean system, anti-calcium system, and steam burst at such a price. Isn’t it amazing!

To check the prize, click here.


  • Manufacturer: Sunbeam
  • Product dimensions: 14 x 6.2 x 6.3 inches
  • Power: 1400 Watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel (non-stick)
  • Item Weight: 2.95 lbs.
  • Retractable cord: 8 ft.
  • Voltage: 120V
  • Steaming system: Shot of Steam and vertical steaming
  • Steam hole: 15 (macro)
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Auto turn-off: Yes
  • Self-clean: Yes
  • Anti-calcium: Yes
  • Warranty period: 3 Years (Limited)

Things I Prefer

  1. Relatively much cheaper iron. If you compare with other brands at the same price range, it is the best option among all of them.
  2. It gives good bursts of steam which eliminates stubborn wrinkles.
  3. Temperature controls are easy to work with.
  4. It heats up quickly, so you can iron rapidly and save time.
  5. It has an 8 ft. retractable cord. This cord helps you to store it without any trouble.
  6. With the vertical Shot of steam feature, you can freshen up your hanging garments.
  7. Auto turn-off ensures your safety, especially for your baby.
  8. A self-cleaning system protects your iron from depositing any minerals.
  9. It has a large surface that helps to iron quickly.
  10. The long narrow nose helps with ironing tight spaces.

Things I Don’t Prefer

  1. It’s comparatively larger than other irons.
  2. Filling the water tank is tough because of the narrow nose.
  3. It takes a longer time to heat up properly.

Where To Find Sunbeam Steam Master?

Sunbeam steam master is sold at most of the retail and wholesale stores in the United States. I suggest you buy it from Amazon. After ordering at Amazon, you will get this product within sixteen hours.

To check the latest price of this product on Amazon, click here.

What Can You Do With Sunbeam Steam Master?

With this model, you can iron almost all fabrics. You can even vertical steam your garments. Its powerful steam burst can remove wrinkles within a minute. In addition, its stainless steel soleplate moves smoothly back and forth over the garments.

This iron offers you anti-calcium, auto shut off, and self-clean features. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your family.

However, its performance on thicker fabric is not up to the mark. It may be able to remove minor creases, but not the tough ones.

Maintenance For Sunbeam Steam Master

  • Never immerse this iron in the water.
  • Before filling the water tank, disconnect it from the power connection.
  • If the cord is damaged, change it. Never use a damaged iron.
  • Never leave the iron unattended.
  • During ironing, always keeps your kids away.

For more information, check the instruction manual.

Sunbeam Steam Master vs. Chi Professional Iron

Feature Sunbeam Steam Master Chi Professional
Pros Better finishing, cheap Impressive steam output, Long cord, Quick heating
Cons Poor performance on thicker fabric Little heavier
Prize Lower Comparatively higher
Wattage 1400 watts 1700 watts
Cord length 8 feet 8 feet
Weight 2.95 lbs. 3.5 lbs.
Ease of use Not easy Easy

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Tap Water Be Used In This Iron?

Yes, you can use tap water. However, if your tap water is hard, try to use a mixture of distilled and tap water.

In many parts of the USA, water is pretty hard. If you use such hard water regularly, it may cause permanent damage to your iron. In such a case, you should use the solution of distilled and tap water.

Does This Iron Have Auto Shut-Off?

Yeah, it comes with a 3-way motion smart auto-off system. If you keep the iron idle, it will automatically turn off. When you keep it inertly in horizontal position for 30 seconds or in vertical position for 15 minutes, it will be off too.

Even if it is tipped over on its side, it’ll automatically turn itself off.

Can You See or Tell How Much Water Is In The Reservoir?

There is an inside measuring instrument so that you can see the water level of the reservoir.

Can I Use This Iron to Iron Polyester Fabric? 

Yeah, it is. This iron works better with polyester fabric. Just keep the temperature dial to a lower position and start ironing.

Its performance on polyester is satisfactory. However, it can’t work better with thicker fabrics.

Is Sunbeam a Good Brand of Iron?

  Yeah, it is. Sunbeam irons are famous as-

  • They are highly efficient.
  • Costs lower.
  • Can remove wrinkles with its powerful steam shot.
  • Has dual spray mist option.
  • Has self-clean and anti-calcium feature.

That’s why Sunbeam irons are always popular in the market.

Is Sunbeam Iron Made In The USA?

Sunbeam is an American company with headquarters in Florida. They initiated their journey in 1910. Nowadays, sunbeam steam iron bears the tag of “made in china.”

Final Verdict

So, this is my detailed review of Sunbeam Steam Master Steam iron. I hope that everything is clear to you right now. Although it has some demerits, it can still be an excellent choice for everyday use.

If you want to check the price of this product on Amazon, click here.



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