Does Steaming Make Clothes Softer?[Improve Lifespan!]

What’s the most tedious task in the morning? Yeah, it’s ironing clothes. Ironing is the hardest thing to do during weekends. That’s why everyone searches for alternatives to ironing. Thank god! You can steam your clothes. But does steaming make clothes softer?  

Does steaming clothes make them softer? Steaming is the best possible way to remove wrinkles from clothes. However, it never puts pressure on items like a powerful steam iron. That’s why you may enjoy soft and crisp items overages. 

How steaming make clothes softer

A garment steamer is polishing clothes
Steaming is the best way to soften fabrics

Wrinkles on your items can be frustrating on the occasions of something special. So, you have nothing to but running your powerful iron on clothes. However, you may not know that this appliance can make fragile fibres more fragile and reduce their lifespan. 

That’s why you shouldn’t apply steam iron more frequently on your items. It may put shiny or scorch marks on fabrics in the long run, although it may have some benefits

In contrast, steaming is an effortless job. You don’t require an ironing board or a flat surface. Just fill the water tank and secure clothes with hanger. Now, apply steam towards your dress. 

According to cleancult

  • Steaming is a faster and quicker process.
  • You don’t require an ironing board to steam your garments.
  • Steaming is by far the gentlest way to de-wrinkle clothes.
  • Steaming can effectively remove almost 99.9% of germs from clothes.
  • It’s a user-friendly method.

While steaming, you should maintain some guidelines. According to wikihow

  • Select a powerful steamer. If you travel a lot, select a handheld steamer. Choose one with powerful steam and larger water tank.
  • You must learn which items can be steamed and which can’t.
  • Take proper care while steaming delicate fabrics like silk, cashmere, cotton, velvet, leather, suede. Keep your steamer a few inches away from items, and don’t hold too long on a single spot.
  • Before steaming, apply steam on a small portion of your garment to see the effect. If you don’t notice something unusual, carry on. Otherwise, stay away from steaming.
  • Never press too hard on garments.

By the by, there are other methods to soften fabrics. I’ll cover some techniques in the next section. 

How to soften clothes

baby wearing a soft dress
You can easily make fabrics softer

Use vinegar

Most fabric softeners in the marketplace contain harmful elements. That’ why most users don’t feel comfortable using them. As an alternative to softeners, you can easily use distilled white vinegar.

While washing, add vinegar during the rinse cycle. It can soften and remove wrinkles from clothes gently. However, frequent use of vinegar can damage items

Use less detergent

You need to choose detergent wisely. Start using less detergent and observe the performance. If it perfectly cleans and removes germs, use this amount next time.

By the way, use liquid laundry detergent to freshen up clothes. They aren’t that costly. Never rely on cheap ones. They can make fabrics rough and affect their longevity. Moreover, cheap detergent can-

  • Fade clothes after long run.
  • Leave white residue on surface of garments.
  • Reduce absorbing power of items.

Prepare homemade laundry detergent

Homemade laundry detergent can soften fabrics

Most manufacturers claim that their detergent is eco-friendly. However, this fact isn’t true in most cases. Therefore, prepare a homemade detergent. To prepare this, you need to collect the following ingredients-

  • Castile soap
  • Baking soda
  • Grater


  • First, you need to heat baking soda with oven. 
  • Take a grater to slice the castile soap into pieces.
  • Now, mix hot baking soda with sliced soap properly.

That’s your first homemade detergent. Great! Use it while washing your garments. If you want to enjoy fresh smell, add some drops of essential oil after washing.

Baking soda

If you want to avoid detergent for more safety, use baking soda. Basically, it plays the role of a fabric softener. This versatile product has many pros

While washing, use a half cup of baking soda for regular loads. But, never mix it with detergent as it may hamper its effectiveness. Baking soda can ensure clean and whiter fabrics. You can use it for both machine wash and handwashing fabrics.

However, baking soda is a cleaning agent with high pH. That’s why it can be harmful to fabrics like-

  • Silk
  • Cashmere
  • Wool
  • Velvet

That’s why add baking soda to washer carefully. Otherwise, it may harm instead of doing good to items.

Use gentle cycle of washer

Perfect washing can improve the state of fabrics by many folds. While washing, use a gentle cycle that suits your item the best. They’re the most delicate and shortest in nature. 

In contrast, rough cycle can make your clothes rough too. Moreover, it uses hot water to wash fabrics. Such washing can discolour items.    

Additionally, you need to sort items properly. Never put delicate items with jeans. If so, rough objects like zippers can harm your expensive silk sweeter.

Line drying clothes

line drying clothes
Line drying clothes can save money and carbon footprint

There is no harm in enjoying the beautiful sunshine. So, why don’t you line drying clothes instead of using dryer?

Sometimes, dryer can make garments rough and grow more lint in house. That’s why you need to dry clothes using clothesline. According to dropps and cleancult, line drying-

  • Makes clothes last longer.
  • Naturally whitens fabrics.
  • Saves a lot of energy and reduce carbon footprint.
  • Stays gentle on items, especially delicates.
  • Reduces wrinkles without hampering fibres.
  • Makes clothes free from virus, bacteria, and other germs.

Throw wool dryer balls

Wool dryer balls can naturally soften fabrics. While drying, toss three or four balls with your clothes in dryer. They protect clothes from sticking to each other.

It has many pros. Take a look-

  • A cost-effective approach.
  • One dryer ball can be reused up to 1000 times.
  • They ensure the proper air circulation among clothes.
  • An environment-friendly product.
  • Reduce the regular drying times.
  • You can use them with essential oil to add fragrance.

Use aluminium foil

If you don’t have wool dryer ball, don’t worry. Just prepare one by yourself using aluminium foil. 

  • First of all, take a sheet of foil.
  • Now, prepare a ball by crumpling up using hands.
  • Make another 3 or 4 balls with aluminium foil.

Now, throw them into your dryer and keep clothes crisp and fresh after drying process.

Your closets love steaming

Everyone prefers to wear soft fabrics. Therefore, ensure proper care of your items. If you treat garments with washer and dryer regularly, they may become rough. So, you should sort clothes properly before washing and drying. 

Moreover, never overload your electrical appliance. While washing, add baking soda, vinegar or homemade detergent to make clothes soft and crisp. 

Learn how to take good care of garments. Otherwise, items may be ruined or damaged for good. 


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