How To Steam Clothes Without Steamer [9 Methods!]

Most users prefer steaming their items instead of ironing them. While ironing is time-consuming, steaming is the quickest way to wrinkle-free items. Even, you don’t need to buy a garment steamer. Instead, you can steam clothes in 9 different methods without a steamer.

Steaming is not only faster but also a practical approach. It makes clothes softer and removes germs and viruses. 

That’s why you must know the exact ways to steam clothes without using a steamer. In this article, I’ll cover this topic in great detail. I hope you may enjoy it.

So, read this article and wrinkle-free items.

How to steam clothes without steamer

1. Use clothes iron

iron on an ironing table.
Purchase a steam iron with powerful steam features.

It’s not essential to purchase garment steamer for steaming garments. Nowadays, most irons, especially Rowenta, has robust steaming features. Their irons can throw steam burst, continuous steam onto items. That’s why you don’t have to purchase a fabric steamer. Instead, invest in a powerful clothes iron.

For example, Rowenta DW9280 is one of the most potent irons in the market. It’s the king of steaming with 210g/min of steam burst. You can hardly find a standard iron like this DW9280 Digital Display Iron. 

However, if you don’t have budget problems, go for Rowenta DG8624U1. It throws 430 g/min of steam burst to remove wrinkle faster. Therefore, you can enjoy faster results with this iron than an ordinary steamer.

2. Apply shower steam

Hot shower steam can be a great alternative to clothes steamer. While taking hot shower, 

  • First, transfer garments to hangers.
  • Make sure that the doors and windows of your bathroom are closed completely.
  • Place garments close to the shower area.
  • Leave garments there for 20-30 minutes. Then, remove it from bathroom and see that garment is totally wrinkle-free.

By the way, you can use hot shower steam instead of ironing garments too.


  • Don’t wet your clothes accidentally. So, be careful.
  • This process is a little bit slow.

3. Apply hot kettle steam

It’s always fantastic to start a dry with tea in the morning. Do you prefer to do it so? Great. Now, I’ll tell you another great use of the hot tea kettle.

If your garment has few wrinkles, apply kettle steam on garments. While boiling kettle, place the fabric in steam area. Wrinkles will soon vanish like magic.

4. Clothes dryer and ice cube hack

Dryer can cause the most damage to your clothes. But, you can use it as an alternative to steamer. To do this-

  • First, toss garments into clothes dryer.
  • Now, throw 3-4 pieces of ice cubes into dryer.
  • Select a suitable cycle for your apparel and remove clothes as the cycle finishes.

This process is super fast. It’s effective in polishing a heavily wrinkled item. Moreover, this ice cube hack will save garments from high heat and pressure.

5. Use steam settings of dryer

According to, a steam dryer is a conventional dryer that offers a steam drying option. It works like a garment steamer. Resultantly, this dryer-

  • Can remove wrinkles fast from garments
  • Keeps clothes fresh

Therefore, use a steam dryer as a viable means to de-wrinkle items. If you don’t have dryer, you can purchase one from Amazon. To check dryers at Amazon, click here

6. Use hairdryer

Your beauty item can do a great job in this situation. Like hot shower steam, it can correct a few wrinkles. Moreover, this hack isn’t time-consuming at all. To do this,

  • Connect your hairdryer to power source.
  • Select the highest heat settings.
  • Now, run hairdryer towards your wrinkled items.

If you’ve hairdryer at your home, use this method in place of the hot shower method. 

7. Flat iron hack

To remove wrinkles with a flat iron,

  • First, moist the wrinkled area with a bit of water.
  • Now, try to polish the garment with flat iron.

You should use this hack carefully. Most importantly, don’t press your fabric too hard. If so, it may distort the fabric texture.

8. Hot metal pot trick

  • First, take a clean metal pot.
  • Fill the pot using hot water.
  • Sprinkle a little water onto garment to moist it slightly.
  • Remove hot water from the pot and gently run the pot over the wrinkled spots.
  • Continue this process to cover the whole garment. Heat this pot again if it becomes cool.

9. Wrinkle release spray

Wrinkle releaser can fight against stubborn wrinkles and unwanted creases. You can find commercial wrinkle releasers in the market. However, these sprays might contain harmful elements. 

So, it would be better not to use them on items. Instead, spray items with a vinegar-water solution. 

  • First, mix one-part vinegar with three parts water.
  • Transfer this mixture to a spray bottle.
  • Apply this spray to your item.
  • Lastly, air dry items in the open air to let wrinkles disappear.

Frequently asked questions

How do you unwrinkle a shirt in 5 minutes?

You can remove wrinkles from a shirt within 5 minutes using dryer with a clever trick. 

  • When you toss clothes into dryer, throw a damp towel too. 
  • Then, keep dryer on a medium heat setting for 5 minutes using the timer. As dryer generates heat, damp towel creates steam and removes wrinkles from your clothes.


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