Why My Rowenta Iron Is Not Spraying Water?

You may hardly find users who don’t love Rowenta. This German brand has gained popularity as it’s a trustworthy brand. They provide an extended warranty period to save customers from hassle.

However, you may face some trivial problems with Rowenta. Sometimes you may notice that Rowenta isn’t spraying water. So, how to solve this problem? To rectify the spraying problem, focus on this article right now.

Reasons behind spraying problem

Empty water tank

For enjoying spraying function, you must fill the water tank. When water tank becomes empty, spraying won’t work for sure.


You can easily use tap water as Rowenta comes anti-calc system. If water is hard enough, use mixtures of tap water and distilled water. To fill the water tank,

  • First, open the water fill hole of your water.
  • Take the water measuring cup and fill it with water.
  • Make sure that cord isn’t connected to the power source.
  • Gently pour water into the tank and fill it up to the MAX line.
  • Lastly, plug in your iron and start polishing dresses.

Clogged nozzle

 People living in hard water areas are familiar with clogged steam vents and nozzle. If nozzle is blocked, spraying won’t be smooth.


In such situations, take precautions regarding hard water. Try to use mixtures of distilled water and tap water. You may use vinegar and water solution to rectify the clogging problem. However, be careful as vinegar solution may damage the inner side of water tank and your iron.

Damaged iron

Your iron won’t last forever. If you use it carefully, iron may last 4-5 years.


Consider buying a new one if the above two solutions failed. If you’ve warranty period, contact the manufacturer. Otherwise, check superstores, Amazon, Walmart, and eBay and buy a wonderful steam iron.





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