Rowenta DW7180 Reviews [Buying Guide!]

Are you looking for an efficient iron for home or professional use? Then, Rowenta DW7180 may be the best option for you. 

Why should you buy it? Listen, it’s a German brand that comes up with anti-calc, anti-drip, auto-off features. So life will be super easy for you. 

Wanna know more? Stay tuned with me!

Rowenta DW7180 Everlast: A general overview

Rowenta started its journey in 1909. As a 100 years old company, it has gained confidence because of greater performance.

According to the manufacturer, this iron comes with a calc collector to increase protection against limescale buildup. This feature may be handy for you as 85% area of the US contains hard water. In addition, this collector can collect around one teaspoon of deposits in three months. 

Its unique 400 micro holes ensure the best steam for fabrics. The narrow tip allows iron to access tough spots easily. 

This iron has three different steam options to fulfill all kinds of ironing needs. It produces powerful steam within a short time, thanks to its massive 1750 Watts of power.

Moreover, its 12 Oz water tank and 8 feet long cord make ironing easier just for you. 


High power

This iron comes with massive 1750 Watts of power. Most importantly, it’s comparatively higher than most other brands.  

Power of different irons
Power of different irons


Because of this, iron heats up very quickly. So you don’t need to wait any longer to iron clothes. 

For example, if you want to iron a linen shirt, it’ll achieve the desired temperature of 445F in just two minutes. That’s pretty fast. 

You may observe the difference when you compare this model to others like Rowenta DW6080, Black + Decker D2030, and Sunbeam Steam Master.

Unique Scale collector

It has a unique limescale collector that collects limescale buildup over time. I enjoy this feature as it can retain the efficiency and lifespan of iron effectively. 

As an American citizen, you may know that almost 85% of the US water is hard. This water can leave mineral deposits inside soleplate that may hamper steam output. Based on water hardness, this scale collector can collect an average of 1 teaspoon every three months. 

I live in Indianapolis, where water is extremely hard. However, it doesn’t bother me as DW7180 can effectively collect mineral deposits. 

You can notice this collector at the back of this iron. Just remove this from iron and clean it with water. It’s totally simple.

Self-clean system

The self-clean system keeps the steam holes clean from tiny calcium particles. So, steam and ironing performance won’t vary over time. 

This system, along with anti-calc, ensures the best protection for your iron. During use, I found this feature so handy. However, you should follow the manual properly. 

3 Steam option

The Everlast introduces three different steam options. 

  • Variable Steam: Variable steam allows you to use different amounts of steams based on fabric type. 
  • Vertical steam: You don’t need an ironing board. Use a hanger to hang garments and apply steam. I’m a big fan of this feature. During office days, it keeps the morning trouble-free.
  • Steam Burst: Its powerful steam burst lets you polish extra stubborn wrinkles from fabrics. 

Most importantly, its powerful steam, 29 grams per minute, can impress you easily. While many irons may produce more powerful steam than the Everlast, they can easily remove wrinkles within minutes.

Steam Output of Different Irons
Steam Output of Different Irons

I removed stubborn wrinkles from my cotton, linen, and polyester shirts with this iron during use. However, fabrics were not damaged even a little.

Stainless steel soleplate

DW7180 has an extra-large stainless steel soleplate. As a result, its gliding performance can smooth out garments quickly. Without any hesitation, you can use it on any fabric.

The high-precision tip ensures better performance in tight places, like seams, pockets, and collar. Its performance is almost similar to its siblings, Rowenta DW6080.

In addition, it presents you with microsteam holes around the edge of soleplate to keep the steam concentrated.

This soleplate is one of the best among the irons I have tested so far. Of course, all renowned irons can process creases. However, the Everlast just stays ahead of them with its ultra-modern stainless steel soleplate.

Easy to use 

This model has an ergonomic thermostat knob that provides an accurate reading of settings. So, anyone can easily set the temperature and steam according to fabric. 

Its ergonomic handle allows you to iron comfortably. The steam and mist buttons are on the handle. So, you can push them gently, and their positions aren’t awkward. 

The temperature dial on body allows you to set temperature according to fabric. Another knob on the handle set the steam output.

Most importantly, its water reservoir comes up with a built-in funnel. So, no more worry about water splash.

Three-way auto-off

Rowenta is always concerned about the safety of your family members. Its three-way auto-off function ensures hassle-free and safe ironing for you. 

If you leave iron for 8 min in a vertical position or thirty seconds unattended on its soleplate, it will turn off. Even after 30 seconds of tipped over, it will turn off too. 

400 micro steam holes

Its 400 micro steam holes on soleplate confirm proper steam distribution for any garment. That’s a great feature in this price range. The Everlast stays ahead of most of its competitors in this aspect. 

With this feature, you can steam any fabric perfectly, which helps to remove stubborn wrinkles.  

12-ounce water tank

Its large water tank can hold 12 Oz of water, enough for 30 minutes of continuous steaming. So if you have a pile of clothes, don’t worry. 

Such a large water tank is very much uncommon in other models. However, checking the water level is challenging because of its opaque plastic body.

Made In Germany

Unlike its other siblings, it’s manufactured in Germany. That’s why the finishing and quality of the Everlast are much better than other models.

So, if you want a quality and durable product, DW7180 may be the best option for you.

Anti-drip feature

This model comes with a handy anti-drip system. I experienced no leaking and spitting from this iron, even at low temperatures. 

Therefore, if you worry too much about safety measures, this iron may dazzle you.

8 ft. cord

The Everlast comes with 8 feet long cord. However, it’s not appropriate in this price range. It won’t allow you to iron smoothly.

Sometimes, you may find irons with larger cord lengths at lower prices.  


  • Manufacturer: Rowenta
  • Color: blue
  • Dimensions: 12.59 x 7.09 x 5.71 inches
  • Weight: 4 lbs.
  • Power: 1750 watts
  • Soleplate: stainless steel
  • Steam hole: 400 (micro)
  • Steam Output: 29 gm. per minute
  • Cord length: 8 feet
  • Steaming system: Variable, Vertical, and Steam burst
  • Anti-drip: yes
  • Auto-steam: yes
  • Self-cleaning: yes
  • Limescale collector: yes
  • Country of origin: Germany

Things I like

  • It lets you iron fabrics quickly with little effort.
  • The calcium collector keeps the steam holes clean. The concentrated holes ensure the even distribution of steam.  
  • Powerful vertical steam can remove wrinkles from any garment.
  • This iron heats up and cools down quickly. 
  • Looks attractive and easy to handle.
  • Its size and weight are well-balanced. This iron is comfortable to use.
  • Stainless steel soleplate glides smoothly over fabrics.
  • Works great with tap water. Never put scorch marks or dark water spots on garments.
  • Narrow tip of the iron allows ironing tough spots smoothly.
  • Temperature settings are correct, and filling water tank is easy.
  • It doesn’t drip water even at low temperatures. 

Things I Don’t like

  • Its 8 ft. cord is not sufficient. Sometimes it can bother you.
  • Settings are a little hard to read and understand. 
  • Its weight is 4 lbs., which is a little heavier.

Comparison table

feature Rowenta DW 7180 Rowenta DW9280 Rowenta DW 8080
Dimension(inch) 12.59 x 7.09 x 5.71 11.4 x 4.9 x 6  12.6 x 5.7 x 7.08
Price Below $100 Over $100 Below $90
Wattage(watts) 1750 1800 1700
Cord length (ft.) 8 7 7
Weight (lbs.) 4 3.85 3.5
Water tank(Oz.) 11.8 11.8 12.68
Scale collector Yes No No
Uses tap water Yes Yes Yes
Auto-off Yes Yes Yes
Anti-calcium Yes Yes Yes
LED display No Yes No
Steam hole 400 400 400
pros Removable scale collector, 3 different steam features, easy to use High power, LED temperature display, pump injection technology, smart motion sensor lightweight, large water tank, good vertical steaming
cons Weighty, settings are hard to understand. High price, shorter cord length, Need to refill frequently. Shorter cord length, less power.

Warranty Information

This product comes with a one-year limited warranty. For more information, click here.

How to descale Rowenta DW7180 Properly

Descaling DW7180 isn’t that difficult. By the way, you already know that this model has a limescale collector. You may locate it at the back of your iron. It is recommended to clean this collector every two months. If water in your area is hard, you may notice more scale.

To descale it, follow the instructions mentioned below.

  • First, remove iron from the power source and leave it for an hour to cool down properly. 
  • Now, take your iron to the nearest sink in your home.
  • Gently remove collector from your iron.
  • Rinse the collector properly with just normal tap water.
  • Now, place the collector again to its position.

Remember, always check whether the collector is properly mounted or not. Most importantly, you need not use vinegar or any chemicals for descaling. These chemicals can cause severe damage to your iron.

In addition, you should apply  anti-calc function to keep the soleplate clean. Moreover, it allows steam holes to work properly.  

For more information, read instruction manual of Rowenta DW7180 iron.

Some Common problems of Rowenta DW7180

None or not enough steam

when you notice steam isn’t sufficient, then-

  • Check steam control. You may set it to dry option. Now, set it properly according to the fabric type.
  • Inspect the water reservoir. Maybe the tank is empty or not sufficient water. Your iron generates steam using water in the reservoir. So, fill the water tank properly to the maximum line.
  • Check the soleplate. Maybe it isn’t hot enough. So, wait a few minutes to heat up properly.

lron is leaking

If your iron is leaking, then-

  • You may over-used steam burst function. Wait a little between two steam bursts.
  • Temperature of soleplate maybe too low. Set the temperature correctly.

Performance of iron is poor

Performance of iron isn’t satisfactory as-.

  • You may not clean iron properly. Clean your iron properly using soleplate cleaning kit.
  • Utilize anti-calc regularly to keep dirt and other unwanted particles away from iron.
  • Keep the scale collector clean. Never forget to clean it every two months.
  • Use proper power connection. Check the packaging box of your iron to understand the right voltage.
  • Never run iron with a damaged cord.
  • Your iron may be damaged. 
  • This iron works better with normal tap water. Never use distilled water or any chemicals in the reservoir. These caustic elements may damage your iron for good.
  • After use, unplug it from power connection and empty the water tank.
  • Never immerse the iron in water.
  • Always handle iron with care. 

Where to find Rowenta DW7180?

Rowenta DW7180 is sold at most of the retail and wholesale stores in the US. To enjoy the best offer, you may check this product at Amazon. 

To check the latest price of this product on Amazon, Rowenta DW7180.

What to do with Rowenta DW7180?

With its high power, you can remove wrinkles from any fabric. It never damages your favorite dresses. It heats up and cools down quickly. 

The steam output works better on hanging garments. So, you don’t need to use an ironing board anymore. Just use hangers to hang clothes.

Frequently asked questions

I received the iron today with no Manuel. How do I obtain one? 

If you don’t receive Manuel or lost it, please visit the manufacturer’s website and download it.  

Is the anti-calc collection cup on the Rowenta DW7180 better than just self-cleaning on the other models?

The DW7180 Everlast has a removable anti-calc collection function that collects residual from minerals. So, if you live in the hard water area, this iron may be the best purchase for you. 

Apart from that, its self-cleaning function also flushes out the unwanted materials from soleplate. So, DW7180 is better than the other just self-cleaning models.

Over time do steam holes of Rowenta DW7180 clog? 

Its stainless steel soleplate has 400 microsteam holes, ensuring proper steam distribution. Over time, these holes may clog, provided that you don’t take proper care. 

Therefore, you should utilize the self-clean function as per the manual. Moreover, clean the limescale collector at the back of iron regularly. Cleaning the collector is super easy.

If you take proper care of DW7180, steam holes won’t be clogged. So, you can enjoy perfect steam from this iron overages.

Can you see when the water level of Rowenta DW7180 is low?

The water level is not invisible at all. It’s a little bit hard to see as the water reservoir is dark in color. 

Does Rowenta DW9280 come with a water filing cup or container?

The water tank has a built-in funnel. So, you don’t need to use another water-filling cup. That’s a great feature of the Everlast. 

For other models of Rowenta, filling the water cup is very hard. Moreover, you may face difficulty in filling them because of the narrow top. As a result, water may splash a little.

 In this perspective, this model stays ahead of other irons in this price range. 

What are the differences between DW7180 and DW5080?

Specifications Rowenta DW7180 Rowenta DW5080
Weight(lbs.) 4 3.4
Tank size(ml) 350 295
Steam (gm. per min.) 29 35
Power (watts) 1750 1700
Water tank (Oz.) 11.8 10
Scale collector Yes No

Final verdict

If you are in the hard water area, you should take extra care of your iron. In this context, Rowenta DW7180 model may relieve you from this problem. 

The price of this model might be a problem for you. However, consider this purchase as a long-term investment for the betterment of your garments.

If you want to check price of this product on Amazon, click here.

Trust me. You won’t regret it!





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