Rowenta DW6080 Reviews [Everything You Should Know]

If you are looking for a great steam iron, Rowenta iron may be your first choice. This company is creating great irons for both home and professional use.

Rowenta initiated its journey in 1884. Later on, it made its first steam iron in 1919. In 2014, Rowenta started using the slogan “Enjoy Technology.” Rowenta DW6080 Eco-intelligence Steam Iron is one of the most profitable products of this company.

In this article, I’ll describe the features, specifications, pros, and cons of Rowenta DW6080. Then, I’ll give my opinion on whether you should invest your money in this iron or not.

Let’s start with me!

Rowenta DW6080: A General Overview

According to the manufacturers, DW6080 is one of Rowenta’s most demanded steam irons. This model is so popular because of its stunning professional result.

With this DW6080, you can enjoy powerful steam with less energy. Its scratch-resistant and stainless steel soleplate glide smoothly over fabrics. The rounded back end shape of the soleplate offers a smooth back and forth motion. However, it doesn’t create creases. Moreover, the pointed front end design allows you to polish tight spots, like wrinkles or in between buttons.

This steam iron is suitable for vertical steaming. Its 400 micro holes throw a powerful steam boost towards the hanging garments. Although, it never compromises the durability and longevity of your favorite dress. Therefore, you can iron your piles of shirts, pants, cloth napkins, and more in no time.

You may be annoyed with the leaking problem. This DW6080 won’t bother you as it includes an anti-drip system.

There is hardly any steam iron in this price range that offers so many features like this. Its simple 3D design ensures through steam and saves a lot of energy. But, you may not believe it. It uses 25% less energy than other irons. So, you don’t need to worry about your electricity bill a bit.

If you are looking for a steam iron that can do almost everything, Rowenta DW6080 may be an excellent option for you.


Stainless-Steel soleplate

Rowenta DW6080 comes with a stainless-steel soleplate. This soleplate is scratch-resistant and always notable for its smooth finishing. It works better with Polyester, Wool, Cool, and other fabrics. Its 3D design and 400 micro holes ensure intensive and concentrated steam.

High Power

The power of iron is measured in watts. This DW6080 comes with 1700 watts. So, you can iron more clothes in fewer minutes.

Energy Saver

Saving energy may be an important issue for you. Because of the Eco feature, this model uses 25% less energy than other standard irons.

Larger water tank

A larger water tank means you can continuously iron without constantly refilling the water tank. Luckily, the water tank of this model is comparatively larger. This reservoir can contain 10 Oz of water.

3 Manual Steam Features

This iron has three different steam settings-Dry, Boost, and Eco. The dry feature allows you to use it as a dry iron. Whereas, Boost removes stubborn creases by spraying steam boost at 180g/Min. And eco saves energy. 

Auto-off Feature

You may be a little bit worried about the safety of your family members. It is normal. However, don’t worry. 

This iron has three different auto-off features. This option instructs iron to turn off if it is kept inactively 8 min. of on its heel. It will also turn off after lying idly 30 seconds on the soleplate or tipping over on its side.

However, I recommend you follow the safety instructions mentioned in the manual.

Warranty information

Rowenta is providing one year guarantee against any material or artistry defect in this product. This period starts from the purchasing date. Moreover, the company bears all the costs related to the restoration of the defective product.

Easy to operate

Its soft-grip handle lets you iron clothes comfortably. So, you can easily iron hours after hours. You won’t be tired! Because of its ergonomic rotatory trigger system, both left and right-hander can comfortably use it. 

Moreover, its power cord length is 7.9 ft. Sometimes, such a lengthy power cord may be handy for you.

Anti-drip System 

Sometimes steam iron may leak water when the temperature is at a lower position. The anti-drip system of this model prevents water leaking from the iron.

Anti-Calc System

This integrated anti-calc system prevents scale from collecting in the iron. This powerful system automatically collects scale and ensures durability and performance over time. Without this advanced feature, your iron may not work properly. 

Vertical steaming

Vertical steaming allows you to steam when fabrics are kept on hangers. With its robust vertical steaming, you can easily remove wrinkles from clothes. 

Regular tap water

You can use regular tap water for this iron. However, if your water is hard, use a mixture of tap and distilled water.

So, are you searching for a user-friendly iron? It may be the best buy for you.


  • Dimension of package: 12.6 x 5.7 x 7.08 inches
  • Color: Green/Black
  • Weight: 3.46 lbs.
  • Power cord length: 7.9 ft.
  • Tank size: 10 Oz.
  • Power: 1700 watts
  • Soleplate: Stainless Steel (3D)
  • Steam boost: 180g/Min
  • Steam hole: 400 (micro)
  • Auto turn-off: yes
  • Self-clean: yes
  • Anti-calc: yes


  • The stainless steel soleplate is wrinkle-resistant and never damages the fabric.
  • It heats up quickly. So, ironing is fast and super easy.
  • It has a higher wattage. However, it consumes 25% less energy to operate.
  • Steam vents are well placed and countless.
  • It is durable and always provides you great results.
  • Lightweight and pointed nose makes it easy to iron all points of a garment.
  • Water tank is easy to fill with water.
  • Steam and heat settings are easy to adjust.
  • Anti-drip feature prevents it from leaking water.
  • Comfortable to operate.
  • Powerful and uniform steam burst works fabulously with stubborn wrinkles.
  • Never leaves marks on clothes.
  • Better for vertical steaming.
  • Looks attractive with floral decoration.
  • It is quiet and no leaking onto clothes.


  • It is quite expensive and not perfect for occasional use.
  • Can’t remove wrinkles from silk or synthetic fabrics.
  • Heat knob setting can be displaced easily.

Where to find Rowenta DW6080?

Rowenta DW6080 is sold at most of the retail and wholesale stores in the United States. However, I suggest you buy it from Amazon. At Amazon, you’ll get free delivery. Moreover, you may find many amazing offers for this product at Amazon.

If you want to check the latest price of this product on Amazon, click here.

What can you do with Rowenta DW6080?

With this DW6080, you can easily remove wrinkles and dark spots from any fabric. Moreover, it works better with even polyester fabric. So, you can easily polish polyester flags, tablecloths, and dresses.

Maintenance for Rowenta DW6080

Operate anti-scale system

I have already mentioned that this iron contains an anti-scale function. It prolongs longevity of your iron. Therefore, you should use this option while you iron to remove scale deposits.

Never forget to use Self Clean function

Use the Self Clean function approximately every two weeks. It flushes out the scale particles from inside of iron. If the water is very hard, you need to use this function weekly. To operate this function-

  • Fill the water tank up to the max mark and set the temperature at the level •••. 
  • Unplug iron from the power source and hold it horizontally over a nearby sink. 
  • Press the Self-clean button and shake iron several times.
  • You may observe steam emerge from soleplate. After a while, water will emerge from the soleplate. It will remove dirt and residues effectively.
  • After one minute, change the steam position to Dry.
  • Turn on the iron again to heat up again.
  • You have to wait until the remaining water removes from soleplate.
  • Unplug iron from the power source to cool down. Now, clean soleplate with a damp towel.

 Cleaning the iron

After every use, you should clean the iron properly. Just use damp soft clothes or sponges. Stay away from abrasive or sharp objects. 

When soleplate becomes cool, wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge. If you keep the iron unused for a long time, utilize the self-clean function also.

For more informaton, read instruction manual of Rowenta DW6080.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should you do before using Rowenta DW6080?

After buying iron, you need to do some work before using it. So let’s discuss that issues.

  • New iron has many labels attached to the soleplate. Remove these labels before turning the iron on.
  • It’s better to operate the iron horizontally before using steam function for the first time. Check the shot of steam function a few times. Always keep your iron away from linen.
  • During the first few usages, you may notice some smoke. Don’t worry about it a bit.
  • Small particles may come out through the soleplate. To remove these particles, utilize the self-cleaning function and shaking the iron gently. After several uses, it will disappear.

What should you do when using Rowenta DW6080?

Filling the water tank

Set the steam control knob to dry position before filling the water tank. Now tilt the iron and open water tank and pour water up to maximum level. Close the inlet and keep the iron horizontally.

Temperature and steam adjustment

Steam control

Set the temperature control dial according to fabric type. There is a temperature control light that indicates the heating condition.

When this light is turned off, it means that the plate is completely hot, and you can start ironing.

For cotton and linen

Set the dial on boost/eco option. This option can produce enough steam to remove stubborn wrinkles.

For silk and wool

For silk and wool always use the “Eco” option. This feature will protect your delicate fabrics like silk and wool item.

For Nylon

Never use boost/eco option on nylon items because it may burn these fabrics. For these garments, use the first option that is indicated by this (•) sign. 

Rowenta recommend you ironing at a low temperature. If you want to use starch, apply it onto the reverse side of the clothes.

Dry ironing

If you want to dry ironing, set the variable steam control to dry. You can also control temperature according to fabric type. You have three options care points like (•, ••, •••) on temperature knob.

Eco steam system

This model has three different steam settings. 

DRY position: This feature is ideal for delicates or perfect finishes. It offers you ironing without steam.

ECO position: It ensures better ironing results for all fabric types. Not only it does great ironing but also saves energy. 

BOOST position: For thickest fabrics, you need more steam. This setting can ensure increased variable steam output.

Apply Shot of steam

If you check the dial, you can see temperature setting like (•, ••, •••). To use shot of steam function, set the temperature setting from •• to upwards.

To get a powerful jet of steam, press the shot of steam button. Don’t press the button non-stop rather waits a few seconds between each shot.

Uses of Vertical shot of steam

If you feel bore in ironing on ironing board, you can polish your garments hanging. Use the temperature setting •• and ••• and hold the iron 10 to 20 centimeters away from the fabrics. Otherwise, it may hamper the softness.

Mainly you can use vertical shot of steam to remove tough creases from hanging curtains, jackets, skirts, suits etc. Don’t forget to take a break between steams. Never use steam at persons or animals.

Use Spray

This iron has also handy spray button. You can use this button to dampen tough creases. 

Proper use of Anti-Drip system

Many users are concerned about whether their iron leaks water. But this model will free you from this thought. This anti-drip system prevents water leakage from the soleplate even at low temperature.

What should you do after using Rowenta DW6080?

Emptying the tank

Always empty the water tank after using the iron. To empty the tank, unplug the cord and pour away the rest of water. In addition, set steam control to dry option.

To protect the valve hole from scaling or blocking up, open and close the steam control several times.

Storing the iron

After use, you need to store your iron, right? There are very simple but essential tips to store the iron. First, allow the iron to cool down and rest the iron on its heel.

Always keep the cords away from hot soleplate. Moreover, never store your iron on its base.

Some common problems with Rowenta DW6080




Soleplate is cool although iron is plugged in. Problems may be in electric supply system Check the cord if it inserted properly or you may use another socket.
Little or no steam Temperature knob set too low Set temperature control to higher level.
Dry position is active At dry position, you won’t get any steam. So, turn on the steam control.
No water in the tank or not enough water. Pour required water in the tank.
Anti-drip is active Let the soleplate reach the appropriate temperature.
Brown streaks come through the steam holes Use of chemical agents Don’t use any descale agents inside your iron. They may reduce the longevity of your iron. Instead, use self-clean function.
Use of starch

Use starch on the opposite side of the garments. After use, clean the soleplate.

Use of distilled/demineralised or softened water

Use Only untreated tap water or mix half tap water with half demineralised / distilled water.

Is Rowenta DW6080 a cordless iron?

No, it is a corded iron.

What is the weight of Rowenta DW6080?

3.46 lbs.

Where was this model manufactured?


Is an extension cord required for Rowenta DW6080?

No, it doesn’t require an extension cord. Its power cord is pretty long, 7.9ft.

Final verdict

So, this is my detailed review of Rowenta DW6080 iron. After going through this article, you may have a better idea about the features, specifications, pros, and cons. Although it has some demerits, it can be an excellent choice for home use.

If you are looking for a steam iron to remove wrinkles from clothes or want to wear a fancy dress, you should give Rowenta DW6080 a try. 

If you want to check the price of this product on Amazon, click here.

Trust me. You are going to make a wonderful investment!


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