Rowenta DW6030 VS DW6010

Rowenta is a hugely popular ironing brand in the US and Europe. People generally buy Rowenta without any hesitation because of its improved product quality and trustworthiness. Rowenta has many models in the market and the two most popular models of it are Rowenta DW6030 and DW6010.

These two irons are quite different from each other. To understand their differences, let’s focus on this article.

Let’s dive in!

Rowenta DW6030

According to manufacturer, Rowenta DW6030 comes with an astonishing 2500 watts of power. Therefore, heating up isn’t a big deal for this iron. Just plug it in and start ironing clothes and beddings right away.

Many users buy steam generator irons because of their high level of power and improved heating system. However, this iron is better compared to traditional generator irons as its lightweight, simple, and energy-saving. 

This iron has been designed perfectly. Because of that, it glides smoothly around cuffs, collars, and buttons. 

Some of you are might be tired of changing steam settings. However, the automatic steam output of 6030 is enough to fulfill everyone’s needs. 

Unlike other models, it comes with a transparent water tank, which allows users to observe the water level without any trouble. 


  • This iron is manufactured with energy-saving technology
  • You may find peace in using this iron as its design is simplistic.
  • It heats up within seconds.
  • Powerful steam removes wrinkles quickly.
  • This iron has the right weight to polish dresses 
  • The water tank is transparent.
  • This iron doesn’t drip even if you change temperature settings frequently.
  • It’s a long-lasting steam iron.
  • Its wonderful performance can easily outperform many steam generator irons.


  • It doesn’t work great with hard water.
  • You can find difficulty in filling the water tank because of the small water fill hole.
  • Power cord isn’t long enough for every user.

Rowenta DW6010

Just like DW6030, 6010 comes with high level of power too. Manufacturer suggests that this iron comes with 2400 watts of power. 

This iron can save energy consumption because of its improved design. So, don’t worry a bit about electricity bill while using this Rowenta!

Its base is made from stainless steel, which has 400 microsteam holes too. As a result, steam output will be intense compared to other irons.

Most users prefer steaming their items. For those users, 6010 is the best choice. Its continuous gives your clothes stunning finishing.

In addition, this iron has a weight of only 1.09 kg. Resultantly, your hands won’t hurt even after using iron for longer hours. 


  • Its base has wonderful gliding power.
  • This iron has easy-to-follow instructions.
  • It comes with one year guarantee period.
  • Its perfect weight makes ironing an easy task.
  • It’s manufactured in Germany with robust materials.


  • Its cord doesn’t have sufficient length.
  • 6010 comes with a European two-pin plug system.
  • It doesn’t have auto shutoff button.

The differences

Features Rowenta DW6030 Rowenta DW6010
Dimension of product (cm) 30 × 14 × 14 30.5 × 14 × 15.2
Weight(kg) 1.57 1.09
Soleplate stainless steel stainless steel
Power(Watts) 2500 2400
Capacity(ml) 300 300
Steam rate(g/min) 45 40
Steam boost(g/min) 180 180
Power cord length(m) 2 2
Spray mist button Yes Yes
Precision tip Yes Yes
Anti drip system Yes Yes
Anti calc systeam Yes Yes
Retractable cord No No
LED indicator Yes Yes
Self clean Yes Yes
Steam holes 400 400
Manufactured in Germany Germany

Final words

From the above discussion and comparison, it’s clear that both irons are great. However, I suggest you pick Rowenta DW6010 as it’s more lightweight compared to its sister DW6030. However, 6010 has slightly less power and steam rate than 6030.

In general, both irons are great and sufficient to amaze any user with professional results. 

Where to buy Rowenta DW6030 and DW6010

You can easily find these two irons at local stores, supermarkets, and online stores. If you want, you may buy those from Amazon. To check their prices, click Rowenta DW6030 and Rowenta DW6010

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