Rowenta DW5260 Iron Reviews[Powerful Steam!]

Rowenta always tries to impress its consumers with mesmerizing irons. Most of their models have high power, powerful steam, larger water tank, and improved finishing, providing the best ironing experiences.

If you’re looking for an iron with great power, safety features, powerful steam, and vertical steaming, take a look at Rowenta DW5260 Focus Xcel Iron.

To know more about this model, stay with me. In this article, I’ll cover everything that I know about this DW5260 Focus Xcel.

Let’s start!

General overview: Rowenta DW5260

According to manufacturer, this German-made iron can provide you with professional ironing results because of its HD soleplate. It is designed with high power, 1715 watts. Therefore, you may enjoy the perfect steam performance from this DW5260.

This Rowenta iron has 11 oz. of water tank with a window to check the water level. Moreover, you don’t have to use distilled water. It works fine with tap water as it has anti-calcium valve to collect mineral deposits.

Its powerful steam output, 40 g/min and steam burst, 100 g/min work better on both thick and dry fabrics. 

You can easily get crisp and fresh look on your garments with it. Its precision tip can easily polish difficult spots like seams, edges, and collars of your dresses. In addition, it is equipped with 3-way auto shut-off features. 


1715 watts of power

This DW5260 has 1715 watts of power, which is a little bit lower than Rowenta DW9280. However, it’s still ahead of many popular models in the market. Just check-

Iron Power(watts)
Eurosteam iron steamer 1000
Rowenta DW6080 1700
Rowenta DW8080 1700
Rowenta DW9280 1800
Pursteam Professional Grade 1700W 1700

Interestingly, four out of the five models in this table are expensive irons. In contrast, Pursteam Professional Grade iron is a cheap iron, which is priced below $50. Therefore, if you want greater performance at low prices, consider this model.

400 HD soleplate

With this 400 HD soleplate, ironing will be nothing but fun. Such efficient and improved soleplate design may provide you with the best gliding over fabrics-both delicate and heavier. Therefore, you may get professional ironing results at your home. 

11 oz. water tank

This DW5260 is designed with large water tank with a new feature. It has a window to let you observe the water level without opening the tank.

Moreover, this large water reservoir may save you from refilling water tank again and again during ironing sessions. 

Although this reservoir size isn’t that great, still it stays ahead of many steam irons in the market. Check-

Iron Water tank size(oz.)
Eurosteam iron steamer 7.10
Rowenta DW6080 10
Rowenta DW8080 12.7
Rowenta DW9280 11.8
Pursteam Professional Grade 1700W 14

Anti-calcium valve

This iron can fight against calcium and other mineral deposits perfectly, thanks to its anti-calcium valve.

Therefore, clean this valve regularly and let this DW5260 serve you more overages.

Auto shut-off feature

Like other Rowenta models, it has three way auto shut-off features. It will automatically turn off if-

  • It stays for 30 seconds on soleplate.
  • Rests on its heel for 8 minutes.
  • It’ll be off in 30 seconds after tipped off.

Powerful steam

It is designed with two different steam options-continuous steam and steam burst option. Its continuous steam 40 g/min and steam burst 100 g/min make this iron suitable for vertical steaming feature.

Many expensive irons can’t generate intense steam like DW5260. However, it’s not as powerful as its sister, DW9280 that generates steam burst of 210 g/min.

Anti-drip system

Its anti-drip system lets you use this iron in any direction. So, feel free to use it in vertical or horizontal mode.

If you face leaking problem with this iron, read the instruction manual properly. Possible reasons for leaking are-

  • Maybe you have utilized the steam button too often.
  • You may start steaming while iron isn’t hot enough.
  • You might store it without emptying the water tank.

Precision tip

Sometimes you face difficulty in polishing tight spots of your garments like collars, edges, button areas, and seams. However, the precision tip of this DW5260 can reach such hard-to-process areas with ease.

Smaller cord

One of the drawbacks of DW5260 is its six ft. cord swivel cord. So, you need to use an extension cable to solve this problem.

However, other irons have longer cords than it. Observe the comparison table-

Iron Power cord(ft.)
Eurosteam iron steamer 6
Rowenta DW6080 7.9
Rowenta DW8080 7
Rowenta DW9280 7
Pursteam Professional Grade 1700W 8
Black+ Decker D2030 8


  • Dimension of product: 12 × 5.7 × 7 inches
  • Weight: 3.69 lbs.
  • Power:1715 watts
  • Volt: 110 volt
  • Water tank size: 11 oz.
  • Steam holes: 400
  • Soleplate: Microsteam HD soleplate
  • Steam output: 40 g/min
  • Steam burst:100 g/min
  • Power cord: 6 ft.
  • Anti-calcium system: Yes
  • Auto shutoff: Yes
  • Anti-drip feature: Yes
  • Tap water friendly: Yes
  • Manufactured in: Germany

The boons

  • Auto shutoff feature works perfectly all the time.
  • One of the best irons for quilting because of its high power.
  • It’s lightweight.
  • You can use it as a garment steamer too.
  • Heats up fast to melt away wrinkles and unwanted creases.
  • Steam function works great on permanent wrinkles.
  • You can use tap water for this iron.
  • It glides evenly on most garments.

The drawbacks

  • Its ergonomic design isn’t perfect for people with arthritis or shorthands.
  • Its steam function uses a lot of water.
  • Sometimes it becomes little bit hotter during use.

Where to buy Rowenta DW5260

You can find this iron at most stores in the US. If you want, you can buy it from the trusted online store, Amazon. Currently, Amazon is providing free delivery with this product.

To check its price at Amazon, click here.

Comparison table

Feature Rowenta DW5260 Rowenta DW8080
Dimension of product (inches) 12 × 5.7 × 7 12.6 × 5.7 × 7.08
Weight (lbs.) 3.69 3.5
Power (watts) 1715 1700
Water tank (oz.) 11 12.7
Steam holes 400 400
Steam output (g/min) 40 40
Steam burst (g/min) 100 150
Power cord (ft.) 6 7
Anti-calcium system Yes Yes
Anti-drip feature Yes Yes
Auto shutoff Yes Yes
Tap water friendly Yes Yes
Manufactured in Germany Germany

Maintenance of Rowenta DW5260

  • To save you from electric shock, never dip it in water.
  • Before plugging or unplugging, turn off this iron.
  • Prior to filling the water tank, disconnect it from power source.
  • After use, disconnect it from power connection.
  • Keep the water reservoir empty after every use.
  • You shouldn’t allow your kids to play with this iron.
  • Never use it if it is dropped and damaged severely. Damaged iron may have safety hazards.
  • Never touch hot soleplate with bare hands. Otherwise, you may burn your skins.
  • Try to avoid circuit overload while using this iron.
  • While using extension cord, choose cords of ampere greater or equal to the maximum rating of this iron.

For more safety instructions, read the instruction manual.

Make a decision

After this analysis, it may be clear to you that this Rowenta DW5260 is an incredible iron. Overall, this iron has great power with advanced steam, 400 HD soleplate, vertical steam, and anti-calcium valve.

However, it’s a little bit weighty, which may create problems for aged people. But, if you do quilt or press a lot, this weight may be a boon instead of a curse.

So, overall this iron looks great to me. Therefore, you might purchase this iron as it’s a great-priced iron.

To recheck its price, click here.











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