Rowenta DW5080 vs. DW5280 [Which To Buy?]

Rowenta is a trusted name in the ironing industry. People prefer this globally recognized company because of its mesmerizing features and robust body. Two popular models of Rowenta are-DW5280 and DW5080.

This article will highlight the differences between these two. Though both models have gained credibility, they have dissimilarities too. To know those differences and make a wise decision, read this article. 

We’ll start with a comparison table followed by similarities and differences. So, let’s dive in, right now! 

Comparison Table

Features Rowenta DW5080 Rowenta DW5280
Product Dimensions(inches) 11 x 5 x 6 11.81 x 5.51 x 5.91
Weight(lbs.) 3.4 3.22
Wattage 1700 1725
Water tank(oz.) 10 11
Steam output (g/min) 35 35
Cord length(ft.) 8 8
Color Taupe White
Microsteam holes 400 400
Auto Shut Off Yes Yes
Soleplate Stainless steel Stainless steel
Self-Clean System Yes Yes
Steam shot (g/min) 100 135
Anti-drip Yes Yes
Burst of Steam Yes Yes
Anti-Calcium System Yes Yes
Vertical Steaming Yes Yes
Country of origin Germany Germany
Warranty period One Year One Year


                                                        Rowenta DW5080 

Although DW5080 and DW5280 are different models, they have some similarities. Knowing those aspects may assist you in making a wise buying decision. 

These two models come with stainless steel soleplate that lasts longer and has improved glide. You may know that more steam holes mean more powerful steaming features. Therefore, Rowenta has introduced 400 microholes in both models. 

Like other renowned brands, both models are designed with modern anti-calcium features. It’ll improve the durability of your favorite steam irons. Most importantly, you can use tap water for filling the reservoir without any difficulty. However, if the hardness of water is very high, use mixtures of tap water and distilled water.

                                                                  Rowenta DW5280

Many of you are concerned with security issues. For those users, both models have added 3-way auto shut-off features. As a result, both will turn themselves off automatically if you keep them more than 8 minutes in vertical position and 30 seconds in horizontal positions. 

Both models were designed with vertical steaming, making these irons more user-friendly. This feature will make ironing pleasant while you’re in hurry. Just keep them on hangers and polish delicate and oversized fabrics such as curtains, beds, suits, and drapes. In addition, 5080 and 5280 both have 8 ft. longer power cords.

Precision tip is an awesome feature of modern irons. Because of it, accessing hard-to-reach areas becomes easier for steam irons. That’s why it’s not surprising that both irons have enhanced precision tips.

In addition, both irons have anti-drip, self-clean, and steam burst features. Most importantly, they are manufactured in Germany and backed by one year warranty period.


Rowenta DW 5080 VS DW 5280: Power

Rowenta DW 5080

It comes with 1700 watts of power. The more power the iron has, the more heat it can produce. High wattage of power allows iron to heat up quickly.

Rowenta DW 5280

5280 comes with 1725 wattage of power. Though 1725W isn’t extremely high power, it’s higher than the average power range. Finally, this model won’t make you disappointed. 

Our suggestion

Rowenta DW 5280! High wattage of power improves the ironing performance. As DW5280 has more power than DW 5080, we’ll keep 5280 ahead of 5080 by a slight margin

Rowenta DW 5080 VS DW 5280: Steam Shot

Rowenta DW 5080

Its powerful steam can deliver 100g/min steam shot on demand. With this much steam, this iron can smooth any tough wrinkle. 

Rowenta DW5280

DW 5280 is more powerful than DW5080, considering the steam burst. This model can produce 135g/min of steam burst.

Our suggestion

Rowenta DW5280! It’s vital how much steam you get while ironing. Remember, extra steam will help you to get fast ironing. So, choose DW5280.

Rowenta DW 5080 VS DW 5280: Water Tank

Rowenta DW5080

5080 has a water tank that can hold 10 oz. of water. Such a tank may save you from the harassment of frequent refilling. 

Rowenta DW5280

This model has an extra-large water tank with a capacity of 11 oz. it is tap-water friendly and can be refilled easily.

Our suggestion

Here, our decision is 5280 as before. 

 Rowenta DW 5080 VS DW 5280: Pros & Cons

Rowenta DW5080 Rowenta DW5280

1. Ironing garments with this iron is fun and quick.

2. This iron can rectify any wrinkles within minutes to present you with nicely polished items.

3. Its power cord is large and robust at the same time.

4. Soleplate contains an amazing number of steam holes.

5. All the control buttons work fine and last longer.


1.      Price is relatively high.

2.      Its soleplate isn’t of high quality.

3.      Filling the water tank is not easy.


1. A premium quality iron manufactured in Germany.

2. Water tank can contain a generous amount of water.

3. It isn’t an expensive iron.

4. Regulating steam feature for different fabrics is not difficult at all.

5. It can generate powerful steam enough to polish the toughest wrinkles.



1. Checking the water level is not easy as the reservoir is not transparent.

2. Auto shut off feature of this iron can be troublesome for some users, especially quilters.

3. A little bit heavy.

Final verdict

a man is tensed in taking a decision
Always take a wise decision in purchasing a iron.

From the above discussion, it may be clear to you that Rowenta DW5280 performs better compared to-DW5080. That’s why we suggest you invest your money in 5280. This iron is more powerful and has a larger water tank. As a user, you may love it. Moreover, it isn’t that heavy, making it ideal for both left-handed and right-handed users.

If you love steaming garments, choose 5280 without any hesitation. Its 135 g/min steam burst is enough for literally any garment. Most importantly, ironing with an 11 oz. water tank is just a breeze.

So, what do you think? We suggest you buy 5280 and give it a try.  




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