Rowenta DW2459 Iron Reviews[A Must Buy!]

Rowenta is not just a brand. Instead, it’s a place of trust and confidence of numerous users. It has more than 110 years of experience in ironing industry. One of its unique model is “Rowenta DW2459” steam iron. Low price but high performance, this model can offer everything that you need.

In this article, I’m going to discuss the overview, specifications, pros, and cons of this particular model.

Rowenta DW2459 Steam Iron: A General Overview

According to the manufacturer, DW2459 is the perfect choice for all fabrics. Its robust 180 gm/min steam and convenient design make ironing easier.

It has a stainless steel soleplate with 350 steam holes on the edge that lets you remove wrinkles faster than ever. The retractable cord is convenient, time-saving, and safer to use.

Most importantly, 2459 has a powerful vertical steaming feature. So, you don’t need to buy an ironing board for smoothing extra-large garments. Moreover, you may feel comfortable in using it because of its softer and improved handle. Lastly, this model works perfectly with tap water.

So, if you are looking for a model that has awesome features, it may be the best buy for you.


Stainless steel soleplate

DW2459 has the most efficient stainless steel soleplate that glides over fabrics smoothly. Its precision tip can easily process hard-to-reach areas of your dresses.

Most importantly, it works almost the same on both delicate and hard fabrics. It never put scorch marks on my clothes. That’s why I’m totally satisfied with its performance.

High power

The higher the power, the quicker and powerful the ironing. In order to make ironing faster, it uses a massive 1725 Watts of power.

Therefore, you don’t need to wait a bit for ironing after turning this iron on. It heats up quickly in less than a minute. So, you can remove all stubborn creases from garments in a few minutes.

Powerful Steam

Smoothing fabrics with steam is favorite to all as it never hurts the fibers. Luckily, this model generates 180 gm steam per minute, which is enough for almost all. The stainless steel soleplate has 350 steam holes around the board to ensure the perfect steam distribution.

I utilized steam of this iron on my wool and polyester shirts. Frankly speaking, the final result is just awesome. However, not as great as Rowenta DW7180, which has 400 steam holes.

Retractable Cord Reel

In most cases, cords of an iron may bother you a lot especially if you live in a studio apartment. With this cool retractable cord reel, managing iron is flexible.

Because of this feature, the cord will be out of the reach of children. If you consider your family’s safety, it will be the best option for you.

 Thermostat knob

 This model comes with a thermostat knob to let you set the ideal steam settings for different fabrics. In most cases, it gives accurate results.

By the way, this three settings knob protects your garments and allows you to utilize the right temperature and steam for your fabric.

This knob seemed perfect to me. I didn’t face any difficulty in using it for wide range of fabrics.

Water Tank

 This steam iron has an 8.5 oz. easy refilling water tank with a translucent lid. One of its sisters, Rowenta DW7180 is very difficult to fill with water.

However, the tank size isn’t sufficient. At lower prices under $40, you can get Beautural iron with 11.5 oz. of water tank.

Powerful vertical steam

This iron is also designed with a Vertical streaming feature that allows you to stream on hanging garments. Its 180g/m steam shot can easily remove stubborn wrinkles.

I always utilize this feature as it suits me more. I don’t want to use my over the door ironing board as it is time consuming. Instead, I vertical steam my garments while they are on hangers.

Comfortable Handle

Rowenta always gives priority to every users. That’s why 2459 has an ergonomic handle that is easy to handle even by arthritis patent.

This feature makes the ironing more enjoyable, and you won’t be tired.

Anti-Calcium System

Calcium build up in irons is a common problem in the US. It’s almost 85% area contains hard water. Frequent uses of hard water can block steam vents and cause severe damage to iron down the road.

Therefore, Rowenta 2459 model has devised anti-calcium system. It increases the lifetime of iron by collecting minerals. You never notice clogged vents in your iron because of this system.

Anti-drip System

Some irons may drip at lower temperature. It may compromise safety of your family members.

Luckily, this iron has a strong anti-drip system. I’ve to say that this feature works perfectly. I haven’t faced dripping problem at all even at lower temperature.

Safety Auto-Off system

Just like other models of Rowenta, 2459 has a 3-way Auto-off system. If you put the iron on soleplate and forget to turn it off, never worries. It will turn off automatically after 8 minutes.

To improve your safety, it will also turn off when you keep iron for 30 seconds on its side or face down.

Works better with tap water

It works great with regular tap water. You don’t need to use distilled water. So, fill the tank from your kitchen sink or from bathroom.


  • Dimension: 13.98 x 6.85 x 5.94 inches
  • Weight: 3.78 lbs.
  • Steam holes: 350
  • Water Tank: 8.5 oz.
  • Power: 1725 Watts
  • Anti-Calcium System: Yes
  • Ant-drip System: Yes
  • Auto-Off System: Yes
  • Retractable cord: Yes
  • Steam Holes: more than 350
  • Use of tap water: Yes
  • Stainless steel soleplate: Yes

Comparison Table

Feature Rowenta DW2459 Rowenta DW5080 Beautural 1800 W
Wattage(Watts) 1725   1700 1800
Weight                       3.78 3.4 3.18
Soleplate Stainless steel Stainless steel Ceramic
Steam hole 350      400 77
Water tank(Oz.) 8.5       10 11.5
Scale collector Yes      Yes      Yes     
Auto-off Yes      Yes      Yes     
Anti-calcium Yes      Yes      Yes     
Tap water Allowed Allowed Allowed
LCD display No No Yes


  • Its heavy stainless steel soleplate runs smoothly over fabrics.
  • Powerful steam output works great on any kind of wrinkles.
  • It’s lightweight and heats up quickly.
  • Retractable cord make storage easier.
  • Steam holes ensure even distribution of steam.
  • Calcium collector works great to prevent steam holes clogging.
  • Easy and comfortable to use.
  • Size and weight is well-balanced.
  • Works fine with tap water and never put scorch marks on garments.
  • Narrow tip can polish hard-to-reach areas perfectly.
  • Lasts longer and probably the best iron in this price range.
  • Perfect for quilting and pressing.
  • Temperature settings are almost flawless.


  • Quite heavier
  • Tank size is comparatively small.
  • It’s very long and may not fit perfectly in small closets.


  • Never use distilled water. You can use regular water up to 12 grains of hardness. If water is harder than 12 grains, please mix half tap water with half distilled water. You know that distilled water reduces water hardness.
  • Never put harmful chemicals in the reservoir as those may cause permanent damage to iron.
  • Rowenta recommends trying steam function for the first time on an old towel or clothes to avoid damaging clothes.
  • Always check whether the water contains iron and organic matters or not. These minerals can collect inside the iron and eventually appears in brown stains. In this situation, I recommend you use bottled spring water.


Iron not heating

You may have an experience that your steam iron is not heating. When you face this problem, you must first confirm that the power connection and switched are turned on. Then check if the thermostat is set correctly.

Most of the Rowenta irons have automatic shut-off features. This feature turns off the iron if you keep your iron for a certain period. If it is happened then shake the iron slightly. It may turn on again.

If you still face this problem, then seek the warranty service of Rowenta.

Lack of Steam

Rowenta DW2459 can produce a lot of steam. But sometimes, all iron brand users face that their iron can’t produce steam or throw steam in a minimal amount.

In such case, check the water reservoir. You may forget to fill the water tank. Stem irons uses the water to produce steam. So, an empty tank doesn’t produce steam.

If water reservoir is full, check whether steam vents are clogged or not. If steam valves are clogged, utilize the self-clean feature.

The iron leaks

Most of the Rowenta iron has anti-drip systems which prevent leaking water from the soleplate. Despite this feature, the Water leaking problem is a common headache for most iron users. To solve this problem-

Don’t overflow the reservoir. If you overflow the water tank, it will leak. This trick is applicable to all iron brands.

Never use 100% distilled water in 2459. It will make leakage water while ironing, as I mentioned above. For other brands, please read the manual before using distilled water in the iron.

Safety instructions 

  • Don’t emerge your iron in any liquid.
  • Don’t fill or empty the water tank while connected to the electric line.
  • If you have children at home, don’t leave the iron unattended while it is connected.
  • Avoid using the iron with a damaged cord. If need, please consult with an electrician.
  • Don’t touch the soleplate when it is hot. It may burn your hand.
  • Be careful when you spray the steam. Keep away your hands a secured distance while vertical steaming.
  • Please don’t use your iron on the same circuit while other high-wattage appliances are connected to this because it may overload for that.

Where to find Rowenta DW2459?

DW 2459 is one of the most popular irons in the US. So, you may find it in most online and offline stores.

However, I suggest you to buy it from Amazon, which is a trusted market for many users. To check its price on Amazon, click here.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the warranty of Rowenta DW2459?

Like other models of Rowenta, this model comes with a warranty period of one year. For more information, read warranty information.

If you use this iron sensibly, it may last longer. Always utilize self-clean function according to the manual. You may use Rowenta soleplate cleaning kit for keeping the soleplate and steam holes clean.

For better understanding of its functions, read instruction manual first.

Does Rowenta DW2459 have auto-off?

Yeah, it has. This feature works great. It turns off automatically after 30 seconds if you left this iron on its soleplate and after 8 minutes on its heel.

So, you need not worry about the safety of your home and family members.

Is Rowenta DW2459 made in China?

Yeah, it is manufactured in China.

How to take out the calcium collector of Rowenta DW2459?

Calcium collector of this iron is located on the back side. Just open and clean it with tap water.

Calcium buildup may cause problem to your iron. That’s why clean it regularly.

Last few words

Rowenta DW2459 offers many useful and amazing features for its customers. Its soleplate and steam feature works better on all of your garments. So, it doesn’t matter which fabric you prefer. It’s better for all situations.

Therefore, you can buy it without any hesitation. I can assure that you won’t regret. Moreover, many users at Amazon claims that this iron lasts longer. So, it may be the best purchase for you.

To check its price, click here.

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