How To Remove Oil Stain From Wool Sweater [Detailed!]

Wool sweaters are always comfortable to wear during snowy days. However, treating oil stains from woolen items can be challenging. That’s why it would be better to take professional cleaning services for your expensive wool items.

If you want to clean a sweater on your own, follow the method mentioned in this article.

Remove oil stain from wool sweater 


  • Cornstarch
  • Old toothbrush
  • Dish soap
  • Cold water
  • Piece of paper
  • Pencil or pen
  • Towel


Step 1

Start the process by covering stain areas with cornstarch. Now, wait for around 30 minutes and brush off the cornstarch using an old toothbrush. You may have to repeat the process two or three times, depending on the size of stain spots.

If oil stains are simple, cornstarch alone can remove them. However, go to the next step if stain marks are stubborn.

Step 2

Now, place your woolen garments on a piece of paper. Choose a paper that is larger than the item. Now, take a pencil or pen to sketch the outline of your sweater. 

Remember, wool can shrink when you soak it in water. Use this template to stretch the fabric back to its original position in such situations.

Step 3                                             

Fill the nearby sink with cold water. Then, add enough water to submerge your dress entirely in the water. 

Step 4

Add a few drops of liquid dish soap to water. Now, wave your hands through water to properly mix dish soap with water. Although, never create bubbles by agitating water too much.

Step 5

Now, put your dress in water and gently swish it around. Don’t wring or twist as it may shrink or ruin the fiber.

Step 6

Leave the item in water for two to three minutes. After pulling it out, get rid of the excess water using your hands. However, don’t put too much pressure on it. 

Step 7

Drain the dirty water from sink and fill it again with fresh water. Now, rinse the cloth with fresh water to remove the soap. Keep doing it until all the soap is gone.

Step 8

Remove water from sweater by rolling it up in a large towel. Lay your cloth flat on one end of towel and start rolling towards the other end. This towel will help you in removing the excess water. 

Step 9

When the sweater becomes damp, place it on paper and see whether it is shrunk. Now, stretch the woolen cloth back to its original position by tucking it on the sleeve’s hem and sides. 

Step 10

Lastly, air dry clothes in the open air.


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