Pursteam 1700W Professional Grade Steam Iron Reviews

Aren’t you pleased with your existing steam iron? If your answer is yes, this professional grade iron might be the best option for you!

You can hardly find anything great like Pursteam 1700W Professional Grade iron in the market at such a low budget. It can offer you crisp and wrinkle-free clothes to satisfy you. Moreover, it’s the best option for dressmakers.

So, are you interested to know more? If so, please read the whole article as I’ll cover every aspect of this iron.

Pursteam 1700W Steam Iron: General review

According to the manufacturer, Pursteam 1700W comes with a long-lasting stainless steel soleplate. This soleplate has evenly distributed steam holes to elevate your ironing experience. With this iron, you won’t experience any nightmare in ironing garments.

It has multiple temperatures and steam settings to retain smoothness of your dresses. So, you don’t have to worry about putting scorch marks on your clothes. Just choose the correct fabric and heat settings and start polishing. 

Sometimes you may have to spend too much time ironing clothes. Luckily, this iron heats up quickly to reduce the regular ironing time. This energy-saving iron uses less energy to operate. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about electricity bills anymore.

Apart from that, it has some additional features like Anti-drip, Anti-calcium, Auto shut-off, large cord, spray steaming, and self-cleaning. Moreover, all irons are tested intensively before coming to your doorsteps.

Lastly, it is designed for all users-sewers, crafters, and quilters. So, you can choose Pursteam to let your garments look fresh and fashionable.


Ultra-press stainless steel soleplate

This model is designed with flimsy chromium finish stainless steel soleplate. This chromium coating makes soleplate scratch-resistant and durable.

It offers the best smoothing performance on any fabric. As a result, this iron is the best for any decorative work like quilting, sewing, and crafting. So, getting professional level of laundry at home isn’t difficult anymore.

High wattage of power

Even though the price isn’t too high, it has high power to fulfill customer’s requirements. Basically, it comes with 1700W of power.

You know that higher wattage will benefit you in numerous ways. Powerful heat provides the ultimate gliding performance over any fabric. So, you can easily smooth sensitive areas of your favorite dresses more quickly. On the other hand, energy consumption will be less because of the shortened ironing times.

When this iron is heating up, a red light on the body blinks. The red light turns green after achieving the desired temperature, and you’re ready to polish garments.

This function seems convenient to me. I hope that you will enjoy this feature too.

Useful Steam feature

The steam feature of this iron is a super useful tool that works pretty much as a dedicated handheld  steamer.

It has three steam settings; off, low, and high steam. “Off” mode wouldn’t produce steam. This setting allows you to iron without generating any steam. The “low” steam mode produces a minimal amount of steam that meets the typical amount of steam requirements.

In contrast, “high” mode creates plenty of steam that penetrates easily in fabrics. Moreover, it has a “Blast of steam button”. It lets steam comes out more forcefully that can wet garments within minutes.


Pursteam 1700W weighs only 2.2 pounds. It’s perfect for smoothing fabrics. You can easily use it for longer durations without feeling any discomfort.

Like Maytag M400 and Sunbeam steam master, most irons in this price range weigh more than Professional Grade. So, it can be a wonderful advantage of this iron.

Handy spray function

You will find a spray button on the front side of the body. A big but easy to operate lever-button is used to run it.

It can deliver a standard amount of steam without dripping water. So, ironing and removing creases from dresses will be faster.

Axially aligned steam holes

This professional grade iron is equipped with axial steam holes that help to provide spray steam properly over clothes. Most importantly, the size, placement, and alignment of steam holes are just perfect.

Therefore, these holes provide the highest amount of steam during use. However, it doesn’t hamper the even distribution of soleplate heat.

Auto shut-off features

This iron comes with auto shut-off features also. This auto shut-off feature is very handy because it will turn off if you keep your iron motionless for 8 minutes vertically or 30 seconds in horizontal position. Even if it is tipped over, it’ll shut off after just 30 seconds.

The auto-off feature works smoothly. I haven’t faced any problems during use. It has a motion sensor that automatically shuts off, creating a minor sound.

Temperature dial

Pursteam has a handy temperature dial. You can effortlessly select the appropriate steam and temperature according to garments type using this dial. It uses a thermostat to control temperature perfectly.

By the way, what is a thermostat? Thermostat is an integral part of steam irons allowing you to regulate temperatures effectively.

Therefore, you can polish and remove creases from polyester, linen, wool, cotton, and silk dresses.

However, this dial is large and hard to read. You may face difficulty in rotating it as you need to use both hands.

100% Pretested

Pursteam always puts more emphasis on customer convenience. Therefore, it ensures every iron is tested before arriving at customers end.

If you want to buy a new iron, try this. By the way, it’s better than many renowned brands. I have to confess that it performed better than my first Rowenta iron.

Rapid even heat technology

Unlike other irons, this iron comes with rapid even heat technology. That means it heats up quickly and throws heat towards your clothes evenly.

Ergonomic handle

This iron comes with ergonomic control, which is very much handy. Moreover, such a comfortable handle can minimize the excessive pressure and strain of your hands. So, it may save you from hand-related injuries.

You can easily operate this iron if you have a carpal tunnel problem or any other arthritis problems in your hands.

Vertical steam

It has added all the useful features that can meet up the consumers’ demand. You know vertical steaming is the smartest and easiest way to get wrinkle-free and super crisp clothes. Interestingly, vertical steaming of this iron is outstanding.

Ironing can be a tiring chore if you have to iron continuously on an ironing board. But, it allows you to treat garments while they are on hangers.

Caution: keep your iron at least 10 to 12 centimeters away from clothes while steaming. Otherwise, smoothness may be compromised.

Large water tank

This iron can hold a decent amount of water compared to other irons. It holds a generous 14 oz. of water, which is greater than some expensive irons like Rowenta DW2459.

Many irons are needed to fill the tank frequently while ironing. However, it will allow you to iron a pile of clothes without refilling the tank.

Repeatedly refilling the water tank is annoying and bothersome. Its extra-large water tank will relieve you from this problem. However, the tank isn’t transparent. So, measuring the level of water inside tank can be problematic.

Caution: never use pure distilled water because it will ruin the lifespan of your iron.

Anti-Calcium & self-cleaning feature

Ironing in hard water areas can be troublesome. But, it’s Anti-Calc and self-cleaning features protect iron from calcium, mineral, or dust build-up. Resultantly, these features increase the lifetime of the iron.

Important: To use the self-clean function, set the knob in the optimal position, allowing steam and water to clean minerals and dust from the soleplate.

Anti-drip feature

Though it’s not too pricy iron, it has all the sophisticated functions like expensive iron. Its anti-drip features fascinated me. I haven’t seen any dripping from soleplate during use.

Read the instructions written in the manual carefully. If not, this feature may not work properly.

Longer cord

Like Maytag M400 and Black+ Decker D2030 irons, it has an 8 feet extra-long cord. However, from my point of view, this length isn’t sufficient. So, you may face difficulty when using it.

But, remember that it is a low-budget iron. So, you shouldn’t expect too many features from it.


  • Product name: Professional Grade 1700W Pursteam Iron
  • Package dimension: 13.03 x 7.13 x 5.47 inches
  • Soleplate: Stainless steel
  • Country origin: China
  • Item weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Water Tank Capacity: 14 oz.
  • Cord length: 8 Feet
  • Anti-drip: yes
  • Ant-calc: Yes
  • Auto Shut-off: yes

Things I Prefer

  • Vertical steaming is robust and can remove wrinkles fast.
  • Settings are suitable for anyone.
  • It is lightweight and lasts longer.
  • Soleplate is smooth and glides over garments without any trouble.
  • It is an amazing value for the price.
  • Steam output is great and enough for any fabric.
  • Water reservoir can hold a massive amount of water.
  • It is pretested to ensure better performance at the user’s end.
  • It heats up pretty fast.
  • Safety features work accurately.
  • It doesn’t drip water.
  • Great for sewing and quilting works.

Things I don’t prefer

  • The temperature control knob’s position is under the handle. Therefore, it’s pretty hard to adjust.
  • When you fill the large water tank, iron will be a little heavier.
  • Precision tip isn’t perfectly pointy.

Live Customer Support for Pursteam Iron

Do you have any issues with your iron? Never worry. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the live customer care center of the manufacturer. They provide the best service to make you 100% satisfied.

If you face severe problems with your copy, they’ll provide a new one without any charge. 

Where to Find Pursteam Iron?

This iron is one of the most popular irons in the US. So, you may find it at all online and offline stores.

If you want my suggestion, I request you to buy it from Amazon, a tremendously popular marketplace across the globe.

To check its price at Amazon, click here.

Comparison table

Feature Pursteam 1700W Professional Grade Maytag M400 Sunbeam steam master Black & Decker D3030
Dimension(inches) 13.03 x 7.13 x 5.47 11.25 x 4.5 x 5.5 14 x 6.2 x 6.3 4.28 x 5.69 x 11.68
Wattage 1700 1500 1400 1600
Cord length(ft.) 8 8 8 8
Weight(lbs.) 2.2 3.3 2.95 1.89
Water tank(oz.) 14 8 8 13.5
Auto-off Yes Yes Yes Yes
Uses tap water Yes Yes Yes Yes
Scale collector Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-calcium Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self-cleaning Yes Yes Yes Yes
LED display No No No No

Instructions for Using Pursteam Iron

Since it’s an electrical appliance, you should be careful during use. A little carelessness can bring terrible danger to your life and family members. I recommend you to follow three types of instructions. These are-

  • Instructions before ironing
  • Instructions when you use iron
  • Instructions after ironing

To better understand, just read the instruction manual that comes with the packaging box of this iron. Also, never forget to regularly clean and utilize the self-clean feature. Regular maintenance increases the lifespan of your iron.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pursteam 1700w Professional Grade Steam Iron save energy?

Pursteam iron comes with high wattage of power, chromium finish soleplate, large water tank, and many other handy features.

With these features, Pursteam iron can heat up quickly and glide smoothly within a very short time. Thus,  it saves 50% of your time and also saves money by consuming less electricity.

Where is Pursteam 1700w Professional Grade Steam Iron made?

The packing box mentioned that “USA Quality” and “Design and Engineered in Germany.” However, this product isn’t manufactured in the US. Instead, it’s from China.

Never forget this issue before buying this product.

Can Pursteam 1700W professional grade can be stored with water still in the tank?

No, it would help if you didn’t do so. After use, keep the water tank empty. For more information, read the instructional manual.

Can you use Pursteam 1700W professional grade on wool?

This iron has multiple temperatures and steam settings that work great on any fabric. So, you can use it to iron wool.

Before doing it, set the temperature dial to wool and start ironing or steaming garments. To do it, read the manual first. In the manual, you can find the complete guide for ironing all fabrics.

Last Few Words

After reading the whole article, it may be clear that Pursteam 1700W is a great iron to satisfy both professional and home needs. So, you can give this iron a try. Luckily, it is a low-priced iron.

If you want to check its price on Amazon again, please click here.

Bye for today!

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