Panasonic Cordless Iron NI-QL1000G Review[For Quilters!]

Do you love to complete craft projects? Then, you’ve to purchase a perfect iron for yourself. Otherwise, handling such work will be tough.

To accomplish such projects, you need a cordless iron. Panasonic NI-QL1000G can be the best choice for you.

To know more about this iron, read this article. This article will cover the specifications, features, cons, and pros of this iron.

So, let’s start.

General overview

According to manufacturer, this Panasonic cordless is enough to satisfy the needs of every user. If you’re a quilter, ironer, or sewist, purchase this iron without any fear. 

As this iron is cordless, convenience and freedom provided by NI-QL1000G will stun you. This stainless steel soleplate is designed with extreme smoothness and exquisite design. As a result, it’ll glide over fabrics without facing any difficulty.

This iron has the perfect precision tip to handle sensitive seams, collars, plackets, and cuffs. In addition, it has a powerful anti-calcium system that saves your garments from brown streaks.

If you’ve got this iron, don’t buy a garment steamer. Instead, use this iron to polish curtains, drapes, and your regular garments. Most importantly, when you’re on the go, place iron in its heat-proof carrying case and meet with your team members or friends.


1500W power

This Panasonic is backed by 1500 watts of power. This power may seem inappropriate to you. However, it heats up just after turning iron on and stays hot for longer. As a result, polishing wrinkles and tough spots is easier for it.

When my wife quilt with this iron, I observe that this iron heats up faster than Pursteam 1700W. However, this timing is a little lower than that of Rowenta DW9280.

More freedom

In most cases, cord length of iron can’t impress most users. That’s why everyone wishes their iron would be cordless. Resultantly, you can steam or iron in any place.

Non-stick soleplate

This Panasonic cordless comes with a stainless steel soleplate, which is curved and extra-smooth. As a result, de-wrinkling seams, cuffs, and collars will be more accessible than ever. Most importantly, sewists and quilters may use this iron to satisfy their needs. 

By the way, my wife loves to quilt a lot. Frankly speaking, this Panasonic is her favorite iron because of its smooth finishing.  

Powerful steaming

If you look at its soleplate, notice that steam vents are placed around the border of soleplate. Because of such position, steaming will be even. 

Hence, apply steam and spray mist on your garments whenever you want. Moreover, you can vertical steam your items too with it. 

In addition, it doesn’t wet your dresses, thanks to its anti-drip system.

Heat settings

You may notice temperature settings on the handle. It has three different heat settings that cover all fabric types.

This setting doesn’t seem perfect to me. I didn’t face any difficulty polishing both silk and denim. However, if heat setting is detailed, users may enjoy more freedom.

Lightweight iron

This iron weighs only one pound, which is more than excellent. So, if you’re a shorthanded person or have arthritis, don’t worry. This iron is just a goldmine for you.

Water reservoir

Unlike most irons, its water tank is detachable, having a capacity of 5.4 ounces. When filling the reservoir, don’t take the whole iron to kitchen sink. Instead, just take the reservoir alone and fill it with tap water. 

Awesome stain remover

This iron takes the best care of your delicate items. Therefore, utilize this iron to keep clothes crisp and stain-free.

Eradicating stains from dresses is a big deal. Most of you face difficulty in such situations. So, use this iron and don’t pay visits to professional dry cleaners, which are a little bit costly.

Heating base

During ironing, you can accidentally put iron on garments and burn them. So, stay cautious all the time. 

Most irons, except Eurosteam Iron Steamer, can put scorch marks if you keep them on your clothes for too long. But, this Panasonic cordless iron is an exception in this case. It comes with a stable base to place your iron while ironing. 

This base assists iron in heating up properly. I found this feature pretty helpful. After ironing, you can rest your iron on this platform too. You don’t have to wait for it to cool down.

Manufacturer always suggests keeping iron on a stable surface to improve its lifespan. Therefore, store iron on this base and save its life. Moreover, it comes with a retractable cord system.

Lastly, hot soleplate can injure you at any time. As you keep hot iron on the base, you’re safe from hot iron burns. So, if you have kids, choose it as it’s a safer option.

Spray nozzle

Ironing dry garments is a time-consuming process. That’s why this steam iron has a built-in spray nozzle button in front of its body. When needed, press it and moist your dress.

Auto shut off

It has an auto shut off feature too. If you keep it idle for 30 minutes, iron will shut off automatically. 

Anti-calc system

This iron has anti-calc system too. Because of this system, iron can collect calcium to keep your clothes safe. 


  • Dimension of product: 7.13 × 11.5 × 8.95 inches
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Soleplate: stainless steel
  • Steam vents: 30
  • Detachable water tank: Yes
  • Heating base: Yes
  • Anti-calc: Yes
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Auto shutoff: Yes

The good

  • A lightweight iron that is comfortable to operate.
  • Its steam shots are great.
  • Heats up properly under one minute.
  • Retractable cord works without any difficulty.
  • The best purchase for quilters, sewist, and craft lovers.
  • Its shape allows you to polish tiny and sensitive corners.
  • Storing and carrying this iron is super easy.
  • This iron looks fabulous.

The ugly

  • It has three different temperature settings.
  • Comes with 1500 watts of power.

Where to buy Panasonic Cordless Steam Iron?

You can buy this iron from various sources. You can find it nearby Panasonic stores or superstores. However, I suggest you buy it from Amazon, a trustworthy marketplace. 

Moreover, it can save you money with free delivery and a gift card facility. So, if you’re interested, check its price at Amazon. To do this, click here.

Last few words

Not all irons can satisfy the needs of quilters or sewists. They prefer lightweight and curved iron to polish corners perfectly. This Panasonic can fulfill the needs of these professionals.

Its cordless feature lets you enjoy freedom while ironing. You don’t have to bore yourself with tangled power cord. Most importantly, it’s one pound makes it easier to carry and operate.

So, if you love to quilt or sew a lot, purchase this iron. Buying this iron is an investment for you. To recheck its price, click here.


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