Troubleshooting Tefal steam iron[Detailed!]

steam iron with some clothes

No matter how famous the brand is, everyone has to deal with some problems in his steam iron. Tefal is the most famous and trusted brand in the home appliance industry.  However, a lack of knowledge about Tefal may prolong your ironing sessions. Therefore, you should know the proper troubleshooting guide to make ironing easier.  … Read more

13 Best Rowenta Steam Iron Reviews

an iron on an ironing board

For ironers and quilters, Rowenta steam iron is a favourite name. However, choosing the best one is tricky. That’s why we’ve tested 13 different Rowenta irons and suggested the best one for you. We’ve considered steaming power, water tank size, weight, soleplate design, and steam vents into account before making a decision. Our choice According … Read more

How To Clean Eurosteam Iron

iron on an ironing table.

Eurosteam iron is the best choice for intelligent people. These irons are designed with modern technology. Therefore, it never harms your fabric if you accidentally leave it on items. However, you must clean Eurosteam once in a while. So, how to do the cleaning process? To know more, read this article. Cleaning Eurosteam Iron Cleaning … Read more

How To Fill a Black and Decker Iron With Water

a man is ironing with Black & Decker iron

Black & Decker iron is a favourite name to most users. You can use it for dry or steam ironing your items. It takes great care of your clothes, including both delicates and synthetics. Therefore, it’s urgent to know how to use this iron. In this article, I’ll teach you how to fill the water … Read more

Does Baking Soda Remove Grease Stain From Clothes?

grease stain on cloth

Grease stains on your work outfits can scare anyone. But, there’s many easy fixes to this tough stain. You may need to use shampoo, baking soda, vinegar, and dish soap to remove it from clothes. But, does baking soda alone can fight it? Does baking soda remove grease stain from clothes? Baking soda can’t alone fight … Read more

How to Clean a Hamilton Beach Iron

a man is using Hamilton Beach iron

Hamilton Beach is a popular name to every user, especially quilters or sewist. People prefer to use it for improved design and stunning polishing performance. You can use it for both horizontal and vertical steaming garments. If you want better service from this iron, you’ve to clean it regularly. A clogged iron can’t fulfil your … Read more

My Sunbeam Steam Iron Is Not Steaming[Solved!]

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Sunbeam steam iron is notable for its great steaming. With such powerful steam, de-wrinkling garments is super easy. For example, Sunbeam Steammaster iron can produce 21 g/min of variable steam.  However, sometimes you may face problems in steaming. But, how to solve this problem? To learn about this issue, read this article. Troubleshooting steaming of … Read more

Does Ammonia Damage Clothes?

ammonia bottle with towels.

Finding a versatile cleaning agent is difficult. Ammonia is such a product with numerous benefits. It can soften items, beat tougher stains, and delete greasy marks. But, does ammonia damage clothes? Does ammonia damage clothes? Like vinegar, ammonia can fight against grease and oil stains. However, be careful while using ammonia for laundry. When you mix … Read more

Panasonic Cordless Iron NI-QL1000G Review[For Quilters!]

a man is ironing with Black & Decker iron

Do you love to complete craft projects? Then, you’ve to purchase a perfect iron for yourself. Otherwise, handling such work will be tough. To accomplish such projects, you need a cordless iron. Panasonic NI-QL1000G can be the best choice for you. To know more about this iron, read this article. This article will cover the … Read more

Does Gasoline Damage Clothes?[Analyzed!]


Sometimes you may accidentally spill gasoline on your dress. In our modern society, such incidents may happen to anyone. Dealing with such hazardous and stubborn stain is a matter of tricks and patience. But, does gasoline damage clothes?   Does gasoline damage clothes? Gasoline can stain your items badly. Actually, gasoline stain is the toughest of all … Read more Protection Status