Oliso M2 Pro Mini Project Iron Review [Buying Guide!]

In some situations, you may not feel happy with the size of your iron. Am I right? If the answer is yes, you may look at Oliso M2 Pro Mini Iron. It can be the perfect choice because of its tiny size and lightweight.

A traveler or digital nomad (like me!) can easily place this small appliance in his luggage. Not only that, it is highly efficient, has a convenient soleplate and universal voltage. 

So, does this iron seem interesting to you? Then, read this article to know the features, specifications, pros, and cons of M2 pro mini.  

Oliso M2 Pro Mini: A General Overview

According to the manufacturer, Oliso M2 pro mini steam iron is designed especially for sewing, quilting, traveling, and decorative works. 

This mini iron has Ceramic Soleplate that can glide over the clothes. Its precision tip comfortably processes tough-to-reach spots of fabrics. To ensure safety, Oliso has a Solemate to rest iron safely to prevent scorch and burn marks. 

In addition, its unique Solemate allows you to leave iron on garments without burning them. 

To let your iron during traveling, it has universal voltage with 1000 watts of power. Moreover, with its fabric selector feature, you can easily iron almost any fabric. 

Interestingly, steaming feature of Oliso is easy and quick because of its one-press steam control. 

Lastly, it has an 8-foot long 180-degree pivot cord that letting you iron without making any obstacle. So, no more headache about storing iron and cord anymore. 


Diamond Coated Ceramic soleplate

Diamond-coated ceramic soleplate is suitable for all ironing projects. If you’re a big fan of quilting and crafting, this iron is a must-buy.

This unique soleplate lets you smooth corners and tight spots of garments. So, don’t worry about wrinkle-free clothes anymore. After all, you will get better ironing results like full-size iron.

My wife uses this iron for quilting, and its detailer tip can easily polish small ¼ “seams. Most importantly, the overall finishing is praiseworthy.  


M2 pro mini iron comes with a dual purpose Solemate to make storage and travel simple. 

When you’re going to iron many clothes, you may feel tired after a while. Sometimes, you need to rest the iron. However, such practices may burn your favorite dresses. That’s why this iron serves you with a Solemate to protect clothes from burn and scorch marks.  

High Power 

Because of its tiny size, you shouldn’t expect M2 Pro to have too high power. However, it comes with 1000 watts of power. As a result, it can reach the highest level of temperature in just 45 seconds! Amazing! 

So, this small iron offers you the advantages of a full-sized iron. Most importantly, its small footprint can make room by your sewing machine or in your luggage easily.

Universal voltage

Moreover, it comes with a dual voltage option- 120V and 240V. Utilize 120 V while in the US and 240V when you travel outside of the US. This option makes it ideal for traveling. 

Interestingly, many expensive irons may not have universal voltage features. So, if you’re going to travel very recently, purchase this iron right now. Oh, don’t forget to pick a scissor or screwdriver to change the voltage.

8 feet cord with 180-degree pivot cord

With a regular cord, you may face difficulty in handling it. So, if you live in a rented small space, this 8 foot 180-degree swivel cord may give you some comfort.

However, it’s not that long. So, it will help if you restrict iron to a specific area of your iron. Or, you may use an extension cord to solve this problem.  

Manual Fabric selector

This feature allows you to set the perfect temperature for fabric. It’s located on the handle to access it without any trouble.

This selector has three settings. The first one, low temperature, is for synthetics. The second and third one is medium temperature and high temperature. The medium setting is suitable for wool and silk, while the high is for linen and cotton.

There is a blue light around the dial, and the light will turn solid light when it achieved the desired temperature. 

Steam burst

With this Mini Project Iron, you’ll get steam burst also. Spraying steam over clothes is super easy. Just use one-press steam button located on the side of the iron. When steam is ready, lights on the steam button will be lit up. 

To produce steam perfectly, set the fabric selector to second or third settings. Then, utilize the steam button located on the side of iron. 

However, those who have arthritis or carpal tunnel problem may feel pretty problem operating this button. Moreover, its steam isn’t that powerful compared to regular and high-prized irons like Rowenta DW7180

Water tank

Its tiny water tank can hold almost a quarter cup of water. You can fill this tank with a cup or directly from tap. So, you don’t need to buy any fill cups. 

There is a window on the side to observe the water level. You don’t need to use distilled water or bottled fountain water. Instead, use tap water.

The thing about the water tank that fascinated me is that it doesn’t drip. I enjoy this while ironing. 

Warranty Description

This iron comes with a three years limited warranty from the manufacturer directly. To know more information, visit the manufacturer’s website. 

Unlike most irons, this iron is manufactured in the US. So, you can put your trust easily in it and improve your ironing experience. 

Ergonomic Handle

This little iron comes with a comfortable and ergonomic handle. When you extend your hand on it, you feel like you are working with a computer mouse. Because of that, this iron is comfortable than ever.  

The temperature dial is on the button. All buttons are easy to read and suitable for all ages. 

However, the handle may be a little bit warm, provided that you use it for a longer duration.


  • Dimension (inches): 10 x 5 x 6.5
  • Soleplate: Diamond-coated ceramic soleplate
  • Weight (lbs.): 2.2
  • Auto-Off System: No
  • Swivel Cord: Yes
  • Solemate: Yes
  • Steam Holes: Yes
  • Watts: 1000 Watts
  • Use of tap water: Yes
  • Batteries required: No


  • Because of its compact size, it’s perfect for everyday use.
  • Lightweight and so easy to maneuver around when ironing.
  • Fabric selector works perfectly on fabrics.
  • Perfect for quilting, sewing, and crafting
  • Easy to store in a travel bag.
  • Solemate protects fabrics from burning and scorching and is safe for storage.
  • Heats up pretty quickly.
  • Dual voltage allows you to iron in any country where you travel
  • Produces heat like a full iron.


  • It has no auto shut-off feature.
  • Steaming isn’t that robust.
  • Water tank is small.

Special Instruction for using Oliso M2 Pro

  • Never use tap water that contains over 12 grams of hardness. Hence, mix half tap water with half distilled water or inexpensive bottled spring water.
  • Know which voltage your electric line allows and select the right voltage dial
  • Avoid using more than one high-wattage electric appliance on the same circuit.
  • If you need an extra cord, you should use a 10A cord.
  • Let the iron cool before storing.
  • Never fill the tank while the iron is plugged in.
  • Don’t overflow the water tank.
  • This iron is only for household use.

To know more, read user manual

Safety instructions for Oliso M2 Pro

Safety measures are crucial for you to keep your family members safe and sound. So let’s know about these instructions that will give you safe ironing.

  • Please do not place your iron vertically on its hill while ironing. Hence, Use Solemate to keep the iron.
  • Keep the iron a few inches away from your delicate fabrics. Otherwise, it may damage fabrics.
  • When you stay outside of the USA, you may use an adapter to avoid accidents.
  • Don’t use an iron if it has been damaged. Because it may drip or leak water. Hence, you should better discuss with the serviceperson.
  • Don’t wrap the cord when the soleplate is hot. Let iron cool before wrapping the cord.
  • Grasp plug and pull to disconnect the cord instead of the tugging cord.
  • Do not disassemble the iron because it may cause electric shock. For repairing iron, consult an efficient electrician.
  • Please do not touch the soleplate while it is hot.

Proper usage tips for Oliso M2 Pro

Hand position

Always keep your fingers away from hot soleplate while ironing. Instead, place your fingers on the ergonomic handle. 

Resting iron

To rest iron, please keep the iron on setting one or low temperature. Avoid using low or medium settings in such cases.

By the way, it doesn’t have an auto-off feature. 

Resting the iron on solemate

There are two sides of Solemate, as I mentioned above. “Resting side” and “Storage side” are written on it for ease of understanding. 

Keep your hot iron on the “resting side” and use the “Storage Side” for storage and transportation during ironing.

Troubleshooting for Oliso M2 Pro

When we use iron, we face some problems. But you can solve these problems easily if you know some techniques. So now I will discuss these techniques.

If iron doesn’t heat

If the fabric selector button is set to 0, then the iron will not hit. Therefore, before ironing, check the fabric selector button whether it is set properly or not.

Besides, check the power cord whether it is connected to a power outlet or not. If the power cord is not connected to the power outlet, your iron will be heated. 

If iron produces no steam or little steam

First, check if there is water in the water tank. You can easily check the water level through the side window. If the tank is empty, unplug your iron and let it cool, and pour water to fill it.

You must set the fabric selector dial at two or three settings. Otherwise, it won’t produce enough heat to produce steam. In addition, you must wait until the light becomes solid. 

If you use iron for more than half-hour without using steam, let your iron be unplugged for 5 to 10 minutes to reproduce steam.

Cleaning guidelines for Oliso M2 Pro

Soleplate maintenance

Proper ironing depends mostly on soleplate. So maintenance of soleplate is essential for perfect finishing. So, clean the soleplate regularly. 

To clean it-

  • Let the iron cool.
  • Take a soft and damp towel to clean the soleplate.

However, there are many soleplate cleaning kits in the market. So if you want, you can use them too. 

But, check the manual to find the proper guideline. Remember, abrasive or chemical-based cleaners may damage soleplate.

Cleaning the steam vents

Cleaning these vents is essential for better ironing.

To clean the vents-

  • Set the temperature to the three-dot settings. 
  • Unplug over the power connection and hold it over a sink.
  • Press the steam buttons several times to let water drips out from the soleplate.

Maintenance of Water tank

  • Unplug the iron before filling the water tank. 
  • Never fill the tank up to the maximum level. 

Comparison Table

Features Oliso M2 pro mini Steamfast SF-717 Mini Sunbeam hot-2
Dimension(inches) 10 x 5 x 6.5 5.2 x 3 x 3.1 3.6 x 7.9 x 4
Power (watts) 1000 420 800
Solemate Yes No No
Weight (lbs) 2.2 .96 1.0
Auto-Off No No No
Cord length (ft) 8 7.5 8
Soleplate Diamond-coated Ceramic Non-stick Non-stick
Dual Voltage Yes Yes Yes

Where to buy Oliso M2 Pro?

This iron can be found at most of the online and offline stores in the US. However, I suggest you buy it from Amazon.

To check its latest price at Amazon, click here.

Frequently asked questions

Does Oliso M2 Pro Mini Iron have an auto-off system?

This iron has no auto-off system. Therefore, you should always unplug it after using it. Moreover, never forget to empty the water tank.

In the beginning, you may forget to turn it off. However, always double-check to ensure that you have turned off the iron completely. Remember, this small iron can be pretty hot to cause accidents.

Do I need a case to keep Oliso M2 Pro Mini?

You can use a case to keep this iron. Some online stores sell carrying bags for this bag. To save dimes, you can make a bag on your own. It’s not that difficult. 

However, you can keep this iron in your closet without any case. That’s totally normal. When you travel, please keep it in your hand luggage to ensure more protection. 

Can Oliso M2 Pro Mini work without water?

Oliso can be used as both dry and steam iron. So, if you don’t put water in the tank, it won’t create any problem. However, you can’t get any steam in such situations. Remember, steam can’t be produced without water. 

However, you can use a small water spray bottle to damp clothes to solve this problem. 

Final words on Oliso M2 Pro

This iron can be a true friend of yours if you quilt, sew, or travel a lot. Overall, the performance of Oliso M2 is enough to amaze you. 

This small iron can heat and steam garments without any trouble. So, it is worth purchasing. 

To check its price again at Amazon, click here.

That’s all for today. Goodbye!






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