My Sunbeam Steam Iron Is Not Steaming[Solved!]

Sunbeam steam iron is notable for its great steaming. With such powerful steam, de-wrinkling garments is super easy. For example, Sunbeam Steammaster iron can produce 21 g/min of variable steam. 

However, sometimes you may face problems in steaming. But, how to solve this problem? To learn about this issue, read this article.

Troubleshooting steaming of Sunbeam

You may face problems in steaming for various reasons. These are-

  • Incorrect steam settings.
  • Dirty soleplate
  • Water tank may be empty.


Incorrect steam settings

Incorrect steam settings may lead to problems in steaming. To solve this issue, follow the instructions mentioned below-

  • First, disconnect iron from the power connection.
  • Set the Fabric Select Dial and Steam Leaver to off position.
  • Open the water fill hole and fill the reservoir with appropriate water type.
  • Connect iron to the nearest electrical outlet.
  • Set the Fabric Select Dial to your fabric type.
  • Now, wait for two minutes to let iron heat up.
  • Set the steam leaver to the appropriate steam settings. For better understanding, look at the Ironing Guide in the instruction manual.
  • Lastly, start steaming and make your garments wrinkle-free within minutes.

Dirty soleplate

If you use ironing water or starch regularly, don’t forget to clean the soleplate. After regular use, soleplate can be filthy. If so, steam vents will be clogged and might hamper steaming. 

Therefore, you must take care of dirty soleplate. Use a clean towel and wipe clean the soleplate right away to do it. If dirt is stubborn, use potent cleaning agents like salt. However, never use vinegar, abrasives, or sharp objects. 

Soleplates of Sunbeam have a non-stick coating. When you choose chemicals for cleaning soleplate, these products may ruin the smoothness. Resultantly, you might face problems in future ironing projects. 


  • Keep soleplate clean after every use. 
  • Utilize the self-clean once every month. For self-clean, move the steam leaver back and forth a few times. It’ll remove debris and dirt from iron effectively.

Empty water tank

Sunbeam iron generates steam from water in the reservoir. If tank is empty, it won’t cause any steam. So, to solve steaming problem,

  • Check whether water tank is empty or not.
  • If tank is empty, fill it with water.

These steps will solve the steaming problem of Sunbeam. However, if you still face other issues, contact Sunbeam and take warranty advantage. If the warranty period is expired, bring iron to a repair store and resolve this problem. 

However, if your iron is aged and has other problems, buy a new one. Sunbeam produces user-friendly iron at low prices. So, buying a new one isn’t a grave problem. Moreover, their irons have many helpful features. 

One of the most popular models of Sunbeam is Sunbeam Steammaster. If you want to check its price and features, read this article.


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