Why Is My Rowenta Iron Not Heating Up? [Troubleshooting!]

Rowenta is a well-known name brand in the ironing industry. It manufactured the first iron in 1919 and started using the slogan “Enjoy Technology” in 2014. 

Their irons always come with unique features like high wattage, durable soleplate, auto shut-off, anti-drip, longer power cord, larger water tank, and powerful steam. That’s why Rowenta is probably the most popular and most used brand in the market. 

However, sometimes you face problems with it. For example, after turning it on, soleplate may not heat up. So, what are the reasons behind this problem? 

In this article, I’ll discuss those reasons and provide solutions just for you. I hope you may like it.

So, let’s start!

Reasons Behind Heating problem of Rowenta iron

Deactivate auto shut-off

Steam iron may pose serious threat to the safety of you and your family members. That’s why manufacturers try their best to make steam irons safe. Rowenta iron comes with an auto shut-off feature to solve this problem.

For example, Rowenta DW6080 is one of the most selling items in the US. This iron has three different auto-off features. This option instructs iron to turn off when kept inactively for more than 8 minutes on its heel. Even it’ll turn off after lying idly more than 30 seconds on the soleplate or tipping over on its side.

If auto shut off is activated, Rowenta iron won’t heat up. So, what to do? Simple, shake this iron a little, and it’ll start up again.

Damaged electrical outlet

An electrical outlet on a green wall
Always use a standard outlet for your iron.

While using Rowenta, you must follow safety instructions. To know those instructions, read the instruction manual. For example, Rowenta suggests users connect iron to a standard electrical outlet. Most importantly, you shouldn’t operate another high-wattage device with your iron on the same circuit. 

If outlet is damaged or overloaded, iron won’t heat up properly. Moreover, an interrupted power connection may hamper the lifespan of your iron.

Iron isn’t plugged in 

Sometimes the solution to heating problem is simple. For example, you may start ironing without plugging your iron in. So, check whether power cord is plugged in properly or not. If not, plug it in correctly and select a temperature setting.

However, if you still face heating problem, your iron may be damaged. In such cases, contact the manufacture directly or claim the warranty. Contact a local repair shop or an expert service person if the warranty period is over.

Select a higher temperature

Rowenta can adjust heat and steam for a selected fabric perfectly. To polish a fabric, select temperature setting first. Then, wait a few minutes to let iron becomes hot. As soon as your iron becomes hot, start polishing garments. However, if soleplate is still cold, select a higher temperature setting. Hopefully, it may solve the problem.

By the way, Rowenta iron has three different heat settings on the temperature dial. These settings are marked with one dot (.), two dots (..), three dots (…). 

To understand those settings better, read the instruction manual correctly. Remember, incorrect heat and steam settings may ruin fabrics for good So, be careful!

Buy Rowenta

Buying a Rowenta iron isn’t a wastage of money. Instead, it’s an attractive investment for your near and dear ones. So, spend a handsome amount of money and stay fit.

You may face problems in heating, steaming. But, don’t worry. These problems can be solved easily. To improve the durability of your Rowenta, follow safety rules and read the instruction manual.


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