My Pursteam Iron Won’t Turn Up [Troubleshooting!]

Pursteam is always renowned for its budget-friendly irons. These irons can offer you wrinkle-free and crisp clothes within seconds to ease your day. It doesn’t matter what you do (sew or quilt), Pursteam is the best purchase for you.

But, if this iron doesn’t turn up, what to do? To solve this problem, follow the instructions mentioned below.

Step 1

First and foremost, check the power cord. If cord is damaged, iron won’t turn up. Most importantly, running an iron with a damaged cord is risky. You can get electric shock any time.

So, recheck the cord. If you notice something unusual, take it to a nearby repair shop. By the way, Pursteam provides two years warranty period with their irons. If warranty isn’t over, contact their customer service.

Step 2

When fuse of your iron blows or burns, iron won’t turn on. So, you need to solve this issue. To do this, bring it a professional and let him examine the fuse.

Step 3

Manufacturer always suggests using a standard power connection. If connection is faulty or overloaded, iron may not turn up.

Therefore, never use an overloaded power connection. If so, it may hamper the durability of your clothes iron.

Step 4

Maybe thermostat knob is faulty. If this is the case, iron won’t work. Thermostat is the regulating device that regulates temperature of your clothes iron. Because of it, you can set different heat settings for different fabrics.

To check thermostat, set it to different fabrics and observe the differences in temperatures. If you don’t feel any difference, this knob is faulty. In such cases, contact a serviceperson and replace it as soon as possible.

Step 5

The internal components of your iron are faulty.

In such cases, you’ve nothing to do but buy a new iron. Pursteam always manufactures awesome irons for users like you. Their irons have so many great features with a low price tag. That’s why buying a Pursteam iron is nothing but a good investment.

Pursteam 1700W Professional Grade Iron is the most popular model of this brand. So, you can buy it without any doubt. Moreover, don’t expect your steam iron to last forever. If an iron serves you around 4 to 5 years, be happy.

Lastly, you can purchase Pursteam iron from Amazon. To check the prices of Pursteam iron, click here.

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