Why My Chi Steam Iron Leaks Water?[Solved!]

Chi steam iron is one of the most popular steam irons in the market. They are mainly renowned for their awesome flat irons. Their steam irons are designed with robust steaming, improved soleplate design, and mesmerising gliding.

However, sometimes Chi may leak water and can make your ironing task troublesome. That’s why you must know how to solve this problem. To save you from this hassle, I’m providing you a step-by-step guideline.

So, let’s start!

Troubleshooting leaking of Chi iron 

Step 1

First of all, learn how to fill the water tank. Fill the reservoir up to the maximum fill line with normal tap water. When water is hard, use mixtures of tap water and distilled or demineralised water in equal proportions. But, don’t overfill the tank. If so, Chi steam iron may leak water.

Step 2

Before steaming, make sure that temperature dial is in the steam zone. If you keep dial in the dry zone and start steaming, it may leak water.

Therefore, to enjoy amazing steam of Chi steam iron,

  • Fill water tank with correct water type.
  • Now, close the water fill door.
  • Connect your iron to the nearest electrical outlet. You may observe that Red Power Indicator Light is flashing.
  • Move the temperature knob to steam settings marked with Wool and Linen/Cotton.
  • Now, wait a few moments to let Chi achieve the desired temperature. After receiving the set temperature, light will stop flashing.
  • Lastly, move the Steam Shot Leaver to steam iron position and start steaming.

Step 3

You can’t apply steam to all fabric types. Although steaming can wrinkle-free garments and soften clothes, it may ruin your dresses too. In such situations, stay still with dry ironing.

While enjoy dry ironing, make sure that Steam Shot Leaver is in Dry Iron position. Unless, it will leak water and moist your garments instead of polishing.

To iron garments,

  • First, make sure that water tank is empty.
  • Connect your iron to the nearest power source. Red Power Indicator may start flashing.
  • Move temperature knob to dry zone (marked with silk—–synthetic——min).
  • After a few minutes, light will stop flashing.
  • Lastly, set Steam Shot Leaver to dry iron position and start ironing your dresses.

Step 4

Don’t press steam shot button too much. Instead, take a gap of few seconds to let iron produce enough steam. If you don’t take pause between steams, Chi may leak water.

So, be careful while utilizing this feature.

Step 5

When the above four instructions don’t solve the leaking problem, your Chi may be damaged. Therefore, enjoy the warranty benefits of your steam iron.

Chi iron comes with two years warranty period for all purchase made in the US and Canada. This period starts from the original purchase date. If warranty period is over, bring your iron to local repair shops. If they fail in solving problems, don’t worry. Just buy a new iron.

You can easily avail a standard iron with just $50. So, take this opportunity and start polishing garments. By the way, never compromise with your smartness and outfits!

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