Why My Chi Iron Is Not Steaming? [Solved!]

Chi has impressed customers with its excellent hair care products for more than 30 years. To impress customers more, they are manufacturing steam irons too. Their irons are notable for Titanium infused soleplate, precise temperature control, and improved steaming.

However, sometimes steaming feature of Chi may not work correctly. So, how to solve this problem?

If you face this problem in your Chi too, this article is for you. So, let’s start!

Step 1

First, check whether water tank contains water or not. Your Chi won’t generate steam without water in the reservoir. So when tank is empty, you can enjoy only the dry feature.

Step 2

Before starting steam, you must move the ‘Adjustable Steam Leaver’ to ‘Steam’ position. No steam will be generated when this leaver is in ‘Dry’ position.

Step 3

After turning iron on, you need to wait for around two minutes to let iron heat up. Some models may require more time, while others heat up pretty fast. Remember, hot water may drip through steam vents if the soleplate isn’t hot enough.

The selected setting will blink during the preheat period and become solid when iron reaches the desired temperature. Then, start steaming. Most importantly, take a gap between two successive steam bursts.

Step 4

Check the temperature settings. The anti-drip of Chi won’t allow you to steam if this setting is in dry range. So, double-check!

Step 5

All models may not have built-in vertical steaming feature. So, these irons generate steam only in horizontal position. So, if you hold them upright, change it now.

Step 6

You may not observe steam when all fabric settings on display blink. In such situations, stop using this iron.

Step 7

If all of the steps mentioned above can’t solve your steaming problem, your Chi may be damaged. In such situations, contact manufacturer to claim the warranty. Chi offers two years extended warranty period with their irons.

If warranty is expired, bring your iron to a local repair shop. However, if your iron is old, I suggest buying a new one. You can get a fantastic iron for under $100. That’s great!

Learn Troubleshooting

A man is reading instruction manual of his iron
Always read the manual to use iron correctly.

Mastering the troubleshooting is an important task to do. You can learn those tricks by reading the instruction manual or searching online. Proper handling can improve lifespan of your iron by many folds. So, never compromise on this issue.


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