My Morphy Richards Steam Iron Is Not Working [Analyzed!]

Morphy Richards is one of the most prominent brands in the US. This organization has been manufacturing electrical appliances for customers. Its steam irons are renowned for their powerful steam and excellent glide.

However, sometimes you may face problems in using it. To help you in this matter, I’ll cover some critical issues of Morphy Richards and their solutions. I hope you may like it.

So, let’s start!

Causes and solutions 

There may be some causes why your Morphy Richards iron might not be working correctly. Take a look-

Cause 1: Not removing stickers and seals

An new Morphy Richards is in action
Remove stickers and seals from iron before starting using it.

A new iron comes with stickers and seals on the body and soleplate like other products. Unfortunately, many users don’t remove those stickers and face many problems.

So, what should you do? Just remove those labels and plug your iron into the nearest power source. Seals on the body may hamper the essential functions of iron. Most importantly, this action will keep you and your appliance safe.

Causes 2: Water tank is empty

Always check the water reservoir before filling start ironing. If tank is empty, you can’t enjoy the steam function. However, you can still enjoy the dry function without water.

Before filling the reservoir, disconnect iron from power source. Now, pour water via the fill line. Most importantly, always fill the tank up to the maximum fill line. 

Cause 3: Not selecting the correct type of water

Distilled, ironing water, and demineralized water in bottles.
Always choose water for your iron carefully

Interestingly, you can use tap water to refill this iron. However, if water is hard, use distilled, demineralized, or deionized water. Such actions will-

  • Save iron from calcium deposits.
  • Improve the longevity of iron.
  • Save garments from brown stains.

Distilled water is free from minerals or contaminations. Therefore, use it without any tension to protect iron from developing rust. 

Most importantly, never pour fancy ironing water inside iron. Many manufacturers use artificial fragrance, phosphate, and other hazardous chemicals to prepare ironing water. As a result, it’s harmful to garments and your body simultaneously.

By the way, almost 60% of areas of the UK contain hard water. So, beware of this issue. Hard water contains a high level of calcium, magnesium, other minerals. Some areas are highly contaminated with hard water. For example,  Suffolk has a water hardness level of 423 milligrams per liter. Your cities may have alarming hardness levels. To know more, click here.

Causes 4: Water tank is dirty

Sometimes you may pour scented ironing water, distilled water, or essential oil to treat garments. As a result, your Morphy Richards may become dirty after a while. In such situations, you may not get good service from iron.

Therefore, you may have to clean it properly. To know the proper way of cleaning, read the instruction manual or contact the manufacturer directly.

Cause 5: Not choosing the right temperature settings

Temperature dial of Morphy Richards explained
Always pick the right settings for your iron.

Not selecting the right setting may present you with wrongly ironed items. After burning or shrinking garments, you may think that your iron is faulty. But, it’ll be better if you check the temperature settings. While incorrect heat settings ruin dresses, correct settings may save your garments in the long run.

The temperature dial of Morphy Richards is placed on the body. Here, one dot represents the coolest temperature, whereas three dots mean the hottest temperatures.

Place the dial on one dot if you want to iron Acetate, Nylon, and synthetic fabrics. Additively, utilize three dots to polish Cotton, Linen, Rayon, and Rayon mixtures.

Cause 6: Dirty soleplate

an iron on an ironing board
Dirty soleplate can permanently damage your items.

Ironing clothes might be a regular task for you. That’s why never forget to clean its soleplate. Otherwise, dirty soleplate may transfer chewing gum or any sticky object to your items. 

Cleaning soleplate of Morphy Richards isn’t a challenging task. However, never use an abrasive, sharp object, scouring powder, or harsh chemicals. These objects can damage soleplate and its coating.

Instead, use salt, toothpaste, magic eraser, or dryer sheets, whichever suits you better. To clean soleplate with salt

  • Place a large piece of paper on the ironing board. 
  • Now, connect your iron to the nearest power source and select the highest heat settings. 
  • Sprinkle a sufficient amount of salt over paper.
  • Now, start moving your hot Morphy Richards over salt.

However, this method may not work better against tougher stains. To fight against those stains, you have to utilize aluminum foil and rock salt. 

  • First, throw a tablespoon of rock salt on a large piece of aluminum foil. 
  • Now, select the highest heat settings and run iron over salt.

If you don’t prefer to use salt, use baking soda to clean soleplate. Under this method-

  • First, turn off your iron and let it cool.
  • Now, take ½ of baking soda in a container. Add some water to make a paste. Don’t pour too much water.
  • Apply this paste on soleplate. Do it carefully and never miss a single inch.
  • Now, take a clean piece of cloth and wipe clean the soleplate. You can use water if needed. Clean the steam holes carefully. Otherwise, steaming will be faulty during your following ironing.
  • Leave the iron for several minutes and let it dry.

Cause 7: No steam or poor steam

Morphy Richards is renowned for its robust steam features. However, sometimes steaming may discourage you. 

In such cases, adopt some remedial measures. These actions are-

  • Keep iron in horizontal position while steaming.
  • Set the temperature level more carefully. At lower temperatures, your iron may not produce any steam. Remember, you won’t observe steam at one dot temperature settings. 
  • Perform self-clean function while self-clean indicator illuminates in the digital display.
  • Shake or move iron a little if auto shut off mode is activated. 
  • Lastly, check whether tank is filled with water or not.

Cause 8: Blocked steam vents

steam vents are located on soleplate
Blocked steam vents may hamper steaming output

Steaming is an excellent way to polish clothes. It disinfects items by removing viruses, bacteria, fleas, moths, bed bugs, carpet beetles, dust mites, and lice from surfaces. But, most importantly, steaming improves longevity by softening items.

However, sometimes your steam iron may not steam properly. The leading cause of this problem is the blocked steam vents. Steam vents are located on soleplate to let steam penetrate deep into garments.

In such scenarios, utilize the built-in self-clean function. To do it-

  • Fill the water reservoir to half with water.
  • Connect your iron to the nearest power outlet. 
  • Select the maximum heat settings using the temperature dial.
  • Now, turn off this iron pressing the power button, and disconnect from power connection.
  • Hold this iron horizontally over the nearest sink and press and hold the self-clean button.
  • Now, try to empty the reservoir by shaking it slightly.
  • Release the self-clean button.
  • After emptying the tank, reconnect iron to the power source and let it heat up properly.
  • Disconnect iron again and keep it on its heel.
  • After a while, when iron cools down properly, take a damp towel to wipe clean the soleplate.

While employing self-clean function, keep your body away from hot soleplate and water. You may wear oven mitts and goggles to protect your eyes and hands. To ensure more safety, follow ironing safety rules.

Cause 9: Iron is auto turned off

Most cheap irons don’t have auto turn off options. As a result, it may take tolls on your life at any time. Morphy Richards comes with an auto shut-off feature to save you from unprecedented occurrences.

If you keep your iron idle for one minute in horizontal position or eight minutes in vertical position, it may turn itself off. To turn on iron again, move it a little or press any button on the body. After that, wait a while to reach the set temperature.

Cause 10: Steam boost doesn’t work

Steam boost button of Morphy Richards is located on the handle. This boost feature assists you in removing stubborn and permanent wrinkles quickly. 

However, you shouldn’t press this button too often. Instead, take a break of a few seconds between two boosts. Such gaps will allow the iron to create steam. 

To know more about steam boost feature, read the instruction manual. 

Cause 11: Water dripping through the steam holes

It’s a common problem with most steam irons. To solve this issue-

  • Take a gap of a few seconds between two successive steams. 
  • Clear the limescale build-up inside iron. Utilize the self-clean function to do it. Don’t use any chemical-based cleaning agent to perform this task.
  • Not press the steam button just after turning the iron on. Instead, wait for a few minutes to let iron reach the desired temperature.

Cause 12: Pressing steam and boost features at one time

a steam iron on an ironing board
Never press steam and boost button at the same time

The boost button on your steam iron is to help you when the regular steaming isn’t enough for items.

It may seem like a good idea to press the boost button. However, never press steam and boost button at one time. Pressing both buttons will only result in losing power. Resultantly, you’ve to turn on iron again, which is nothing but time-consuming! 

Pressing just one set winning option makes things easier by giving more bursts with less effort.

Cause 13: Some mechanical problems

Create pumping sound during steaming

During steaming, water is pumped through the steam pump. However, if this sound gets louder, check the water tank. If it’s empty, disconnect iron from power connection and refill again.

Not getting hot enough

If you observe that your iron isn’t hot enough, plug it properly into nearby power source. Now, wait for around 2 minutes to heat up properly. Moreover, if auto shut-off mode is activated, iron may not be hot enough. In such situations, shakes or moves iron a bit to restart iron. 

No power

If your iron has no power, then-

  • Check the fuse. Remember, fuse rating should be at least 13 amp for some model of Morphy Richards. 
  • Change the socket if it is faulty.
  • Raise iron from auto shut-off mode.

Tripping electronics

Sometimes you may face problems with your electrical connections. Such a vulnerable connection is detrimental to your appliance. Therefore, 

  • Choose a different socket.
  • Never use a cheap socket. Always buy standard sockets.
  • Don’t use other devices with iron on the same socket.

Steam comes out while pressing water spray button

That’s not a problem with your iron. However, your iron may create a slight amount of steam when you press the water spray button. That’s totally normal. So, ignore this issue.

Filler cap is broken

If the filler cap is broken, Contact Morphy Richards to order a new cap. When you close the filling cap, wait for hearing the click sound. If you don’t hear that sound, water may come out while operating. Take your iron to an expert service person and solve this problem in such situations.

Some parts are broken

If some crucial parts of your iron are broken, take advantage of the warranty period. You may even consider repairing the iron if the warranty doesn’t cover such expenses. Many repair shops can help you in fixing. In addition, some of those shops don’t charge very high. So, consider this option. 

Interestingly, it’s not that expensive to buy a new appliance. Morphy Richards produces so many standard irons. Moreover, these irons are available in different price ranges. Just choose one. However, it’s always better to research before buying an appliance. 

Frequently asked questions

Is it worth repairing a steam iron?

Repairing a steam iron can be costly sometimes. Moreover, if some parts are broken or damaged somehow, you may have to buy those too. Therefore, repairing isn’t the best solution in all cases.

That’s why you should weigh whether repairing is profitable or not. Remember, you can get a new Morphy Richard for under 50 dollars. 

Last few words

I’ve discussed some common problems you may face with Morphy Richards steam iron. Before using an iron, read its instruction manual to learn how to operate an iron correctly. Most importantly, follow the safety instructions to keep you and your family members safe.

I hope you may like this post. If you have any queries, please leave them in the comment section.

Have a nice day.




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