Maytag M400 Iron Reviews [Cheap and Awesome!]

Are you searching for a budget-friendly steam iron that heats up quickly? If yes, Maytag M400 will probably be the best option for you. Surprisingly, it can compete with many irons of high price ranges.

Are you eager to know more about the unique features of M400? I’ll discuss the features, specifications, pros, and cons of this product.

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Maytag M400: A general overview

According to the manufacturer, this iron uses speed heat technology to reach the desired temperature within 40 seconds after turning it on. Its powerful steam can process any wrinkles without any difficulty. To make your life easier, it has a self-clean system. As a result, cleaning iron is no longer difficult.

Moreover, its stainless steel soleplate ensures the best steam distribution and gentle gliding. The ergonomic soft-touch handle will ensure comfortable ironing for everyone. Lastly, its precision thermostat allows you to set the optimal temperature for different garments easily.  


Faster heat in shorter time

M400 iron can reach the maximum level of temperature in less than 55 seconds. Moreover, it produces steam in just three seconds. Many high-priced irons can’t deliver such outstanding performances.

Therefore, no more waiting for iron to achieve its desired temperature. Just plugin and start playing. Sorry, ironing!

1500 Watts power

It isn’t a high-powered iron like Rowenta DW7180, which has a massive 1750 watts of power. However, you shouldn’t forget that M400 costs below $50.  

I didn’t find any difficulty while ironing with M400. It heats up and cools down pretty quickly. 

Spray mist button

 The spray mist button on the handle can damp fabrics quickly and presents you with easy ironing. Most importantly, this mist can remove wrinkles from your garments without damaging them.

 Therefore, always utilize this feature before started polishing your favorite dresses.

Vertical steam

Who doesn’t love vertical steaming? It can save you from the burden of using ironing board. Luckily, vertical steam feature of this model is robust. So, you can iron extra-large items like beddings and curtains by hanging them.

I always use this feature during office days. my wife is too busy with our kids. So, I vertical steam my garments to quicken the process. 

Precision thermostat

It doesn’t really matter which fabric you prefer the most. This model has a thermostat that can set temperature accurately for any fiber.

So, no more tension about setting temperature. Just, use the thermostat to set heat settings precisely. Treating polyester, wool, linen, cotton, and silk is comparatively easy with Maytag.

Water tank

It has an 8 oz. water tank that can’t contain sufficient water. In this price range, you can get irons with 12 oz. of capacity. 

This smaller water tank size can be irritating sometimes. For example, you need to fill the water tank while ironing constantly. 

Stainless steel soleplate

Stainless steel soleplate always performs better than Ceramic or Teflon-coated ones. M400 comes with a stainless steel soleplate. This larger base can glide over fabrics without any difficulty. So, treating wrinkles isn’t difficult anymore. 

Moreover, steam holes are positioned on edge to ensure the most standard and continuous steaming. 

Steam burst feature

The powerful steam burst of this model allows you to remove the toughest wrinkles efficiently. 

 It’s located on the front of the handle, allowing you to press that button without any trouble. The anti-wrinkle nature of burst can process creases from dresses.

Ergonomic grip

Its soft-touch and ergonomic grip allow you to iron without any trouble. With this comfortable handle, maintaining balance during ironing is a matter of seconds. 

Especially, people with arthritis can use it easily. Most importantly, both left-handed and right-handed people will get equal benefits from this feature. 

Furthermore, its soft touch heel keeps your iron safe and secured. However, always check on your kids while ironing. 

360-degree swivel cord

 The 360-degree swivel cord lets the cord moves freely. Such a modern feature keeps the cord tangle-free. However, the cord length is only 8 feet that may not be appropriate for you in some cases. 

Auto-Off feature

Maytag never wants to risk your life. That’s why this model comes with an auto-off feature. If you keep iron idly on its soleplate for 30 seconds or 7 minutes on its heel, it will turn off automatically. 

Last week, my wife forgot to turn off this iron, leaving it on its heel. After a while, she came back and found the iron turned off automatically. 

Anti-drip feature

Anti-drip feature makes this iron more user-friendly. Because of this system, iron doesn’t drip water at lower temperatures. 

Anti-calc and Anti-scale feature

If you’re a resident of hard water area like me, this iron can serve you better. Its anti-calc and anti-scale system save iron and soleplate from any mineral deposits. 

Therefore, you won’t notice clogged iron anymore. Just check the manual and follow the guidelines. 

Self-clean feature

Self-clean function keeps you away from using fancy cleaning kits for M400. Just utilize this feature once every month. It’ll clean soleplate and iron from dust particles and white residuals.

For more guidelines, check the manual.


  • Dimensions: 11.25 x 4.5 x 5.5 inches
  • weight: 3.3 pounds
  • Power: 1500 Watts
  • Soleplate: stainless steel
  • Water tank: 8 oz.
  • Cord length: 8 feet.
  • Anti-wrinkle spray: Yes
  • Steam control and steam burst: Yes
  • Precision Thermostat: Yes
  • Self-clean: Yes
  • Auto turn off: Yes
  • Anti-calc: Yes
  • Anti-scale: Yes
  • Anti-drip: Yes
  • Ergonomic grip: Yes
  • Speed heat technology: Yes

Things I Prefer

  • It doesn’t spit water and never leaves marks on clothes.
  • Lasts longer and performs better on all fabrics.
  • Makes ironing easier and fun. So, everyone can use it.
  • It’s lightweight and heats up quickly. Moreover, its water tank is easy to fill.
  • Powerful steam works better in removing stains.
  • Produces steam and spray mist in greater volumes.
  • Handle is easy to grip and never hurts your hands.
  • Auto shut off makes it easy to use.
  • Powerful vertical steam works better and quickly.

Things I don’t Prefer

  • Water level is difficult to observe.
  • Small water reservoir.
  • Swivel cord can be problematic for some users.

Warranty information of Maytag M400

This product is supported by two years warranty period from manufacturers. Generally, the warranty period starts from the date of purchase.

When you need to seek warranty service, just visit customer service of Amazon.

Where to find Maytag M400?

M400 is sold at most of the retail and wholesale stores in the US. So, it’s totally easy to find this great product at market and online.

However, I suggest you buy it from Amazon, which regularly offers excellent prices for its customers.

If you want to check the latest price of this product on Amazon, click here.

What can you do with Maytag M400?

With this model, you can easily remove wrinkles and scorch marks from both delicate and synthetic fabrics. 

Its thermostat dial allows you to set temperature perfectly for any fabric. As a result, this iron can be a trusted friend of you and your garments.

However, it can never satisfy you with jaw dropping finishing like Rowenta DW6080, which is a little bit costly. Never forget its price while comparing its performance with any model.

Comparison table

Features Maytag M400 Sunbeam steam master Rowenta DW2459 Black + Decker D3030
Dimension(inch) 11.25×4.5×5.5 14×6.2×6.3 13.98×6.85×5.94 4.28×5.69×11.68
Power(Watts) 1500 1400 1725 1600
Weight(lbs.) 3.3 2.95 3.78 2.25
Water tank(oz.) 8 8 8.5 13.5
Auto-off Yes Yes Yes Yes
Anti-calc Yes Yes Yes Yes
Self-clean Yes Yes Yes Yes

Frequently Asked questions

Does Maytag M400 have auto shut off?

Yes, it has an auto shut off system. It turns off automatically when you keep your iron idly 30 seconds in horizontal position or 7 minutes in vertical position on its heel.

Does Maytag M400 make any beeping or other sounds? 

It creates a gentle sound when it reaches the desired temperature. Apart from that, I haven’t noticed any other sounds.

Is Maytag M400 still made in China? 

Yes, it is manufactured in china. However, its performance is beyond question. Interestingly, it’s one of the most popular brands in the US. For better understanding, you can see reviews at Amazon or any other big e-commerce sites.

Does Maytag M400 steam horizontal?

Yes, obviously. Its horizontal steam is so powerful that it removes wrinkles easily. It doesn’t matter which fabric you’re going to iron. Its steam burst can process harder and delicate materials within minutes.

If you want a powerful iron at a lower budget, it may be an outstanding choice for you.

What’s the difference between the regular iron and the Speed Heat one besides the cost? 

 There is a slight difference between regular and speed heat irons. Speed heat allows iron to attain the desired temperature in just 55 seconds. In contrast, other powerful steam irons can do the same job in less than one minute.

So, there may be a difference between the two. However, that isn’t significant.

Conclusion on Maytag M400

Maytag M400 iron is the perfect combination of low price and quality product. This iron can impress you with its self-cleaning, speed heat technology, vertical steaming, auto-off, and anti-scale features. 

So, purchase this fantastic product without any doubt. To check its price, click here

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