Is Steaming Clothes as Good as Washing?[A Complete Guide]

Washing clothes is an efficient but time-consuming method. If you don’t have time to wash items, what can you do? Can you steam your dresses?
Is steaming clothes as good as washing? Washing clothes properly is always a better option than steaming. Steaming puts the most importance on removing wrinkles and unwanted creases. However-

  • It can’t remove odours perfectly.
  • Doesn’t perform better on stains.
  • It can’t eliminate germs properly.
  • Can’t give clothes fresh and professional looks.
  • Doesn’t work great on delicate items.

In contrast, washing is the safest and efficient way of treating clothes. It improves lifespan of clothes and saves them from permanent stains, dust, germs, and tiny insects.

I’ve tested steaming and washing on clothes to observe the difference. To know more about this, please read the whole article.

All about steaming clothes

A garment steamer is polishing clothes
Steaming clothes can be advantageous in numerous ways

Does steaming clothes effective? You may hear these types of questions all day. So, is steaming really helpful? According to The Laundress, you should love steaming for the following six reasons. Let’s take a look-

  • Steaming can make your clothes germ-free.
  • It helps allergens by controlling the dust mite population.
  • Removes both normal and tough wrinkles from clothes.
  • Steaming is less expensive compared to dry cleaning. Therefore, instead of dry cleaning clothes, steam them. Moreover, it helps clothes looking great.
  • You can’t always wash upholstery, beddings, curtains, drapes, pillows, and mattresses. Therefore, steaming is the most suitable for these extra-large items.
  • An eco-friendly option that is suitable for you and the environment. many manufacturers are producing steamers that are totally free from

However, this is just one side of the story. In order to decide on steaming, you should observe its negative effects too. Let’s discuss its pitfalls-

Can’t disinfectant properly

Most of the garment steamers in the market demand that they remove 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses from clothes. They throw hot steam that can reach temperatures as high as 200 degrees F. However, it might be a hit-and-miss method.

To ensure better safety, you must wash clothes with powerful detergent and vinegar. Such intense wash can keep your beautiful dresses safe all the time.

Not suitable for all fabrics

Some of you might be a big supporter of steaming. Of course, this handy device can de-wrinkle your dresses within a short time. Moreover, you can easily place it in your luggage because of its small size.

However, steaming isn’t suitable for all clothes. You can’t apply powerful steam on delicate, plastic, and leather items.

Can’t remove stain perfectly

You may love to dine out with friends at our favourite restaurants. Even sometimes you might work out at sports Centers. Therefore, it’s totally common to observe stains on your beautiful dresses.

However, you shouldn’t apply hot steam on your dresses in such scenarios. If so, stains may set permanents and ruin fabrics for good.

Doesn’t give fresh and crisp look

Professional looking clothes after washing
Steaming may not give professional looking to your garments

Everyone loves professional-looking dresses. Sadly, steaming can’t give your dresses fresh and crisp look.
To get such looking, you must wash garments using baking soda, vinegar, or detergent.

Moreover, baking soda is natural oxygen-based bleach. It whitens and cleans clothes naturally. However, excess use of baking soda can leave white spots.

Steaming is time-consuming

Some of you might think steaming can save time. However, most steamers and irons in the market have built-in small water reservoirs. For example, water tank of a steamer can contain at most 2 liters of water.
So, if you want to steam a pile of clothes, you may require refilling water tank several times, which you may not like.

Therefore, steaming isn’t suitable for you, provided that your family size is large. In such situations, you should keep your faith in washing machine. With such large appliance, you’ll be able to polish a huge amount of garments.

Moreover, using a highly efficient washer can be advantageous for you as it-

  • Perfectly sanitizes your clothes.
  • Remove weird odours from garments effectively.
  • Works great against stains.

Now, concentrate on washing dresses. Is it beneficial to your favorite items? Let’s start with its pros.

Benefits of washing garments

Clothes are tossing into the washer
Washing clothes can remove stains and odours perfectly.

A versatile cleaning method

Unlike other methods, washing is suitable for all garments. In many cases, steaming or ironing can harm delicate, leather, and plastic items like-

  • Silk
  • Cashmere
  • Cotton
  • Leather
  • Pseudo

In contrast, washing is never harmful to these items. But, during washing-

If you want perfect cleaning for clothes, stick with washing. It can keep items free from pet hair, lint, dust, fleas, dust mites, bed bugs, and moth eggs.

However, if you are busy, apply steam to your clothes. In short period, it can turn clothes into their nicer version. Steaming may clean clothes, but not perfectly as washing.

Remove stains perfectly

Washing clothes can work awesome on stains. it doesn’t matter how tough the stains are. Using a powerful detergent can keep your clothes looking great.

Improve lifespan

Your clothes can be affected significantly by regular use. Therefore, wash them regularly using water. For delicate fabrics, use warm or cold water as hot water can damage them.

Keep garments germ-free

a moth on a flat surface
Germs can pose great threat to clothes and your health

If you have kids, you may be worried about germs like bacteria, viruses, and fleas. Some manufacturers may claim that their garment steamers make clothes completely germ-free. However, such demands are totally groundless. It may remove germs in a slight percentage.

For better results, wash garments with hot water. Remember, hot water may fade your garments. So, never forget this issue. Moreover, synthetic materials like polyester can shrink at high temperatures.

You can either hand wash clothes or use a powerful washing machine. I personally recommend you use a washing machine.

In modern times, no home is complete without washers. They save time and money. According to and, washing machine can benefit you in different ways-

  • Washing machine can be a trusted friend of yours. Using it is so easy that even your kids can assist you. While I was little, I helped my mother to do laundry. Just put clothes along with detergent, fabric softener in the dispenser. Now, set an appropriate cycle for your clothes and let washing machine do its job.
  • Your washer may come with drying option too. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about damp clothes anymore. However, dryer may grow lint or shrink clothes. So, never overuse it.
  • Hand washing garments can be time-consuming and requires a lot of energy. Whereas, using washer can save time and help you lead a hassle-free life.
  • Washing machines are available in different sizes. Pick one that suits you the best.
  • You can find this appliance in different price ranges. Just choose one that matches best with your budget.
  • Modern washers are available in portable and compact designs. So, if you live in caravan, studio apartment, or dorms, buys a portable one.
  • Provides the same results for all times. You can wash your denim, silk, cotton, rayon, acetate, and acrylic dresses. Just choose the correct cycle.
  • They last longer and can keep you free from troubles overages.
  • Your favorite washer never poses any threat to your home and family members.
  • They are comfortable to use. After tossing clothes, you can do other household chores.
  • Your machine can be scheduled for a later time.
  • They may come with LCD display. Therefore, everyone can use them comfortably.

There are many washers available in the market. If you want my suggestion, check Comfee washing machine. it has many pros

  • Fits perfectly in room, dorms, and RVs.
  • It comes with durable motor.
  • You can move this washer easily as it has wheels.
  • It consumes almost 84% less energy than other models.
  • To ensure safety, it has Child Lock feature.
  • You can start it at a later time because of its Delay Start function.

You can buy this product at Amazon, one of the most popular online sites in the US. To check its price, click here.

Steaming vs. Washing

Frankly speaking, both steaming and washing are effective in cleaning garments. According to The Laundry Evangelist, steaming is superior to washing. During steaming, garment steamer or steam iron may miss moths or bacteria-infested areas. However, a perfect washing ensures that every inch of cloth is rinsed properly.

Before washing, identify the hottest water that your dress can endure. You can find that information on clothes tag. Then, wash clothes at that temperature settings and extends their lifespan. Such perfect wash may keep clothes germ-free.

However, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have enough time for washing, apply steam on dresses. It may polish clothes nicely and give them a professional look.

That’s all for today.

Bye for now!


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