Is Ironing Water The Same As Distilled Water?[Analyzed!]

You may feel confused when filling the water tank. Some users prefer to use ironing water, while others love to use distilled water. But, are ironing water and distilled water the same or different? 

Is ironing water the same as distilled water? Distilled water and ironing water are not the same. Distilled water is water that is boiled into vapor and condensed into water again. In contrast, ironing water is water combined with fragrance to freshen up your garments and linens.

In this article, I’m going to focus on various aspects of ironing and distilled water. 

Please, stay with me!

Difference between Ironing Water and Distilled Water

First of all, distilled water is free from any kind of contamination and minerals. Even it doesn’t contain salt. That’s why some users prefer to use it for ironing clothes. However, it can’t remove bad odors from clothes. But, it has some pros.

  • Prevents mineral buildup in irons.
  • Protects iron from rust. 

In contrast, ironing water is liquid with fragrance to give items a nicer finish. Because of that, it can be perfect for all types of fabrics. However, some ironing water in the market may contain chemicals that can harm both irons and garments. 

To understand the difference between them, take a look at the following table-

Features Distilled water Ironing water
Definition Distilled water is condensed vapor of boiling water Ironing water is concentrated water that contains fragrance or scents.
Contains germ No Yes
Contains mineral No Yes
Fragrance No Yes
Remove odor Not perfect in removing odor Perfect in removing odor

Is Distilled Water Okay for Irons?

You already know that distilled water is free from all contaminations or minerals. So, this pure water may be the perfect solution for ironing. As-

  • It protects iron from mineral buildup.
  • Prevents iron from rusting.

If you use hard water, you may notice mineral buildup inside iron. These materials may compromise the steaming and overall ironing performance overages. Sadly, almost 85% area of the US contains hard water. In such situations, distilled water may be more viable for you.

Moreover, tap water may contain salt, which can cause rusting to irons. Therefore, water may turn brown and stain clothes. In the long run, iron may be damaged and force you to buy a new iron.

However, most manufacturers suggest using normal tap water instead of distilled water. Because-

  • Although distilled water is totally pure, it’s kind of acidic. Therefore, it may damage the main body of your iron in the long run. 
  • Its boiling is comparatively higher than normal tap water. So, you may find difficulty in utilizing steam. 

So, what to do? Simply read the user manual to find which water is perfect for your iron.

Is ironing water okay for irons?

Some of you prefer to use scented ironing water for garments. You think ironing water will-

  • Provide you fresh and crisp dresses.
  • Remove weird smell
  • Protect smoothness of fabrics.
  • Improve lifespan of clothes

However, some brands may use phosphate, artificial fragrances, and other chemicals to process your garments. If you use this concentrated liquid more, your garments may be ruined. In some cases, it may harm your health too. 

So, how to solve this problem? You can prepare homemade ironing water which mainly uses essential water, vodka, and natural fragrance. 

Prepare Homemade Ironing Water


  • Essential oil
  • Distilled water
  • Natural fragrance


  • First, add some drops of essential oil to a bottle. Pick flavors that you like.
  • Pour distilled water and fragrance into this bottle.
  • Shake this bottle to mix the ingredients properly. 

 Many manufacturers prohibit their customers from pouring essential oil in irons. Because this oil may leave residue in irons. 

So, what to do? Just use tap water. When water is too hard, you may use a combination of tap and distilled water.

Irons like Rowenta, Black+Decker, Sunbeam, and Maytag have a powerful anti-calc system to protect irons from hard water. Just clean your appliance regularly as per the instruction manual. Moreover, if your iron has a limescale collector, clean it every month. For more information, please visit your manufacturer’s website.

Lastly, how to make your dresses smelling great? You can-

Water Requirement for Different Irons

ironing water and distilled water together
Water Requirement for Different Irons
Iron Water Requirement
Rowenta Tap water. For hardness greater than 12 gm, use combination of half tap and half bottled spring water. Or, just bottled spring water. Never use 100% distilled water.
Oliso Tap water or bottled spring water. Never 100% distilled water.
Maytag Tap water
Black+ Decker Tap water. For hard water, use mixture of half tap and half bottled water.
Sunbeam Tap water
Hamilton Beach Tap water. In hard water areas, use combinations of bottle and tap water.
Tefal Tap water
Morphy Richards Tap water. For hard water, use combinations of distilled and tap water.
Philips Tap water. Use combinations of distilled and tap water, if water is hard.
Panasonic Tap water. If water is hard, use distilled water.
Steamfast Distilled water.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use bottled water in my iron?

Bottled water for steam irons
Bottled water can work perfectly for most irons.

Most irons work better with tap water. However, this requirement may vary according to the brand. 

When water is hard enough, combine tap water with bottled fountain water in equal proportions. However, using bottled water is okay too. If you don’t find mineral water, you can use rainwater. You may aware it’s free from any purity.

Can You Use Water Softener Instead of Distilled Water?

You shouldn’t use water softener instead of distilled water. The most common ingredients of this softener are chemicals and salt. 

After using for several times, it may put brown or white stains on your clothes. Moreover, salt can weaken the body of your iron over time.

So, never pour water softener in water reservoir. Instead, just use normal tap water. If you observe water is hard enough, use a mixture of bottled fountain water and tap water. You can use distilled water instead of using bottled water. 

What can I use instead of distilled water?

If you can’t find distilled water, you can use-

  • Rainwater
  • Bottled fountain water
  • Deionized water

Last few words

First of all, lifespan of irons depends on how properly you use your irons. In all cases, manufacturers will tell you which water is perfect for your iron. If the user manual says to use tap water, stick with it. 

Both 100% distilled water and ironing water may harm your irons. So, be aware of them. Avoid chemicals by any means.

Goodbye for now!

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