Top 24 Ironing Tools and Equipment [Be a Pro!]

Sometimes the overall ironing results might not satisfy you. Therefore, you should use ironing tools and equipment. 

First of all, you should know how to iron clothes properly. Then, you should apply these tools and equipment.

In this article, I’m going to cover 24 ironing tools and equipment. I hope you may enjoy this article and improve your ironing performance. 

So, are you excited about this journey? If yes, let’s go!

Ironing tools and equipment

1. Steam iron

Steam iron is probably the most important ironing tool. It utilizes steam bursts to process clothes. Generally, this iron comes with so many improved features like auto-off, anti-calc, anti-drip, water tank, and variable temperature and steam settings. 

For better understanding, let’s take a look at its pros-

  • It works better on stubborn wrinkles.
  • You can use it as dry iron too.
  • Works better on all fabrics.
  • Spray mist function ensures smooth gliding over fabrics.
  • Powerful vertical steaming.
  • Protects tenderness of dress over time.

Before buying a steam iron, please check its wattage. Higher wattage means high power and better performance.

Lastly, don’t worry a little about budget. Many renowned brands Sunbeam, Maytag and Pursteam, offer you robust irons at a low budget. 

2. Steam generator iron

Steam generator iron over an ironing board.
steam generator iron can process clothes fast

Sometimes you may not feel comfortable using steam irons. When you’re going to iron a lot of clothes, you have to refill water tank several times. Even, steam burst feature may disappoint you. For example, steam of Sunbeam Steam Iron can’t work perfectly on every fabric. 

If this is the case for you, then think about buying a steam generator iron. Its pros are-

  • Larger water tank.
  • Works continuously for several hours.
  • More powerful steam.
  • If you run a laundry business, it suits you the best.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Works great on all garments because of its robust steam burst.

3. Travel iron

Sometimes you have to travel to attend a party or conference. However, if you use a regular iron, you can’t place it in your luggage. That’s why you should use a mini travel iron. 

This iron is perfect for every situation. Moreover, they can easily fulfil any quilting, sewing, and decorative need. 

Interestingly, these travel irons have a moderate level of power. For example, Oliso M2 Pro comes with 1000 watts of power. Apart from that, it has universal voltage, durable soleplate, longer cord, and comfortable ergonomic handle.

That’s why travel iron is a must product to buy. You don’t know when you’re going to travel next time.

4. Handheld steamer

In your busy life, you may have no time to iron clothes. Therefore, a garment or handheld steamer can make ironing a breeze. Generally-

  • It lets you smooth garments without using an ironing board.
  • Never leave steam burns on fabrics.
  • Processing longer items like drapes are comfortable.
  • Can easily de-wrinkle fabrics.
  • Perfect for travellers.
  • It’s lightweight and easy to operate.
  • Present you with professionally polished dresses within minutes.

Like every product, it has some demerits too. Its water tank isn’t that big compared to steam irons. However, streamers are fun to use. You can use it to

  • Clean drapes and sofa.
  • Process carpet stains.
  • Can sanitize your household items.
  • Can kill dust mites and moth eggs from your home. 

5. Pressing cloth

a folded cotton shirt
You can use old cotton shirt as pressing cloth

Pressing cloth or ironing cloth is a piece of cloth that protects fabrics from high heat of soleplate. If you’re new to ironing, using a pressing cloth is a must. Because-

  • It protects clothes from iron scorch marks.
  • Protects clothes from the roughness of soleplate.
  • It proves the longevity of garments
  • Lastly, it saves iron from sharp objects like buttons and zippers.

You don’t need to buy this ironing cloth from stores. Utilize the following alternatives for pressing-

  • Old bedsheet
  • Silk organza
  • Old cotton shirt
  • Tea cloth

Remember, qualities of a pressing cloth are-

  • Transparent 
  • White
  • Smooth 
  • Long 
  • Retain heat for a longer time 

6. Tailor’s clapper

For sewing and ironing lovers, using a tailor’s clapper is crucial. It lets you polish seams without damaging them. 

It’s comfortable to use and works perfect on stubborn seams. A moderate press with clapper and a little steam makes you a perfect sewist. Moreover-

  • This clapper saves time.
  • Easy to hold with your hands.
  • Give professional touches to garments.
  • Quickly absorb moisture from fabrics. 
  • Works great for quilting and sewing too.
  • Saves seams from burn marks.

7. Pressing ham

Maybe you want to improve your ironing skills. Am I right? I think so as you’re reading my post. If so, you should definitely use pressing ham.

It allows you to process curved seams of your dress. Just position it under the area that you want to process. Now, smooth the fabrics without creating any creases. 

No one loves crease in dresses. So, use it to get creaseless dresses. It has two sides. One side is made of wool, and the other is of cotton. The wool side is used for processing fabrics requiring medium temperatures. In contrast, cotton is for garments that require high temperatures to polish. 

8. Ironing board

an ironing board with iron and a dress
ironing board can let you iron comfortably

Some of you might complain about ironing boards. While you can iron on your bed, table, why using an ironing board? First of all, if you want professional results from ironing, using a sturdy ironing board is recommended. Moreover, ironing on bed or lower surfaces can trigger back pain problems. 

That’s why use ironing board, especially the wider ones. As-

  • It lets you polish larger items.
  • Perfect tool for quilting.
  • It improves the ironing results.
  • Removes wrinkles smoothly and quickly.

There are many ironing boards in the market. They can be-

  • Folded ironing board
  • Tabletop ironing board
  • Ironing blanket
  • Over-the-door ironing board

9. Folded ironing board

If you don’t have a spacing problem, buy a folded ironing board. Managing a folded ironing board isn’t a problem anymore. 

When you iron, just open it. Then, fold it and keep it under your bed or behind your closet after ironing.

Generally, it-

  • Offers you stable ironing surface.
  • Mostly comes with a steel body.
  • No chemicals aren’t used on padded covers.
  • Cover can endure high heat.
  • Ensure the perfect distribution of steam and heat onto fabrics.
  • They can be adjustable easily.
  • Have durable covers to ensure faultless gliding over garments.
  • Lasts longer and can endure regular wear and tear.

10. Tabletop ironing board

For people living in smaller apartments, using tabletop ironing board can be flexible. It has a plastic body and can be placed easily on a flat surface. 

Because of its tiny size, you can easily store it. Moreover-

  • It has wider surface to cover most garments.
  • Takes little space to operate.
  • Most tabletop has an iron rest zone.
  • Shorter legs allow you to use it on bed or table.
  • Suitable for decorative works like sewing.
  • It can be transported easily.

However, its body isn’t that robust. Therefore, it can be broken down easily. 

11. Ironing board cover

a man is ironing on a padded ironing board
Ironing board cover can reflect heat easily

Some might raise their eyebrows when they hear ironing board cover. Does cover make any difference? You may be amazed to hear that covers can assist you tremendously. Because-

  • It protects expensive ironing boards from hot soleplate. 
  • Its padded surface can reflect heat perfectly.
  • Allows you to iron quickly.
  • Assists you greatly during steaming as it is water-proof.
  • Covers come with durable elastics. So, you can fit it on literally any ironing board. 
  • It lasts longer, provided that you take good care.

You can easily find ironing board covers in the market. However, try to buy silicon-coated covers. They are stain and scorch-resistant. Moreover, they are a great heat reflector and can resist starch easily. 

12. Ironing blanket

Like tabletop ironing board, an ironing blanket is perfect for people who move their apartments a lot. It can be folded easily and stored in your closets or wardrobes. 

But, how do you use it? That would be the easiest thing in the world. Just open and place it on any flat surface. Even, you can position it on your washer or dryer. 

This blanket has magnets on its four corners. So, it lets you iron or sew without having any discomfort. As it can be placed in your luggage, travellers love this handy item a lot.

But, –

  • Its size isn’t sufficient for extra-long garments.
  • Can’t perfectly reflect heat.
  • Can’t remove tough wrinkles effectively.
  • You may not comfort as it isn’t height adjustable.

 13. Silicon iron mat

Your hot iron can easily burn ironing boards, reading tables or beds. That’s why you should use silicon iron mat. 

Easy gliding of iron depends upon the smoothness of soleplate. Over the years, soleplate may become rough because of continuous scratch. This protective mat protects soleplate from sharp objects. 

Moreover, it ensures the safest rest zone for your iron. It has bumps to ensure good airflow. So, your iron can cool down quickly without damaging fabrics. 

Surprisingly, this tiny can endure temperatures as high as 229°C. It is slip-resistant too. So, you can iron without any tension.


  • Made from silicon, which can endure a wide range of temperatures.
  • It is easy to store and use.
  • Washing is easy too. Just use warm water and normal soap.
  • You can fold or roll it.
  • It is lightweight and suitable for transportation.
  • Cheap and durable product.

My wife has been using one for several years. You can buy it from Amazon. If you’re interested, then click here.

14. Iron caddy

Maintaining a hot iron can be challenging if you have kids. Everybody says safety first. This slogan goes well with ironing too. 

To save your kids or pets from hot soleplate, use an iron caddy. In addition-

  • You don’t need any additional tools to use it.
  • You can safely store hot iron
  • Hang your laundry items and ironing board over the door.
  • It’s suitable for any sized iron.
  • It’s made of durable products. So, it lasts longer.

15. Distilled Water

distilled water in an open area
some brands suggest using distilled water for irons

Most irons suggest users use tap water. So, what is the use of distilled water? Basically, if you live in soft water area, you don’t need distilled water. 

However, if the hardness of water is greater than 12 gm. per lt., mix tap water with distilled water in equal proportions. 

Even some irons like Steamfast recommends using distilled water or demineralized water. 

By the way, is distilled water safe for irons? As this water is acidic, you shouldn’t use it. But, if the manufacturer suggests using it, use it without any doubt. 

16. Ironing water

Sometimes your dress may smell weird. That’s why you might prefer to use scented ironing water for ironing your garments.

Many local brands produce ironing water using artificial fragrance, phosphate, and other chemicals. These elements can be dangerous for your clothes and health. 

Therefore, you can prepare homemade ironing water instead of buying one. Just use essential oil, distilled water, and natural fragrance. 

First of all, take a spray bottle. Now, mix these three elements and pour them into the bottle. Shake the bottle a little and start applying it to your dresses. 

Now, feel the smell of your clothes. Hopefully, your partner and friends may like it!

17. Spray starch

spray starch is in action
You can use spray starch to get fresh garments

Spray starch is gaining more popularity as it makes ironing faster and keeps garments fresh and crisp. 

Apart from that-

  • They perform better on any garment
  • Protects garments from sticking to soleplate.
  • Give professional touch to fabrics
  • Clothes may smell nice

However, this product is a little bit expensive. Therefore, you can prepare starch at your home using cornstarch. 

One last thing, always check the ingredients before buying this product. It may contain harmful elements like formaldehyde and phenol.

18. Spray bottle

A spray bottle can be essential for you. Sometimes, you may want to apply vinegar or essential oil to your clothes. In such cases, you need a spray bottle to throw solutions on your clothes.

Therefore, always keep a spray bottle in your laundry room. Don’t worry. It is totally cheap. 

19. Wrinkle release spray

Wrinkles on garments can be a matter of headache for you. Am I correct? So, what should you do? Most wrinkle sprays in the market contain chemicals. So, prepare wrinkle releaser at your home

To do it, you need-

  • White vinegar
  • Essential oil
  • Distilled water
  • Spray bottle


  • mix those elements together
  • pour this solution into a spray bottle
  • Lay your clothes on an ironing board or keep them on hangers.
  • Apply this solution to your garments.
  • Start ironing your clothes and cover the whole area.

20. Essential oil

essential oil in a spray bottle
Essential oil can remove bad smell from dresses

Who doesn’t love fresh and crisp clothes? I think all of you may be a big fan of scented garments. That’s why you might use natural ironing water for your clothes. Sometimes, these products can be expensive a little bit.

So, what is the solution? You can use essential oil to remove bad odours from clothes

Moreover, it comes with different scents like-

  • Sweet orange
  • Lavender
  • Lemon
  • Eucalyptus
  • Rosemary
  • Cedarwood
  • Tea tree
  • Peppermint

My wife is a big fan of essential oil. Whenever she irons, she uses it. She buys this product from Amazon. To check this product, click here.

21. White vinegar

Do you know what the most popular laundry item is? Obviously, it is white vinegar as it can clean your clothes and iron. Moreover, if you use them in exact amount, they won’t disappoint you. 

Sometimes, your soleplate and steam vents may become dirty and won’t work properly. In such situations, use vinegar.

  • First thing first, prepare a mixture of baking soda and vinegar. 
  • Now, unplug your iron and let it cool for 15 to 20 minutes. 
  • Take a toothpick and gently clear the clogged vents. 
  • Pick a soft and immerse it into the vinegar solution.
  • Rub the soleplate with towel and search for melted plastics and clean those too.
  • Now, again clean soleplate with normal tap water.

Like soleplate, you can use vinegar to clean water reservoir too. Remember, vinegar is quite acidic. So, you have to rinse soleplate and tank after applying vinegar.

22. Toothpaste

If you don’t have white vinegar in your house, don’t worry. There are other alternatives too. You can use toothpaste to clean your soleplate too. How to do it?

  • Unplug iron from power connection and keep it in iron rest zone for few minutes.
  • Take sufficient amount of toothpaste from your bathroom.
  • Rub it on the soleplate and cover the whole surface.
  • Again wait for few minutes and take a clean terry cloth towel.
  • Clean the soleplate properly with towel.

Remember, you have to clean soleplate properly after applying toothpaste. If not, your clothes may smell like toothpaste!

23. Baking soda

Another all-rounder cleaning item is baking soda. It is a natural bleach. So, it can easily whiten and clean your dresses. The list isn’t finished. It works better with your iron too.

To do it-

  • First, take baking soda in a jar and add water to it.
  • Dilute the mixture properly.
  • Now, apply the solution on soleplate and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Clean soleplate carefully with a clean towel. 
  • You can use water to clean the steam vents. Otherwise, you may face problems while steaming.

24. Soleplate Cleaning Kit

Soleplate cleaning kits can effectively clean soleplate. This kit is highly recommended to use. Just check its pros.

  • It perfectly cleans soleplate.
  • Works amazing on most irons.
  • Remove melted materials, starch, and patch glue quickly.
  • You can apply it on soleplate if it is hot.
  • Chemical-free product.
  • Improves the gliding power of irons.
  • Perfectly clean dirty steam vents.
  • Cheap and easy to use.

Last few words on ironing tools

Ironing is a skill that you need to learn. Using the right tools and equipment can ensure better protection for your fabrics. You may not have to spend too much money on these tools. Just take time and buy one after another.

Nobody prefers scorch or burn marks on his or her clothes. So, spending money on ironing tools can be a profitable investment.

So, what do you think? Don’t forget to leave a comment below!

Goodbye for now. 

Lastly, improve your ironing skills! 


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