Is Ironing Spray The Same As Starch?[Analyzed!] 

Stay fit in your busy life can be challenging. You can’t just depend on ironing only. You may use ironing spray and starch for nice-looking garments.

Is ironing spray the same as starch? Both of these items are almost the same. They both remove wrinkles, quicken ironing, and crisp clothes. However, starch gives more stiffness as it is more solid compared to ironing spray.

In this article, I will cover the pros and cons of both ironing spray and starch. Just carry on.

Difference Between Ironing Spray and Starch

Both ironing spray and starch are almost the same. They let you iron easily and keep your garments stay out of wrinkles. Moreover, they-

  • Prevent stains on clothes.
  • Give professional touch to dresses.
  • Improve lifespan of garments.
  • Make ironing faster.
  • Remove wrinkles quickly. 

When you iron your shirts, pants, and dresses, you can use them without any doubt. Generally, they are perfect for all fabrics like polyester, cotton, rayon, spandex, and wool.

So, what do they do to garments? They make an easy gliding surface on fabrics to move iron freely. After using and cleaning for several years, soleplate of irons might not be suitable for your dresses. Therefore, use these solutions to save gentleness of garments.

However, there are slight differences between them. For better understanding, take a look at the following table.

FeatureStarchIroning Spray
Solid natureMore solidIt’s lighter than starch
Creating StiffnessGives stiffness to fabricsCreates less stiffness in fabrics, but more ironing after spraying makes the fabrics stiffer.
Making crispnessYesYes
Wrinkle releaserYesYes
Dipping the fabricsYesNo 
Commercial useMore suitableLess suitable.
Leaving residueNoNo

How to Use Starch and Ironing Spray

  • First of all, shake the bottle properly before start working.
  • Hold spray bottle almost six to ten inches away from clothes.
  • Now, start spray. But, never spray too much. 
  • Just after finish spraying, iron clothes properly for optimal performance.

If you aren’t satisfied with the result, you may apply spray on clothes and iron again. For extra-large garments, like drapes and gowns, separate the whole in some sections. Then, spray one section at a time.

Before spraying, check clothes tag to understand whether the cloth is washable or not. Spray and starch are never allowed on dry clean only clothes. Especially, starch can react negatively in this case.

Benefits of using ironing spray and starch


First of all, both are perfect for all fabrics. So never worry about applying them on curtains, gowns, professional attires, sheets, and bedsheets. 

Do you love to do crafting, quilting, and sewing? Starch keeps the quilting blocks stiff. So, pressing them becomes much easier. My wife loves quilting a lot. Previously, she faced difficulty in doing it. Now, she never does crafts without starch!

Lastly, they are better for both bachelors and larger families. You can also use them for both light and dark colored fabrics.   

Comfortable Ironing

iron and clothes over an ironing board cover
Ironing spray and starch ensure comfortable ironing

These laundry products prevent clothes from sticking to irons. So, your fabrics will be safe from hot soleplate. Ultimately, ironing will be fast and smoother.

Moreover, they never clog the steam vents and leave no stains behind. Clogged vents can hamper steaming, vertical steaming, and the overall ironing process. 

However, never forget to clean your iron after use. Use a clean and soft towel to clean the soleplate gently. If you want, you can use branded soleplate cleaning kit.

No Flakes, No stains

Stains on clothes might sadden everyone. Therefore, you may try numerous means found on the internet on your clothes. However, finding a perfect solution for light and dark fabrics can be tough. 

Luckily, these solutions are non-flaking and leave no stains behind. 

Kick Out Wrinkle

Removing wrinkles can be tough sometimes. So, you may require polishing clothes for longer durations. However, such practices may not be beneficial for clothes at all. For example, polyester may shrink at high temperatures. Even delicate fabrics may not be in good shape when you iron them for hours.

But, ironing after apply sprays can be pretty easy. So, it may reduce the burden of ironing and protects clothes. 

Give nice odors

a person is protecting his nose from smelly clothes
Ironing spray and starch remove bad odors from garments

After working and exercising on Sunday, you may sweat a lot. Resultantly, clothes may smell odd. To solve this problem, wash clothes with vinegar or spray with essential oil.

If you want, you can apply ironing spray and starch to remove bad scents from garments. Both are available in scent or scent-free versions. 

I enjoy this light smell very much. You notice it only when you keep your nose close to clothes.

Professional laundry service

Finding professional services may be difficult in some cities. Even in big cities, these services may be expensive. Moreover, they may use chemical-based starch for dry cleaning purposes. These chemicals damage clothes and remove tenderness of garments.

Therefore, use these sprays for giving clothes professional level finishing. So, they are a great value for money. 

Are Ironing Spray and Starch Bad for Clothes?

These laundry products aren’t free from their pitfalls. Take a look at the following cons-

  • This product is a little expensive.
  • You may face problems in drying starched items. Drying will be slow.
  • May shine clothes slightly.
  • Starch may not stiff garments as expected.
  • Can’t remove all wrinkles effectively.
  • Scorch fabrics when iron is too hot.
  • Regular use may leave residue on upper side of fabrics.
  • May clog steam vents if iron isn’t cleaned properly.

Most importantly, check the ingredients before buying starch. Some starch in the market can be detrimental to clothes and body as it contains-

  • Phenol
  • Formaldehyde
  • Pentachloride

Always pick starch prepared with natural and biodegradable items.

Moreover, you need to follow some safety instructions for using them.

Safety instructions

  • Use them as per the directions.
  • Never apply on your body parts.
  • Avoid inhaling vapors.
  • Never use them at temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius.
  • Don’t use them on baby items.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Spray Starch work without ironing?

Spray starch can benefit you in many ways. You can use it for all your fabrics. You may not know that it isn’t mandatory to apply iron after spraying starch. 

If you want, you can use garment steamer on your clothes. Handheld steamer is a great alternative to iron. In many cases, steamers offer better results compared to irons.

Therefore, you can polish garments using clothes steamer after applying starch.

What can I use instead of spray starch?

The main purpose of spray starch is to make ironing faster and smooth. Therefore, you can use many items if you don’t have spray starch. You can choose-

  • Ironing spray
  • Essential oil
  • Vinegar
  • Ironing water
  • Natural fragranced water

These items will reduce the regular ironing time. Most importantly, your clothes will be fresh and look great. 

Conclusion on ironing water and starch 

People use ironing spray and Starch to beautify our fabrics. Yet, the results of applying these two things are almost the same.

Lastly, never use them in excessive amounts on your items. Read the instructions on the bottle to understand the perfect amount. 

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