Does Ironing Shrink clothes?[Be An Expert!]

It may be a nightmare when your favorite garments shrink. So, you should know whether ironing shrinks your clothes or not.

Does ironing shrink clothes? No, ironing doesn’t shrink clothes in most cases. However, you need to ensure the right setting for every fabric. At high temperatures, iron may shrink synthetic fibers, like polyester, nylon, or spandex. In contrast, natural fabrics like cotton or wool don’t shrink when ironed. However, at extreme temperatures, cotton may shrink.

What does iron do to clothes?

Hot soleplate of your iron can weaken the bond between particles of a fiber. Therefore, when iron presses the fabrics, it can be reshaped easily.

Now, you may know that iron doesn’t shrink clothes. Then, what are the specific roles of ironing to clothes? Take a look-

  • Iron removes wrinkles from clothes.
  • It helps to rectify bad spots from clothes.
  • Helps fabric to retain their shape over time.
  • It keeps the fabric smooth.

By the way, ironing never shrinks clothes in normal condition. But, in extreme situations, it may shrink synthetic, like polyesters or spandex. Even it may stretch clothes, if treat at extremely hot temperatures.

Therefore, you need to iron garments carefully. For optimal results, follow ironing safety rules to save garments and your family members. Because, your favorite steam iron can be dangerous anytime.

Why do clothes shrink?

Shrink can be defined as the overall change in the appearance or properties of clothes. In general, natural fibers shrink more compared to synthetic one. That’s why Synthetics are gaining more popularity day by day.

If you wash natural fibers, cotton, wool with extremely hot water, they may shrink. Therefore, it is always recommended to wash them with either cool or warm water. Another cause of shrinkage is the rough movement inside the washing machine.

Your favorite cotton sweater may shrink if you use iron or dryer at hot temperatures. Such a situation can shrink polyester, spandex, and nylon too.

Hence, the main reasons behind shrinkage are-

  • High temperature of dryer and washer.
  • Rough movement in washer.
  • Extremely high temperature of iron.

Does ironing stretch clothes?

You can straighten your cotton shirt with an iron. Just check the procedures mentioned below.

  • First, wet your t-shirt in cool water.
  • Use your hand to remove excess water from garment.
  • Now, lay it on an ironing board. Choose a robust ironing board or ironing blanket to do so. However, you can use reading table or your bed.
  • Keep your iron on low to medium heat and press it on the fabric. Cover the whole area and go in every direction. Flip the t-shirt over and iron the back too.
  • Leave your fabric flat on the ironing board and give it the last tug. Spread it out using weights around borders.

How to prevent clothes from shrinking

Check care label

Checking Clothes Tag
Checking Clothes Tag

Checking the care label of your garment can save it from shrinking. So, check that instruction carefully.

If it says don’t iron, then steam it. Otherwise, your clothes may shrink substantially.

Iron at low temperature

Synthetic fabrics like polyester can’t endure high heat. So at higher temperatures, they may shrink. However, they are notable for their shrink-resistant behavior. Moreover, natural fibers, like cotton, may shrink too at high temperatures.

Therefore, you should be more careful when ironing clothes.

Use cool water during washing

Use a gentle cycle that uses cool or warm water. It’ll protect clothes from shrinking. Moreover, it removes stains from clothes and never hurts the properties of fabrics.

Therefore, your fabrics will be in good shape in the long run.

Don’t over-dry

Hot temperature of the dryer can shrink fabrics as the washer does. Even synthetic materials, spandex or nylon may be compromised at high heat.

Therefore, try to air dry clothes instead of using an air dryer.

Upgrade appliance

Your current washer and dryer may not be that smart. Most importantly, its settings may be the sole reason for shrinkage.

Therefore, buy a new one that ensures the best protection for your clothes.

Frequently asked questions

Will clothes shrink on high heat?

First of all, every fabric doesn’t behave in the same way. However, most fabrics shrink at extremely high temperatures. Shrinkage in fabrics happens when garments are used in washer and dryer.

Therefore, read the instructions in the clothes tag to understand the perfect wash and dry settings. Never overload your washing machine or dryer. Don’t be crazy!

Tips to prevent shrink

  • Read clothes tags to set the perfect wash and dry settings.
  • Use gentle cycle for both washer and dryer.
  • Use the tumble cycle of your washing machine.
  • Always air dry clothes instead of using the dryer.
  • If you use a dryer, make sure that you don’t use it too often.
  • After washing and drying, remove clothes from washer and dryer as soon as possible.

Does ironing cotton make it shrink?

Yes, ironing cotton can make it shrink. Therefore, modern-day iron has a separate temperature setting for ironing cotton. So when you are going to iron cotton, always use that perfect setting.

If you heat cotton too much, it may shrink. The perfect way to iron cotton is to use the steam function of your steam iron. Steam works better on cotton. Yeah, it’s steam. So, steam your favorite cotton dresses.

How do you shrink clothes that are too big?

The main key to shrink clothes is the high heat. If you wash and dry clothes at high heat, they may shrink. Now, follow the steps below to shrink your clothes-

  • First things first, put your cloth in a large bucket. Make sure that the bucket is heat resistant. Avoid plastic buckets.
  • Now, pour hot water into the bucket. Wait few minutes, allowing the garment to cool down.
  • Take the clothes out and place them in the washing machine. Run a cycle that uses hot water.
  • After the cycle ends, use clothes dryer to dry it. Again, run it at high heat.
  • Remove cloth from the dryer.

After few moments, try it on and see the magic. So, no more loose garments!

Can you unshrink clothes?

  • First of all, take a tub or bowl. Now, fill it with lukewarm water and add two tablespoons of baby shampoo to it.
  • Now, soak your garment in the water and leave it there for around 30 minutes.
  • Rinse the fabric properly and use a towel to remove excess water.
  • Lay the garment on another dry towel.
  • Use your hand to stretch it out smoothly to its initial size. Use weights around the edges to do so.
  • Now, air dry the cloth properly.

Bottom line

Learning the ins and outs of ironing may be advantageous for you. Knowing everything about ironing may allow ironing your clothes properly.

So, what do you think about ironing? Leave a comment below!

Goodbye shrinkage!

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