Ironing Clothes vs. Washing [Which Is Better?]

Adopting appropriate care of garments is sometimes confusing. Some might say ironing and washing are compliments to each other. But, is it true? Do these methods have differences in them?

To understand this important issue better, read this article.

Can you iron clothes instead of washing?

In order to get an answer to the above question, you have to focus on their differences.

Let’s discuss this matter.

Washing present insect-free clothes

a moth is wandering around
Washing can make clothes 100% germ-free

Hot temperature settings of your favorite steam iron can remove harmful insects from clothes. Sometimes, you may notice fleas, fungus, dust mites, moth eggs, lice, and bed bugs on garments. At such points, press clothes with clothes iron. Take a look-

Insect Killing temperature(Fahrenheit) Killing temperature(Celsius)
Fleas 95 35
Moth eggs 120 50
Fungus 140-160 60-70
Lice 130 54
Dust mites 130 54

From the above chart, it is clear that if you want to kill dust mites on garments, set your iron at around 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, run the hot soleplate on items.

However, ironing can’t remove all germs effectively. To get full germ-free clothes, there is no better alternative to washing.

Therefore, wash your garments properly to keep clothes safe from insects, germs, viruses, bacteria. While washing, use-

  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Baking soda
  • Strong laundry detergent
  • Laundry additives

Powerful laundry detergent along with laundry additives function great on germs without putting any negative effects. However, never use baking soda and vinegar together. If so, they’ll neutralize the effects of each other.

So, if your main concern is removing germs, wash garments instead of ironing.

Washing removes stains effectively

Dining out with friends can leave sauce stains on t-shirts or jeans. Even, when you play American football at your university, your favorite club’s jersey may be covered with stubborn grass stains. So, dealing with stains can be your everyday task.

Luckily, you can solve stain problem by washing fabrics. Although, you may have to use different technique for different stain type. For example, toothpaste works great on grass stains. In contrast, you have to hydrogen peroxide if you deal with blood marks.

Remember, you can’t apply hot iron on stains marks without washing items. If so, stains will be permanent and you may not be able to wear that gorgeous dress again. What a loss!

Therefore, wash your garments to remove stains. Moreover, you don’t have to wash the whole garments. Just apply the suitable solution (vinegar, baking soda, or hydrogen peroxide, or toothpaste) on stain marks only.

By the way, do you know how to remove stains from clothes? If not, then browse the internet to know and be a pro in this field.

Washing protect garments from diseases

Everyone wants to ensure better lives for his kids. You may not be an exception in this case. You may know that one of the leading causes of child’s death is diarrhea. According to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, It kills 2195 children every day, which is more than the combined total of deaths due to malaria, measles, and AIDS.

If you want to assure disease-free cloths for kids, wash their garments properly. Even, handwashing garments can give you the desired result.

In contrast, ironing garments isn’t effective at all in this case. It may remove wrinkle, polish garments, and give professional touch. But, nothing else. Even, it may put scorch marks or fade your favorite dress. So, never iron your dresses more frequently.

Washing is safer for delicates

Treating delicate items can be difficult. If you iron them regularly, smoothness of silk, cashmere, and wool can be compromised.

On the other hand, washing, especially handwashing, can make them last longer. Because-

  • It is gentle on fabrics.
  • Can remove stains without making them rough.
  • Never apply hot temperature on garments.

Hence, washing is the best way to treat delicates. At this point, both hacks (washing and ironing) aren’t substitute for each other.

Ironing garments vs. washing

Clothes are kept nicely after ironed
Ironing can remove wrinkles from clothes

Many people start their days with ironing clothes. It’s the quickest way to beautify your garments. Apart from that, ironing has other advantages too. For example, it protects garments from shrinkage. Even, it can improve longevity of clothes.

To reap benefits of ironing, you must follow ironing tips and ironing safety rules. Not only that, you have to purchase essential ironing tools and equipment. Moreover, you have to practice ironing a lot. Otherwise, you may end up with scorched fabrics.

In contrast, washing is the best way to get stain-free clothes. It protects items from life threatening germs and diseases and takes the finest care for delicate and expensive fibers. Most importantly, it isn’t that complex compared to ironing.

Lastly, ironing and washing can be complement to each other in many cases. For many purposes (removing wrinkles, polishing garments), effects of these two are almost the same. However, if your focus is to remove stain, germs, and diseases, wash clothes properly. Ironing alone can’t bring you much success in these occasions.


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