8 Ironing Facts[Everyone Should Know!]

Do you know everything about ironing? Knowing facts may help you to become an expert in ironing.

So, let’s go and enrich you!

Does regular ironing make clothes last longer?

The answer is both yes and no. Ironing makes clothes last longer, provided that you iron them properly.

First thing first, lifespan of clothes depends on so many factors. You need to ensure proper care for your fabric. Of course, ironing can benefit garments in numerous ways such as-

  • It removes creases from clothes.
  • Keeps dresses look fresh.
  • Removes bad smells from clothes.
  • Keeps dirt and germs away.
  • Extends longevity.

However, if you can’t iron clothes properly and do it too often, your garments won’t last long. To extend durability of clothes-

  • You need to use the optimal temperature and steam setting of iron for every fabric.
  • Iron your clothes appropriately.
  • Use pressing cloth.
  • Never iron too frequently.
  • Use washer appropriately. Check cloth care label for more information.

Is it bad to iron clothes every day?

A steam iron is removing wrinkles from clothes
You shouldn’t iron clothes everyday.

No, ironing is not bad for clothes. Generally, it protects clothes from loss over time. However, when you iron clothes every day in the wrong way, it may affect clothes negatively.

Therefore, you may iron fabrics every now and then. It’s totally okay. But, knowing the proper setting of iron is a must here. Perfect ironing won’t damage your clothes.

A general rule is to use a powerful steam iron that performs better on almost every fabric. Most importantly, make sure that your iron is clean. Otherwise, it may be harmful to clothes. So,

  • After ironing, wash soleplate properly with water.
  • Check the steam vents whether they are clogged or not.
  • Use tap water. For hard water, use a mixture of tap water and bottled fountain water.
  • Empty the water tank after every use.

Now, use iron for polishing your clothes. Don’t worry. It isn’t bad for your garments.

Does starch need to dry before ironing?

No, you shouldn’t need to dry items before ironing. Starching can be a wonderful way to add crispness to your clothes. after applying starch, just wait a few moments to let the starch work. you don’t need to dry items. 

Moreover, when garments are slightly wet, they are easy to iron. If you want to iron them after drying properly, you may face some difficulty. 

Does ironing clothes make a difference?

an iron is processing clothes
Ironing clothes can make a significant difference.

Yeah, for sure. Ironing clothes can make a huge difference. Because it-

  • Helps you to look fresh. In the corporate world, ironed clothes can help you to grow your career faster.
  • Ensures durability of your clothes by keeping wrinkles and stubborn creases away.
  • Improves the first impression. In your first meeting, it makes you confident.
  • Saves a lot of money. In big cities, professional laundry services may be costly. By knowing ironing tips and tricks, you can save dimes.
  • Helps you to start your own laundry business! Isn’t it amazing? Bingo!

Is there an easier way to iron clothes?

Obviously, there are ways to iron garments quickly. Among all, using garment steamer is the best and fastest way to polish clothes. It has many pros. See the following lists-

  • Let you iron clothes quickly.
  • It heats up quickly compared to regular dry or steam irons.
  • Super easy and flexible to use.
  • Perfect for lazy persons!
  • Remove creases easily without harming softness.
  • It holds a great amount of water.
  • Suitable for traveling.
  • Compact size makes storage easier.
  • Doesn’t require an ironing board to operate.

However, if you can’t afford a handheld steamer, use you can use the following-

Can you iron clothes straight from the washing machine?

Yeah, you can. Surprisingly, it is the best practice to iron clothes. When clothes are removed from the washer, they are slightly wet and easier to process. You don’t need to press iron too hard on clothes.

In contrast, if you dry clothes after washing, you may face trouble ironing them. In some situations, such ironing may damage delicate fabrics. Therefore, you need to moisten clothes using water. Even you may need pressing cloth. Isn’t it messy!

Therefore, always iron dresses just after removing them from the washing machine. Most importantly, never forget to remove excess water using your hands.

Why is the blend of cotton and spandex fabrics so difficult to iron?

First of all, spandex is made of plastic. Therefore, it shouldn’t be ironed. Basically, cotton and spandex are blended to create cotton more wrinkle-resistant.

That’s why ironing cotton and spandex is too difficult. Instead of ironing, you can hang the garment in a wet bathroom. Then, run the hot shower so that steam may remove wrinkles easily.

This is the best method to polish this fabric. However, if you want to iron this blend, try to use your iron’s least possible heat settings. To ensure better protection, use a pressing cloth.

If you want my opinion, I would suggest you not iron this blend. The main reason is that hot soleplate can damage your fabric any time. Even you may not understand it.

Can a garment steamer be used to dry wet clothes?

A garment steamer is polishing clothes
Garment steamer can make ironing comfortable

No, absolutely not. Actually, garment steamer throws vapors towards the cloth to remove wrinkles effectively from it. So applying steamer on a wet cloth is nothing but a wastage of time and money.

Moreover, you can’t expect to dry clothes using a steamer. Instead, you can use an iron to do it. However, if the garment is fully wet, use your hand to remove excess water. Then, apply iron to it. When you apply iron-on fully wet clothes, the soleplate may be damaged.

So, be careful!

Bottom Line

So, what do you think about these facts? Are you curious to know more?

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