Do Ironed Clothes Last Longer?[Analyzed!]

Improving lifespan of fabrics can be challenging. Overwashing or overdrying can affect garments in the long run. But, what about ironing? Do ironed clothes last longer?

Do ironed clothes last longer? Ironing may benefit clothes in numerous ways. However, ironing doesn’t extend lifespan of garments. Instead, frequent ironing can burn fabrics, make garments rough, and leave brown stains on them.

To understand this issue better, let’s focus on the side effects of ironing first.

Let’s start.

Side effects of ironing clothes

In our everyday and corporate life, you’ve to stay fit. Otherwise, you may not stand out. As a result, ironing garments has become an important chore. It can-

  • Remove permanent wrinkles and unwanted creases from clothes.
  • keep garments fresh and firm.
  • Remove foul odor, especially underarm odor, from garments.
  • Save clothes from laundry errors.
  • Protect clothes from srinkage.
  • Save fabrics from harmful and annoying germs like dust mites, bed bugs, lice, fungus, fleas, and moths.
  • Remove viruses and bacteria from surface of your dresses.

However, ironing can be harmful to your garments too. It can affect garments negatively when you iron items carelessly. 

So, what are the negative effects of ironing? Take a look-

Put scorch or burn marks

Clothes iron is burning fabrics
Iron can leave burn marks on fabrics

Scorch marks on garments can happen if you aren’t careful while ironing. Before ironing, select the right temperature according to fabric type. Otherwise, wrong heat settings can put scorch marks on items. 

If scorch marks are light, you’ve still a chance to save garments. Unfortunately, you’ve nothing to do when you burn fabrics.

But, how to solve light scorch marks problem? Thespruce suggests-

  • Whenever you notice iron marks, stop ironing immidiately.
  • Now, apply powerful laundry detergent with your fingers on stain marks.
  • Allow the detergent to work for around 10 minutes.
  • Then, wash fabrics at the highest temperature that the fabric can endure.

Apart from that, there is another method too to deal with this problem. In this procedure-

  • First, wipe clean the affected area with a cloth soaked in distilled white vinegar.
  • After that, dip another clean towel in water. 
  • Now, clean that spot with this towel too.
  • Repeat this process until iron marks are gone fully.

However, these methods won’t work if marks are too heavy. In such situations, you have to treat spots using-

  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Ammonia or
  • Oxygen-based bleach.

Leave brown stains

Before ironing, you’ve to fill water tank. Choosing the right type of water can be troublesome.

Nowadays, most irons have built-in anti-calcium feature. This advanced technology saves iron from mineral deposits. However, when water is hard enough, manufacturer advises using mixture of distilled water and tap water. Otherwise, your steam iron may spit brown water and leave it on garments.

Hence, be careful about iron and ensure proper care of it. To solve this stain problem-

  • Clean your soleplate and steam vents regularly.
  • Rinse iron properly after using ironing spray or starch.
  • Utilize the self-clean function according to the instruction manual.
  • Always keep the water tank empty after every use.
  • Never pour any harmful cleaning agent into the reservoir.
  • Don’t use 100% pure distilled water.
  • If you want garments to smell fresh, prepare handmade ironing water using distilled water, essential oil, and natural fragrance.

Make fabrics rough

Obviously, ironing is necessary for your outfits. It makes garments wrinkle-free within minutes. But, according to realmanstyle, you need to be wary regarding your iron. Otherwise, it may damage fabrics permanently. 

Before ironing clothes, make sure that you’re using the proper temperature settings. Use thermostat knob to select the correct heat and steam. For better protection, lay a pressing cloth over items. Most importantly, always try to iron damp clothes. 

For delicate fabrics, use a garment steamer. Remember, perfect steaming not only removes wrinkles but also softens them. However, never apply too much steam.

By the by, learning the perfect ironing requires time. Use the best ironing tools and equipment and protect your items.

Leave sticky objects

Your iron can get sticky residue overages. The main reasons behind sticky residues are-

  • Utilizing too high temperature to iron garments.
  • Using starch too often.
  • Melted objects like rubber on soleplate.
  • Not cleaning the soleplate regularly.

Therefore, when you iron fabrics with faulty soleplates, it may leave sticky objects. So, never neglect these adhesives. Instead, learn how to solve this problem.

How to iron garments

a person is removing wrinkles with iron
One must learn how to iron garments

Sometimes, you’ve no option but ironing fabrics. In addition, laundry charges can be pretty high in megacities like Newyork. Therefore, try to iron outfits at your home.

While ironing, follow some tips and tricks. Take a look-

  • Before ironing, wash fabrics properly. 
  • Never run iron over stains. If so, it may set stains for good.
  • Use correct temperature settings. Remember, the perfect temperature of one fabric can’t be suitable for another.
  • For better results, use an ironing board. If you can’t afford one, buy an ironing mat.
  • Don’t try to iron dry fabrics. Before ironing, damp them using spray bottle or spray mist button.
  • Turn items inside out before ironing.
  • Maintain a proper order while ironing. Start with items requiring lower heat and move onwards.
  • Try to use pressing cloth to protect fabrics from high heat.

Ironing safety and tips

According to wikihow, ironing can be dangerous for you and your family members. Therefore-

  • Keep children away from hot iron.
  • Let your iron cool for 10 to 15 minutes before storing it.
  • Before buying, check the safety features. Never buy cheap irons, as they don’t come with auto shut-off options.
  • Try to handle this appliance with care. 
  • Never place iron in horizontal mode on fabrics. It can burn material or lit fire in your house.
  • If your iron is damaged, take service from manufacturer or authorized person. Unauthorized repairs can void the warranty.

For more safety instructions, check top 15 ironing safety rules.

Always try to invest in a standard iron. If you don’t prefer spending too much, purchase a low-budget iron. 

If you want my suggestion, check Maytag M200 iron. It works great on most garments. Moreover, it’s designed with so many advanced features like-

  • Speed heat technology
  • Precision thermostat
  • Anti-calcium feature
  • Auto shut-off
  • Self-clean feature
  • Powerful vertical steaming

Interestingly, this awesome iron comes with a surprisingly lower price tag. Hence, buy and try it on your own. You may like it. According to many users, it performs better than famous brands Rowenta, Black+ Decker in many cases.

Iron clothes wisely and correctly!

Irons are manufactured to offer the best care to your garment. It can shape garments properly and polish stubborn spots quickly. 

However, if you don’t have proper ironing skills, it can do irreversible damage to items. Moreover, there is no proof that ironed clothes last longer. 

Lastly, if you want your items to last longer, buy high-quality fabrics. Then, wash and dry them regularly according to the clothes tag.


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