How To Remove Grass Stains From Clothes With Vinegar

A Bottle of vinegar with brush.

Your kids can easily stain their outfits with grass marks. That’s a hell of a problem, which can’t be solved quickly. Some might tell you fancy ways to rectify that stubborn stains. However, you can solve this problem with an affordable product, vinegar. Sounds fun, ha? To know more, read this article. To make things … Read more

Can You Use Rice Vinegar For Laundry?

Rice vinegar in a container

There are different types of vinegar in the market, and rice vinegar is one of them. Some of you might use it for cleaning fabrics. But is it safe for satisfying laundry needs? Can you use rice vinegar for laundry? Generally, you shouldn’t pick rice vinegar for laundry purposes. It may stain items because of its … Read more

Rowenta DW9280 VS. DW9281 [The Differences!]

rowenta iron is polishing garments

German brand Rowenta is renowned for its eye-catching design and durability. Both DW9280 and DW9281 have gained credibility among consumers because of their mesmerizing features. However, they are slightly different from one another. In this article, I’ll highlight on the differences. Let’s go! Rowenta DW9280 According to manufacturer, Rowenta DW9280 comes with a digital display … Read more

How To Clean Iron With Magic Eraser[Simple & Quicker!]

soleplate of an iron

Many objects like toothpaste, baking soda, vinegar, and salt can clean your iron. Most of you may not know that magic eraser can remove dirt off your soleplate too. That’s why you must learn how this trick works. So, let’s go! Clean iron with magic eraser Instruments Ironing board Water Distilled white vinegar White towel … Read more

Top 24 Ironing Tools and Equipment [Be a Pro!]


Sometimes the overall ironing results might not satisfy you. Therefore, you should use ironing tools and equipment.  First of all, you should know how to iron clothes properly. Then, you should apply these tools and equipment. In this article, I’m going to cover 24 ironing tools and equipment. I hope you may enjoy this article … Read more

13 Reasons Why Your Iron Leaks Water[Save Iron!]

an user is using rowenta iron

Ironing is an impressive way to process fabrics. That’s why you may use a powerful steam iron. But, your iron may leak water sometimes. Why does iron leak water? Your iron may leak water for several reasons. You may have-  Overfilled the tank.  Not closed the tank lid properly. Kept iron in horizontal positions after turning … Read more

19 Ways to Iron Clothes Without Electricity

an iron is using electricity to iron clothes

Looking great is so crucial in your life. That’s why you iron or apply starch on your garments. However, it may be possible that your area has no electricity.  So, can you iron without electricity? There are many ways to polish clothes without using a clothes iron. Frankly speaking, these hacks work just great. Are … Read more

Rowenta DW2459 Iron Reviews[A Must Buy!]

Chi iron is polishing garments

Rowenta is not just a brand. Instead, it’s a place of trust and confidence of numerous users. It has more than 110 years of experience in ironing industry. One of its unique model is “Rowenta DW2459” steam iron. Low price but high performance, this model can offer everything that you need. In this article, I’m … Read more

What Is An Ironing Blanket?

a Eurostam iron is on an ironing board

Are you living in tiny apartments? I guess you may be looking for an alternative to ironing boards because of space problems. Then, you may use an ironing blanket. What is an ironing blanket? Ironing blanket is scorch and heat-resistant mat that allows you to iron on flat surfaces. With this mat, you can iron … Read more

Why Is There So Much Lint In My House?[Stop Fire!]

cloth with lint remover

A couple of months ago, I went to my laundry room. As soon as I steeped my foot into this room, I was shocked to see lint everywhere. It was an overwhelming situation for my family and me. Does it happen to you too? Why is there so much lint in my house? Observing too much … Read more Protection Status