Why Do You Iron Clothes Inside Out? [Solved!]

Many of you may have bitter experiences with your ironed clothes. You might be ironing clothes and unimpressed with your new look. Sometimes, your girlfriend may yell at you to iron clothes inside out!

Why do you iron clothes inside out? You iron your dresses inside out to protect their smooth surface and remove wrinkles easily. Moreover, ironing in this way saves clothes from having shiny marks and ensures durability.

Reasons for Iron Clothes Inside Out

Ironing clothes inside out is a must for you. It has numerous pros. Let’s, take a look.

Protect The Fabric

When ironing, always turn your garments inside out. It is always safer for fabric. Hot iron may burn the dress, provided that you haven’t set the iron’s temperature setting perfectly.

Most importantly, the front side of a garment is always smooth. That’s why taking extra precautions is always better.

Protect Clothes From Shiny Marks

At high temperatures, soleplate may cause your dresses to have shiny marks. If so, you can’t wear your favorite birthday dress anymore. What a wastage!

Therefore, be careful while ironing clothes. Always –

  • Set optimal temperature for your clothes.
  • Turn garments inside out.
  • Use pressing cloth.

Remove Wrinkles Easily

When creases or wrinkles are stubborn, you need to iron for longer hours. However, it may damage the fabric for good.

Therefore, ironing experts always suggest iron clothes now and then. However, you may solve the problem easily by turning garments inside out. Now, press your iron on the fabric.

Ironing in such a way can save your clothes and remove wrinkles too. But, I always suggest you read the clothes tag to understand the ironing setting properly.

Improve Longevity

Ironing clothes inside out may be a wonderful way to ensure durability. When you don’t turn clothes inside out, the surface may be damaged or have scorch marks.

Therefore, to improve the longevity of clothes-

  • Always iron clothes inside out.
  • Don’t iron or wash them too frequently.
  • Follow instructions in clothes tag properly.
  • Don’t use iron in extreme heat.

Fabrics need to inside out

Delicate fabrics are more prone to have shiny marks. Therefore, extra care needs to be taken while ironing them. Always turn the below materials inside out-

  • Wool
  • Silk
  • Satin
  • Rayon

Frequently asked questions

Should you iron shirts inside out?

You should always iron your shirt inside out. It doesn’t matter what the fabric is.

Turning clothes inside out-

  • Saves your shirt from getting pesky marks.
  • It protects the smoothness of your dress.

Most importantly, if you’re a responsible person, turn garments inside out during washing phases too.

What is the correct way to iron?

Follow the steps below to iron dresses in the correct way.

  • Use a sturdy ironing board.
  • Use the appropriate temperature setting.
  • Turn garments inside out.
  • Use a pressing cloth or old cotton shirt or pillowcase cover.
  • Moisten clothes a bit.
  • Iron in proper order. Haphazard ironing may grow more wrinkles.
  • After ironing, air dry clothes.

Do you turn pants inside out when ironing?

It’s always better to turn pants inside out when ironing. Delicate fabrics can be damaged at high heat.

However, you may use a pressing cloth to protect pants. If you don’t have pressing cloth, utilize an old cotton shirt, muslin, or silk organza fabric.

Why does ironing leave white marks?

Sometimes, your iron may leave white marks on your clothes. Follow the tips below to solve the problem.

  • Always check the garment care label.
  • Use the optimal temperature setting for every fabric.
  • Iron fabrics inside out.
  • Use a pressing cloth.
  • Buy a robust ironing board.
  • Iron carefully on sensitive spots, like buttons, seams, or hems.

Why are my shirts still wrinkled after ironing?

Shirts wrinkled after ironing mean that you don’t treat them well before ironing. Hence-

  • Always wash garments carefully. Don’t use hot water cycle of washer.
  • Damp clothes are always tough to process. Therefore, wet clothes a bit.
  • Use wrinkle-release spray.
  • Buy synthetic fabrics. They are flexible to wear and famous for their wrinkle-resistant behavior.
  • Iron properly. Set the heat and steam settings carefully.

Bottom line

Ironing clothes may be an essential part of your daily life. Moreover, ironing garments perfects can help win the hearts of your better half!

Therefore, upgrade your ironing skills by following these tips and tricks.

Do you like these ironing tricks? Leave a comment below.

Happy ironing!





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