How To Self Clean Beautural Iron[Clean Iron!]

Buying an iron from the market can be frustrating. If you search online, you may find numerous irons on Amazon, Walmart, eBay, and Alibaba. However, all of those irons aren’t worthy of buying.

Recently, Beautural steam iron has gained popularity among users because of its advanced features. This iron has come up with Self Clean feature with easy cleaning maintenance. In this article, I’ll cover how to Self Clean Beautural iron.

Self Clean Beautural Iron

To get better service from Beautural iron, you should utilize the Self Clean function regularly. The manufacturer suggests using Self Clean function once every two weeks. To employ the Self Clean,

  • Firstly, fill the water tank with normal tap water. If tap water is hard enough, use mixtures of tap and distilled water. To fill the tank, take some water into a water measuring cup. Now, open the water tank and tilt iron a little. Start pouring water into the reservoir using the cup. However, never cross the Max level marked on the tank.
  • Move the variable steam knob to the ‘Off’ position. To know more, take a look at the instruction manual.
  • Now, plug iron into the nearest power source. Before doing so, check whether power connection and cord are functioning properly or not.
  • Select the highest temperature setting using the Temperature Setting Button. You need to move this button to 9, which is the desired setting for Linen. You may locate the Temperature button on the left side of handle of iron.
  • Leave iron on its heel for around 3 minutes to let it heat up.
  • Disconnect power cord gently from power connection. Now, hold iron over the nearby kitchen sink.
  • Gently press and hold the Self Clean button. When you do so, steam may come out through steam vents. Maintain proper cautions as hot steam may you’re your skin. Most importantly, keep children away as they may be attracted and try to touch the steam. Continue pressing the button until the water tank becomes empty.
  • Once water tank becomes empty, release the Self Clean button. Now, plug your iron into power source again and Heat it to remove any remaining water.
  • Lastly, disconnect iron from power source and allow it to cool down. Set the Variable Steam Button to the ‘Off’ position and store it in a cool and clean place by keeping it on its heel.

Beautural iron comes with an easy maintenance guide. You don’t have to go through extra miles while using this iron. After every use, take a clean piece of cloth to wipe clean the soleplate. Take extra care after using ironing water, sticky residues, and vinegar.

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