How To Put Water In Rowenta Steamer

Rowenta is a German company with many useful appliances. People across the globe prefer to use Rowenta steamers. However, you may face problems in refilling the water tank. When I started using a steamer, I faced this problem too.

To save you from hassle, I’m giving you some useful instructions. To learn more, concentrate on the sections mentioned below.

How to Fill Rowenta Steamer

  • First, check that your iron isn’t connected to power source. If it does, you may electrify yourself. So, be careful and always disconnect cord of your steamer from electrical outlet.
  • Separate the water tank from steamer. You may locate a button located just above the tank. Just press that button and separate tank.
  • Now, remove the inlet cover. Take tank to the nearest kitchen sink and fill the tank directly from the tank. Fill it up to the MAX level marked on the tank wall.
  • Close the tank and place it back in its original place.
  • That’s it. You’re ready. Connect iron to the power source and wait a while. Once steamer is hot, start pressing your clothes.

Things you should know before refilling it

  • First of all, always be sure to unplug your Rowenta before filling it with new oil.
  • Secondly, when refilling the Rowenta, use only the recommended fill level – overfilling can damage your appliance.
  • Finally, never use vinegar or any other strong liquid to refill the Rowenta – this could damage the engine.
  • Never put hard water in your appliance. If water is hard, use mixtures of tap and distilled water.
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