How to iron pants [8 Easy Steps!]

You might regularly iron your shirts, t-shirts, and even underwear regularly. Am I right? But what about your gorgeous silk or wool pants?

Some of you might know that pants should be ironed like shirts. Your wrinkled pants can ruin your mesmerizing look. So, be careful and learn how to polish and press pants.

In this article, I’ll cover 8 easy steps to iron pants. So, learn the techniques and be a pro!

How to iron pants

A man is ironing pant
Ironing pants can be difficult sometimes

Step 1: Collect ironing tools and equipment

First of all, take the proper preparation. Gather the most important ironing tools and equipment to iron pants. These tools are-

After collecting these tools, plugin your iron to the nearest power source. Make sure that the water tank is full up to the maximum fill line and soleplate is totally clean. If base of iron is dirty, it can transfer sticky residue to item. 

That’s why press your iron on a white rag first. If you don’t notice any spot, iron is ready to do its job.

Step 2: Check the garment tag

cloth tag
Always check garment tag before ironing.

Ironing may have some benefits, but it isn’t suitable for all garments. Therefore, check whether your pant can be ironed or not. Care label can provide you with this information. Moreover, it also states the proper ironing temperature. 

Lastly, make sure that your pant is clean. If you iron dirty pants, ironing may set stains permanently. So, be careful. 

Step 3: Lay the pant

Now, keep your iron at the correct temperature settings. For instance, denim requires higher temperatures compared to delicate items like wool and silk.

Lay the pant flat along the length of ironing board positioning one leg over the other. To make ironing easier, sprinkle a little water over heavily creased areas

Now, place pressing cloth over trouser and iron over it. This pressing cloth will protect delicate fabrics from high heat of soleplate.

Step 4: Polish first leg 

Flip one leg back and concentrate on the other. Remember, you shouldn’t cover the whole leg area with a single motion. Instead, focus on smaller sections and slowly work down from pocket area in circular motions. Such gentle touch will save pant from developing further wrinkles. 

If you observe wrinkles after ironing legs, iron them out too. 

Step 5: polish second leg

Bring back the first leg over the second one ensuring that the inseams are lined up. Now, gently press the second leg as before.

Step 6: Repeat

Turn the pant over on the ironing board to polish the other side of legs. Never distort the inseams lined up. Now, repeat the processes mentioned in steps 4 and step 5.

Step 7: Creating a crease

If you wish to iron in a crease at the front of pant, make sure that you position the inseams and side seams directly over each other. As a result, position of crease at the front of legs will be central.  

To create a longer-lasting crease, use a pressing solution. Prepare it using equal parts of water and vinegar. Transfer this solution to a spray bottle. Now, place a terry towel over legs and spray on it. 

Never spray whole area at a time. Rather, spray smaller areas of towel and run iron on it until the towel becomes dry. 

After covering the whole area, remove the towel and allow the crease area to dry completely.

That’s it; your pant is ironed properly. Obviously, it looks gorgeous.

Step 8: The sweat end

Hot iron can be dangerous for anyone, especially kids and aged people. Therefore, remove the cord from power source after ironing. Allow it to cool down before storing it in closets. 

If you don’t want to wear pants right now, transfer them on hangers. Then, place them in your wardrobe. 

Tips and warnings

  • Before ironing, check whether steam vents are clogged or not.
  • To clean iron, use toothpaste, salt, or soleplate cleaning kit. Never use any abrasive or sharp tools for cleaning purposes.
  • Using pressing cloth is a must. Unless hot soleplate can burn fabrics or transfer shiny marks on them.
  • You can iron pants on table or floor instead of using an ironing board. However, sturdy boards can present with professionally ironed pants.
  • Turn pants inside out while ironing.
  • Always use a powerful steam iron. It would be better if you use a burn-proof iron like Eurosteam 1000W iron.
  • Never place iron on a specific spot for longer durations.
  • Never wear pants just after ironing. Let it be cool for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Take extra care while storing ironed pants.

Why men don’t iron their pants

Men don’t prefer to iron their pants for some specific reasons. Take a look-

Lack of information

Ironing pants is a complicated and time-consuming task. Moreover, you may not find valuable information about ironing pants on the internet. The information that you found is worthless. 

As a result, men don’t want to iron their pants. They think that people don’t pay attention to this area.

Complicated task

Most men don’t want to iron their pants. Instead, they take professional ironing or dry cleaning services. Or, they hire housemaids to do such boring jobs.

Generally, ironing pants is complicated compared to polishing shirts. Moreover, if you wear wool or cotton pants, you may fear that ironing can burn them. 

No one cares

Most men think no one at their offices doesn’t pay attention to pants. However, such thinking is totally baseless. 

Always ensure that your pant is wrinkle-free before entering the office. Otherwise, you can’t stand out in the corporate world. 

Hence, invest in a sturdy steam iron with powerful heat and steam function. Most importantly, learn how to iron pants. Don’t worry, I’ll teach you how to complete this tricky job.

Remove shiny marks from pants

Removing shiny marks from pants can be tricky. In most cases, you may not remove it. However, if marks are light, you may be lucky.

For natural fabrics like silk, cotton, or wool, use the following methods-

Cold water 

Soak your pant in cold water for almost 24 hours. After that, remove and line dry pants as usual.


Like cold water, steaming works better against light shiny spots. Just apply some steaming on the affected areas. Hopefully, you may be successful.

Distilled white vinegar

Soak a cloth in distilled white vinegar. Now, keep it on shiny areas. Take another damp towel and place it on that spot. Repeat this process until the marks are gone completely.

Wash with Vinegar 

To remove shiny marks, wash pants with vinegar and powerful detergent. In this case, use vinegar and detergent with proportions of 1:2. 

Most importantly, never use cheap detergent as it can cause irreversible damage to fabrics. 

Hydrogen peroxide 

First, dampen a terry towel with hydrogen peroxide. Now, place it on spots and run hot soleplate over it. Check, whether marks are gone or not. If not, repeat the whole process.

For artificial fibers like polyester, acetate, and acrylic, damp fabric in peroxide. Now, rub this wet cloth on spots. Then, wash, dry, and iron as usual.

Steel wool

Steel wool can perform against shiny iron marks. However, you need to be patient. Otherwise, it may cause further damage to pants. Just scrub shiny spots smoothly with steel wool. 

Apply vinegar and steaming

  • Firstly, take a cloth and dip it into distilled white vinegar. Gently squeeze it to remove the excess water.
  • Turn pants inside out on the ironing board.
  • Keep the vinegar-soaked cloth on the shiny areas.
  • Hold iron on top of the cloth and apply steam pressing the steam button.
  • Rub the shiny spots with grains to restore the fabric.

Always iron pants

Now, you know the basics of ironing pants. So, utilize this knowledge and regularly iron your pants. Never forget to use a pressing cloth and wider ironing boards. These tools may elevate your ironing performance overages.

Properly finished dress-up can make you different from others. Hence, never skip such a scope.


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