How to Close an Ironing Board[A Complete Guide!]

Have you ever faced problems with ironing boards? Many users complain that they can’t fold or close their boards properly. 

Generally, ironing boards are pretty easy to handle. However, you need to be patient to understand the basics.

In this article, I’ll cover how to close or fold the board properly and other related topics. 

How to close an ironing board

  • Firstly, remove all objects like iron, garments, and pressing ham from the top of your ironing board. Take extra care while removing hot iron.
  • Now, place the square back end of board on floor or any flat surface while pointed end stays upward.
  • Push the lever, which is located underneath the board. Remember, some boards may have two levers. However, you have to press one to fold up or close. Such pressing will free the latch that keeps the legs secured.
  • Gently pull the legs towards the board. 
  • Now, use leg the locking system to keep legs secured and close to board. Now, your board is safe to move or transport.

How to fold tabletop ironing board

Tabletop ironing boards are great because of their portability. If you suffer from spacing problems, use them instead of buying folded ones. They can provide you stable but small surface for ironing. In addition, they are easy to fold or close.

While ironing, simply place it on table or bed. After use, fold it by collapsing the legs.  

How to fold over the door ironing board

These boards are notable for their flexibility too. You can secure them behind doors to enjoy a stable surface. 

When you live in shared spaces or university dorms, use them to save a lot of space. They are more convenient to use compared to tabletop boards. 

During use, use your hands to pull down the top and lock it in its position. After use, close it by pressing lever placed under the board. 

How to fold wall mounted ironing board

Sometimes, you may feel tired of getting the ironing board out of your closet. After a hectic day at office, you may abhor this task. In such situations, adjust yourself to wall mounted ironing board. These boards can save space and are easy to install. You can rotate it in 180 degrees.

To close it, just press on the surface with your hands. It’s super easy. If you have any confusion, take a look at the instruction manual.


How to fold a stuck ironing board

Overages, you may face problems with the lever press of your ironing board. In many cases, it can be broken down or misplaced. If so, you can’t fold the board. 

Generally, standard ironing boards are expensive. That’s why I don’t suggest you buy a new one. Instead, check online to find a suitable solution to this problem. To help you in this case, I’ve presented a simple procedure. Check it-

  • First and foremost, place your board upside down on your bed or floor.
  • Now, try to observe the location of metal pin that permits legs to fold completely.
  • Use a screwdriver or broken lever to lift the pin by putting pressure.
  • Try again and again until the metal pin goes up properly. 

This process needs more time and perseverance. You shouldn’t press too hard as it may break the legs for good. When the pin moves up, ironing board will work as before. As a result, this process may save a lot of money.

How to adjust height of an ironing board

Height adjustable feature is a fantastic advantage of boards. Because of that feature, any person can iron garments without having any back pain, irrespective of his height. 

However, this feature may vary from model to model. For Brabantia ironing board, you can adjust its height using the child safety lock. If you want to adjust height, remove the lock from its position. Now, your board is free to adjust. After setting it at a suitable height, place the lock to its position again. Great! 

For Laurastear ironing board, you have to press the height adjusting lever. To lower the surface, lift the adjusting lever by supporting it. In contrast, to raise the height, simply lift the board with your arms. 

Many renowned brands in the market are manufacturing ironing boards for users. If you don’t understand height adjustable feature, read the instruction manual properly.

Tips for folding an ironing board

Standard ironing boards last longer if you take proper care of them. To get the maximum benefits from boards, maintain the following instructions and guidelines. 

  • Always handle this board with great care.
  • Never try to fold board just after ironing items. If so, your hands may burn because of hot soleplate.
  • Always press the lever gently. Remember, you may face difficulty in operating the board if lever is misplaced or broken.
  • When you encounter problems with lever, fix them immediately.
  • After closing or folding board, lock its legs.
  • Store ironing board in a secured place away from children.
  • Utilize the child safety lock during and after use.

If you face problems with your board, search online for solutions or contact the manufacturer directly. 

How to take care of ironing board

Ironing clothes can let you stand out in a crowd. When you use ironing board, it may give superb finishing to your items. That’s why you need to take care of it regularly. To clean an ironing board-

  • First, set up the board by pressing the lever. 
  • Now, remove the cover from surface and wash it. You can hand wash or machine wash it. However, some covers aren’t machine washable. Therefore, use powerful detergent, vinegar, or baking soda to ensure proper cleanliness. 
  • If the cover is machine washable, throw it into washer and run a gentle cycle to save it from rough movements.
  • Carefully remove the pad that stays underneath the cover. Use either Vacuum cleaner or a clean towel.
  • Now, clean the whole ironing board, including legs, with a damp and clean piece of cloth.
  • Lastly, clean the board again with a dry towel. Otherwise, damp towel may develop rust on the surface and hamper the longevity of your board.

Most importantly, try to clean boards once a month. However, if your neighborhood is filthy, clean it more frequently.

Fold board correctly

When you fold or close ironing board, do it gently. Gentle handling can improve the lifespan of boards. 

Most importantly, you should check your fingers before folding. If you aren’t careful enough, this sturdy device can bleed your fingers and stains clothes.

Hence, be careful and stay safe.


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