Hamilton Beach 19803 Iron Review[Best Cheap Iron!]

Hamilton beach manufactures high-quality irons after year-long research and detailed testing. As they have 100 years of experience, you can easily trust them. Many of its models has achieved huge popularity in the US. One of its popular models is-19803.

Are you interested in this model? This article will cover the features, specifications, pros, and cons of Hamilton Beach 19803 Iron.

So, let’s start!

General overview

According to manufacturer, Hamilton Beach 19803 can easily outrank most standard irons in the market. This powerful iron is backed by 1500W power and a scratch-resistant Durathon soleplate. Therefore, you can easily use it as both iron and steamer. To impress you more, it has a powerful steam feature too.

Sometimes users like you complain that steam irons don’t last long. However, this Hamilton Beach is an exception in this case. Generally, this iron lasts ten times more than traditional irons. That’s great!

Removing tough wrinkles from garments isn’t always easy. Because of its mesmerising features, you can wrinkle-free items within minutes, thanks to its improved glide, retractable cord, and vertical steaming.


More steam

This iron produces 60% more steam compared to its most competitors. Even many expensive irons can’t offer you such awesome steam features. Moreover, you can use it in both horizontal and vertical positions.

Durathon Soleplate

Most irons come with ceramic and stainless steel soleplates. However, they don’t have a non-stick coating. As a result, the smoothness of irons might ruin overages.

19803 is designed with Durathon soleplate, which is scratch-proof. Hence, this iron lasts ten times longer than other irons. 

Moderate power

This iron is supported by 1500 watts of power. Many of you might think that this number isn’t that great. However, you shouldn’t forget its price. You can avail this awesome iron for below $40.  

By the way, one of its closest competitors, Sunbeam Steam Master, has 1400 watts of power.

Vertical Steaming

Like other irons, you can use it for vertical steaming. So, don’t open your ironing board. Instead, throw steam towards garments while they’re on hangers.

Retractable cord

Managing a power cord can be troublesome. This problem can be challenging, especially if you live in studio apartments, dorms, or shared spaces. This iron has a retractable cord of 8 ft. in length to save you from such a headache. 

Therefore, press a button, and let iron deal with the cord. 

Auto Shutoff 

This iron can ensure peace of your mind. This iron has three-way auto shutoff system. So, Hamilton Beach will turn off after 30 seconds in horizontal position or on its side and after 15 minutes in vertical positions.

100% Pre-tested

Hamilton Beach always pre-test its irons to let you use the best-quality irons. So, irons are pre-tested before arriving at your doorsteps.

Large temperature dial

This iron comes with a large temperature dial. As a result, you can easily set temperature settings without facing any difficulty.

Additional features

In addition, 19803 has the following features. Take a look-

  • Anti-drip
  • Self-clean
  • Adjustable steam
  • Steam blast
  • Comfortable handle


  • Dimensions of product: 5.79 x 5 x 12.06 inches
  • Model no.: 19803
  • Weight: 3.19 lbs.
  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Manufactured in: China
  • Power cord: 8 ft.(Retractable)
  • Soleplate: Durathon
  • Self-clean System: Yes
  • Anti-drip System: Yes
  • Comfortable Handle: Yes

Things I prefer

  • A lightweight iron.
  • Its anti-drip feature works great. Therefore, it doesn’t leak water while operating.
  • You can use it for pressing and quilting.
  • It can produce a great amount of steam.
  • Soleplate becomes hot in no time.
  • This iron is probably one of the best irons in the market.
  • Its water tank is visible.
  • The temperature dial is large and more detailed.
  • Cheap iron with adjustable steam, spray button, and auto shutoff features.

Things I dislike

  • Some of you may feel that it is slightly heavier.
  • You can’t operate this iron comfortably because of its bulky size.
  • Its settings are not that user-friendly.

Warranty Information

This iron comes with one year warranty period. This period starts from the date of original purchase.

To know more about warranty information, read Hamilton Beach Warranty.

Where to buy Hamilton Beach 19803

Hamilton Beach is a trusted name in the US. Therefore, you can buy it from offline and online marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and Bestbuy.

To buy it from Amazon, click here.

Comparison table

Features Hamilton Beach 19803 Hamilton Beach 19901
Power (watts) 1500 1700
Weight (lbs.) 3.19 3.5
Dimension of product (inches) 5.79 x 5 x 12.06 12.01 x 5.04 x 6.02
Digital temperature control No Yes
Vertical steaming Yes Yes
Auto shutoff Yes Yes
Anti-drip Yes Yes
Power cord (ft.) 8 8

Buying decision

After discussing features, specifications, pros, and cons, it might be clear to you that 19803 is a great iron. It has powerful steam, vertical steaming, high wattage, anti-drip, and auto shutoff systems. However, this iron is kind of bulky and heavy.

Now, the decision is yours. Purchasing this iron is nothing but a great investment. Interestingly, it’s not expensive at all. 

So, why don’t you give it a try? To check its price again, click here.

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