How To Fill a Black and Decker Iron With Water

Black & Decker iron is a favourite name to most users. You can use it for dry or steam ironing your items. It takes great care of your clothes, including both delicates and synthetics. Therefore, it’s urgent to know how to use this iron.

In this article, I’ll teach you how to fill the water tank of a Black & Decker iron. Without filling the tank, you can’t enjoy the steaming.

So, read this how-to-do guide and steam your garments more.

Let’s start.

Fill the water tank

  • First and foremost, remove all stickers, labels attached to the soleplate or body.
  • Make sure that iron is disconnected from power source.
  • Turn off the steam settings.
  • Now, open the water fill hole using hands. Do it gently as rough handling may break it.
  • Take iron to a nearby sink.
  • Grab a measuring cup and pour water into it.
  • Tilt iron at 45 degree and fill the tank with water up to the Max level marked on the tank wall.
  • After filling, close the water fill hole.
  • Lastly, plug iron to power source and start using it.

Instructions to follow

  • Never try to fill the reservoir when iron is connected.
  • Don’t overfill the tank. If so, your iron may drip and moist your garments.
  • Use the correct type of water recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Use tap water for your steam iron. Never use processed ironing water or chemical-based water. These types may damage the inside of your iron.
  • Before steaming, check the tank. If it’s empty, refill it. Otherwise, you may observe intermittent steaming.
  • To keep water tank and steam vents clean, utilise the self clean feature. To learn more about this feature, read the instruction manual of your iron.

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