Does Fabric Softener Prevent Wrinkles? [Save Your Garments!]

Everybody is a fan of softer and brighter fabrics. You may not be an exception in this case. So, it isn’t surprising that fabric softener may be an integral element of your laundry. There are so many pros of using softener.

Does fabric softener prevent wrinkles? Fabric softener may protect your clothes from getting wrinkled by reducing their roughness and static nature. Moreover, it adds an extra layer over garments and keeps them fresh. So, use it during the rinse cycle of washer. However, you may not use this in larger volumes, provided it may harm clothes in the long run.  

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How to use fabric softener to prevent wrinkles

Fabric Softener To Remove Wrinkles
Fabric Softener To Remove Wrinkles.

Now, you know that fabric softener can remove wrinkles from garments. You can use it for any wash-hand washing or machine wash.

Fabric softeners for hand washing

  • First, wash your clothes properly with a mild detergent. You can use an eco-friendly detergent that doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. Most importantly, avoid using chlorine-based detergent.
  • After washing, rinse the garment properly with fresh water.
  • Take a tub and fill it with water.
  • Add a small amount of fabric softener to it and rinse garments properly to remove wrinkles.

You may observe that your favorite dress is totally wrinkle-free. Great!

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Fabric softeners for machine wash

Are you curious to know how to use softener during machine wash? The whole process is pretty simple. First, check the type of washer. Your washer may be front loader or top loader.

Fabric softener dispenser in front loader washer
Fabric softener dispenser in front loader washer

For front loader, add softener to the dispenser or drawer of your washer. In contrast, for top loader, add it to the dispenser (on top of agitator) that is located around the center of your drum.

Fabric softener dispenser in top loader washer
Fabric softener dispenser in top loader washer

If you use a traditional washing machine, don’t worry. I’ll guide you through that process too. In this case, you may not observe any dispenser. So, you need to add it manually.

Remember, always add fabric softener after ending the washing cycle and before the rinse cycle. If you add it during wash cycle, rough movement of washer may remove the last residue of fabric softener. What a loss! Hence, always add them during rinse cycle for better results.

Now, observe the performance. All wrinkles are gone. Bravo!

One last thing, always check garment care label for proper instructions. Some garments may not be washed with fabric softener. So, never use softener in such cases.

Does fabric softener remove wrinkles perfectly?

Softener is one of the most popular items in laundry room. However, you may ask does it work perfectly at removing wrinkles? The answer is yes.

The main advantage of fabric softener is that it softens fabrics. Actually, it reduces the friction among fibers to make garments soft and wrinkle-free.

Moreover, you may wrinkle your dress during ironing and drying phases. Surprisingly, softener helps you in these situations too. As it reduces frictions among fibers, ironing will be smooth and gentle. Drying time will be less too, because it prevents garments from absorbing more water. Therefore, fabric softener means-

  • No more wrinkles in garments.
  • Easier and smooth ironing.
  • Less drying time.
  • Less faded clothes.
  • Brighter and softer fabrics.
  • Sweet fragranced clothes.
  • Long-lasting dress.

Is fabric softener bad for clothes?

clothes with fabric softener
Is fabric softener bad for clothes?

I have mentioned so many perks of using softener for your dresses. However, you haven’t seen the other side of the story. Softener may cause more harm to your clothes over time.

You may be aware that softener adds another layer over fabric to soften and reduce the static nature. However, this coating may hamper absorption power of fabrics. That’s why sometimes you can’t remove bad odor from fabrics that were treated with softener before.

Because of the reasons, sportswear and gym wear are never treated with fabric softener. Sometimes, the garment tag may suggest you not to use it.

The list isn’t finished yet. Fabric softener isn’t good for your skin too. Surprised! Read the rest of the article.

Is fabric softener good for your skin?

Softener may contain various harmful elements that can cause-

  • Cancer
  • Respiratory problems
  • Skin irritations
  • Allergies

It contains harmful quats that may hamper the human reproductive system. Shockingly, its fragrance may cause great harm to your body as it contains phthalates.

Fabric softener contains many other harmful chemicals. For example, benzyl acetate can make you have pancreatic cancer. For more information, click here.

Are you worried about using softener on your fabrics? Don’t worry. I’m giving you some alternatives to it.

Alternatives to fabric softener

There are so many alternatives to fabric softener to ensure smooth and wrinkle-free garments just for you. Moreover, these elements won’t harm your clothes and your well-being. So, use those without any confusion. Take a look at the following list-

  • You can add vinegar during the rinse cycle. Vinegar can easily remove wrinkles from clothes.
  • Add baking soda to washer during the rinse phase.
  • Spray clothes with a mixture of vinegar and essential oil before drying. However, use them in limited amounts. Otherwise, garments may be sticky.
  • Use wool dryer ball during drying phase. It keeps your fabric soften and reduces static.
  • Add tennis ball to dry clothes quickly. Quick-drying means fewer wrinkles.
  • Air dry garments to keep them fresh. When you air-dry clothes, they won’t fade and stay wrinkle-free.
  • Use aluminum foil in dryer.

Frequently asked questions

How to prevent wrinkles in clothes

There are many ways to prevent wrinkles from clothes.

  • Before washing, sort clothes properly. Don’t mix delicate fabrics with synthetic ones. Keep light-colored fabrics away from dark items.
  • Wash according to the fabric type. Check the fabric care tag to understand whether you can machine wash it or not.
  • Don’t use detergents that contain harsh chemicals. Use eco-friendly one. Visit local stores, and you may find plenty of them.
  • Iron garments carefully. Always iron damp clothes. Don’t push too hard on garments. For better performance, use steam iron or apply steam on garments.
  • During ironing, turn clothes inside out to protect fabrics from growing more wrinkles.
  • Air dry dresses instead of using dryer.
  • If you use dryer, use them at lower to medium heat settings.
  • Toss ice cubes during drying phase to remove wrinkles from clothes.

Is fabric softener a disinfectant?

No, fabric softener isn’t a disinfectant. It can’t kill viruses and bacteria. However, it can effectively remove dust from any surface.

  • First, take a little amount of softener and mix it with water.
  • Take this mixture to a spray bottle and spray on a clean towel.
  • Use this towel to rinse the surface.
  • Take another dry towel to remove the remaining dust from that area.

Can I mix vinegar and fabric softener?

Vinegar is an essential element of your laundry and pantry. This element can soften and remove wrinkles from clothes.

Fabric softener has so many pros too. However, it may have some negative effects on garments overages. Moreover, it may affect your health and cause serious illnesses like respiratory problems, allergy, skin irritation, and cancer.

To reduce its negative effect, you should use softener in a limited amount. For better results, you may mix it with 25 to 50 % distilled white vinegar. After rinsing, your garments may look fresh and contains no stingy smell.

Moreover, softener is a little bit costly compared to vinegar. So, mixing them would save you a lot of dimes.

However, if you want, you can use vinegar only to remove wrinkles and keep garments fresh. It can surprise you with its superior wrinkle removing power.

Bottom line

Fabric softener may benefit you in numerous ways. First, it removes wrinkles from clothes. Not only that, it keeps fabrics softer and brighter.

If you want to use them, use them sensibly. Don’t use in greater amounts.

So, are you facing any problems in removing wrinkles with fabric softener? Let me know by leaving a comment.




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