Eurosteam 1000W Steam Iron Reviews[Burn proof Iron!]

In the beginning, I faced difficulty in ironing delicate fabrics. The ultimate look of dresses after ironing didn’t impress me at all. Frankly speaking, I’ve tried many irons before. Do you face this problem too? Then, Eurosteam Next Generation Iron may be the best option for you.  

This versatile iron has so many handy features to let you iron fast. In this article, I’ll cover its main features, pros, and cons in detail. 

I hope you may enjoy this iron. Are you ready? Let’s dive in right now!

Eurosteam steam iron review: A general overview

According to the manufacturer, Eurosteam Next Generation Iron never burns your garments. So, you can comfortably place it on your garments without having burn marks.  

This iron works on all fabrics, from delicate to heavier ones. Moreover, it can professionally press your dresses. Its soleplate has a ceramic coating on its surface. That’s why it is scratch-proof and serves you over longer periods.

With its one-temperature setting, you can iron both delicate and heavier fibers. You don’t have to deal with complex temperature settings anymore. Instead, just press a single button. Voila!

Normal irons can hardly press hard-to-reach areas. However, it can easily glide through such sensitive areas, thanks to its pointed tip. So, you can easily say goodbye to wrinkles!

Moreover, it has a powerful steaming feature. So, you can steam garments either horizontally or vertically. That’s why it is the perfect choice for crafters, quilters, and sewers. 

Its packaging box contains a measuring cup and rubber mat. To keep you tension-free, it comes with a one-year warranty too. So, keep yourself calm and enjoy ironing.   


Ceramic Coated Soleplate

This model has a highly polished double ceramic-coated soleplate. It spreads heat evenly on garments to let you iron smoothly. Because of its scorch-resistant nature, soleplate runs smoothly years after years. Most importantly, it can be washed using household items like vinegar and baking soda.

Most importantly, it has a soleplate area that is almost 10% larger than regular irons.

Built-in-boiler System

The built-in-boiler system heats both water and the soleplate. That’s why you get an even distribution of heat while ironing. When it becomes hot, it stays hot.

So, you can reduce regular ironing times by almost 50%. That could be great in your busy life. Who does have time for ironing garments?

The most horrible thing with regular irons is that they put irritating burn marks. However, this iron is never going to burn your beautiful polyester dresses. So, you’re risk-free.

I’ve been using this for the last two and half years, and it never burned a single dress of mine. Isn’t it great? 

No rink of burning fabrics

The most crucial feature of this iron is that it is burnproof. Unlike other irons, it never burns your fabrics. While ironing, you can easily place iron on your delicate garments or the ironing board. Surprisingly, it never damages your dresses.

So, it’s a risk-free iron and suits both the inexperienced and experienced ironers perfectly.

1000 watts of power

Power of iron is measured in watts. This high-priced iron comes with a moderate level of power of 1000 watts. 

This could be the one major drawback of this iron. Many low-budget irons like Sunbeam Steam Iron and Pursteam Professional Grade have higher power than it. 

However, its overall performance is great. If you quilt or sew a lot, buy it right now. My wife loves quilts a lot, and she needs more heat for smooth finishing. That’s why Eurosteam is her favorite, and she is never going to change it. 

Versatile Steam options

This iron offers impressive horizontal and vertical steam. Generally, it creates 120 gm. of steam per minute. In addition, it can remove wrinkles from both sides of garments with a single press. In contrast, regular irons provide you with steam pressure in single digits. 

Its steam emission output is approximately 50 gm. per minute and puts a maximum pressure of 6 bars on garments. That’s why it’s both iron and steamer at the same time. 

Therefore, if steaming is crucial for you, go for this iron. It creates more than double steam and pressure than that of a traditional iron. 

Long Cord

It has 6 feet cord, which is not enough according to my opinion. So, you may face difficulty while ironing in a larger room unless you use a cord extension.

In contrast, Rowenta DW2459, Rowenta DW6080 and Maytag M400 have longer cord lengths than Eurosteam. 

Regular-sized water tank

Its water tank can hold approximately one cup of water, which is around 210 ml. This amount of water lets you iron two or three dresses. 

So, if you live in a studio apartment and prefer to iron less, it may suit you better. 

Rubber Pad

We have seen many well-known brands like Rowenta, Black+ Decker, and Maytag that don’t provide resting pads. 

But Eurosteam comes with a rubber pad. So, you don’t have to keep your iron on the heel. Instead, keep it on its pad.

One temperature setting

 It’s equipped with one temperature setting that will thrill you. With this setting, you need not have to deal with complex temperature settings. Therefore, you can enjoy hassle-free ironing from it. 

Just a single press to set temperature and start ironing fabrics. You can iron any fabric without trouble. These fabrics can be wool, silk, and even polyester.

Measuring Cup

This iron comes with a measuring cup with max fill line marked. Just fill the measuring cup with water and then pour it into the tank. No more spilling!

Moreover, this iron works better with normal tap water. However, if your iron leaks brown water, use bottled spring water. Never use 100% distilled water or harmful ironing water. 

Instructional CD

Its packaging box has included an instructional CD. So, you can easily troubleshoot some common problems which you face while using Eurosteam. 

Anti-drip system

The iron has been built with an anti-drip system. So, it never leaks water, even at lower temperatures. 

During use, I never faced dripping problems with this iron. Therefore, you can comfortably use it.  

Safety feature

This model comes with safety features also. For example, if you don’t use this iron for about 1 to 2 minutes, it will automatically drop the temperature. 

To use it again, please hold the steam button down. Then, check when the light turns on and waits for the power switch indicator light to shut off. Now, it’s ready to use.

Warranty information

This iron has a one-year limited warranty that is countable from the date of purchase. 

To know more, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

Target Customer of Eurosteam Iron 

This iron is specially designed for

  • Quilters 
  • Sewers
  • Crafters
  • Steam lovers
  • People live in small spaces.


  • Dimension of package: 13.27 x 9.45 x 8.86 inches
  • Color: white
  • Weight: 5.85 pounds.
  • Power cord length: 6 ft.
  • Tank size: 210 cc
  • Power: 1000 watts
  • Soleplate: Ceramic coated soleplate
  • Steam emission: 50g/min
  • Shot of steam: 120g/min
  • One temperature setting: yes
  • Steam Boiler: yes

Items with Packaging Box

Inside of packaging box of Eurosteam, you’ll find the following items.

  • Iron
  • Safety cap
  • Cap remover
  • Rubber mat
  • Measuring cup
  • O-rings
  • Manual
  • Warranty card

After receiving iron, check whether items mentioned above are okay or not. If anything is missing, please contact the manufacturer, Redfern Enterprises directly. 


  • It works better on all fabrics.
  • Offers you professionally polished dresses without using starch. So, it saves your money.
  • Allows you to cut the regular ironing time.
  • It never burns your garments or ironing board covers.
  • It heats up quickly.
  • You can set temperature with just a single press.
  • Its powerful steam can remove any wrinkle easily.
  • Lasts longer.
  • Perfect iron for any decorative work like quilting and sewing.
  • Creates a powerful level of heat.


  • This iron is pretty weighty.
  • Smaller water tank.
  • A little bit expensive.

Where to buy Eurosteam Iron?

Eurosteam is a popular iron brand in the US. So, you can find this iron at any online or offline store. 

If you want to buy it online, choose Amazon, the most popular market in the US. To check its price at Amazon, click here

Important Safety instructions

  • To keep your body safe from hot steam, hold it away from body. 
  • This iron hasn’t been designed for commercial use. It’s perfect for residential, and household uses.
  • Immersing electrical appliances in any liquid can damage iron for good. So, don’t immerse your iron in water or other liquids.
  • When filling water tank, disconnect it from power connection.
  • If power cord is damaged, never try to repair it yourself. Please contact the manufacturer in such occasions to prevent further hazards. Their service agents can guide you the best.
  • Incorrect reassemble of iron may cause an accident. Therefore, don’t try to do it at your home. Contact a qualified technician for such repairs.
  • Always unscrew the boiler cap while the iron is not in use. If not, you may get severe burns.
  • Never unscrew the safety cap without the cap remover. 
  • Never store iron by keeping steam in the boiler. To do it, please turn on full steam until steam stops. 
  • Always check whether screw cap is in right position or not before using it. Wrongly placed screw cap can let steams emit.
  • Place heat-resistant rubber mat on a stable surface. Never keep your iron on this mat while steam option is on.
  • Keep the iron with its surface on the heat-resistant rubber mat and never put the iron on its heel. 
  • Don’t use this iron when harmful aerosol products are being used. 
  • Always use a dry or slightly damp cloth to clean the iron.
  • Never operate this iron, keeping children, physically challenged, or older adults close.
  • Never spray steam at animals, people, and electrical equipment.
  • Don’t use water with additives, perfumes, or chemical substances. 
  • If you need an extension cord, always use 15 amperage cords, and remember that less amperage cord may overheat. When you use an extra cord, you should give concentration so that it’s not yanked. 
  • Do not use multiple high-wattage appliances on the same circuit to avoid a circuit overload.

For more information, read the instruction manual of Eurosteam iron

How to use Eurosteam Iron Steamer

Prevent brown stains or spitting

Never use water that contains naturally high levels of organic matter, irons, minerals, and sodium. It may develop brown residues inside boiler. 

Resultantly, iron might leave brown stains on garments. To solve this problem, use bottled spring water.

Moreover, any additives such as fabric conditioner, perfume, or starch cause blockage of the steam vents.

Filling boiler tank

To fill the boiler tank first, 

  • You must confirm that the iron is unplugged and cool. 
  • Then, place it on a rubber mat. 
  • Now, use the measuring cup to fill the water tank.

Remember, never overfill the tank as it causes a leak or spurt from the soleplate at the beginning of ironing. 

How to “On” and “Off” Eurosteam

  • First, place rubber mat on a stable surface and keep your iron on it. 
  • Set the steam dial in the off position.
  • Plug your iron into the nearest power connection. 

Your Eurosteam is ready to use when the power indicator light turns off. While ironing, this light will constantly go on and off. That means the boiler is working properly. Never think that your iron isn’t working!

To turn this iron off, 

  • Set the power switch to the off position
  • Hold the plug carefully, and remove it from the power source.
  • Rest the iron on a rubber mat until completely cool 
  • Empty the boiler and store it in a safe place.

How to use steam

Steam of Eurosteam can be-

  • Controlled
  • Continuous

If you require a powerful steam burst, use controlled steam. For controlling steam, 

  • Set the steam dial off.
  • Depress the center steam button if you need steam bursts. In such cases, manufacturer recommends using the least amount of water.

But, when you want continuous steam,

  • Turn the steam dial clockwise. 
  • For maximum steam, fully turn on the steam dial. 

Caution: tank will empty very soon if this mode is on for a long time.

Cleaning soleplate

Regular cleaning of the soleplate increases the lifespan of the iron. Don’t use hard or abrasive to clean the soleplate. To clean the deposits and other residues on the soleplate, use a soft cloth. First, soak this towel in vinegar and water solution. 

Never forget to disconnect the iron from the power supply while cleaning the soleplate. 

Cleaning Boiler

Carelessness about the boiler can reduce the longevity of iron.

  • Pour ½ vinegar and ½ water into the tank with a measuring cup. 
  • Set the steam dial in the off position and plug the iron into power connection. 
  • Turn on the iron and wait until it heats up completely. 
  • Turn off and remove it from power connection. 
  • Rest it for 10 minutes and shake well. 
  • Wait for another 10 minutes. 
  • Depress and hold down the steam button to remove steam completely. 
  • Empty the water tank.
  • Continue this process several times to achieve the perfect clean.
  • Lastly, use tap water to rinse tank. Remember, vinegar is slightly acidic. So, you have to clean the reservoir properly.

Troubleshooting of Eurosteam iron

Why is my Eurosteam Iron leaking water?

There are some causes behind leaking water. To prevent leaking water, 

  • Never starts ironing before the indicator light goes turn off.
  • Never overfill the tank. 
  • Also, make sure the steam dial is set to the off position. 
  • If the safety cap isn’t set properly, iron may leak water. 
  • You should start ironing when power indicator light turns off. If you don’t use iron for one to two minutes, you may notice leaking.

Why do I need to empty Eurosteam after every use?

Water may contain organic matters, irons, minerals, and sodium. Using this type of water and keeping it inside the boiler for a long time may create a scale inside the iron. 

Therefore, you should empty the water tank after every use. It will protect irons from limescale build-up.

Why does Eurosteam iron run out of steam quickly?

Using continuous steam mode can empty the water tank within approximately 8-11 minutes. Therefore, we recommend using the non-continuous or controlled option only.

Why does the power indicator light of Eurosteam come on while the iron is in use?

When the iron is heating, the indicator light will come on and off continuously. The indicator light will turn off after iron reaches the desired temperature. 

Why is my Eurosteam heating but not producing any steam?

To solve this problem, 

  • Boiler may be empty. Fill it with normal tap water.
  • Set the steam dial to non-continuous steam position.
  • Your iron may not be cleaned properly. Clean it according to the instructions mentioned in the manual.

Why is steam leaking from the screw cap when I turn my Eurosteam on?

  • Any fault in O-ring may create steam leaking. So, replace it with a new one.
  • Maybe screw cap is loose. So, fix it properly.

Why is the handle of Eurosteam getting hot?

Don’t be worry when the handle is getting hot, and it will never become too hot. If you use it for a long time, you may feel warm. However, continuous steam or steam leaking from the safety cap is another cause to make the handle hot.

Frequently ask the questions

Will Eurosteam iron melt tulle if directly applied to fabric?

This iron is designed with one temperature setting, ceramic soleplate, and steam boiler. With these features, this iron has become more convenient to use. Most importantly, it will never burn any type of clothes. 

Does Eurosteam iron have an on/off switch?

There is an on/off switch at the back of this iron.


After reading the whole article, you may understand various aspects of this powerful iron. If you love to do decorative works and want a durable iron, then Eurosteam could be the best choice for you. Most importantly, it has a powerful steam feature too. 

However, the price may be a big problem for some of you. But, it’s a great value for money because of its impressive performance on most garments. So, it may benefit you down the road. 

To check its price again at Amazon, click here.

That’s all for today. 



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